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  1. damn it jimlad anything to get out of taking pic eh :P i think you should hijack a fiat owner and demand they take your piccy in thier car was looking forward to seeing that lol
  2. fell sorry for you m8 another day in that thing and i hope you can stand the pain and mental abuse lmfao good man on the picture m8 cant wait to see you hehe
  3. get a piccy up for a laugh m8 give us a bit of cheering up :P
  4. yer i think the spider thing has been worked to death now lol lets kill all the lil <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ers and be done with them i promise not to mention anything about the little %$(ers again hehe ;) :P
  5. i would say nay m8 but i like these they arent to flashy quite simple actualy not to tacky but polished alloy is nice they are 26 quid or something
  6. its those damn spiders at it again m8 :P first your bulbs blowing up now they using your credit card just to ***** you off :P the moral of the story dont <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> with spiders lmao :P
  7. every maccie dees ive been to in glasgow all free i got 1 of each kind last time i was there :P
  8. im 31 :!Removed!: but people are always calling me son or the boy when saying stuff about me i dunno i guess i look young and suppose i act it aswell sometimes lol
  9. stickers and spinners and undercar neons they all suck bigtime tho a neon in a boot install can look ok neon washer jets just make you look like a right tit
  10. wow all i can say is thats one lucky reporter :!Removed!:
  11. JNR


    should fit carina II aswell
  12. rotfpmsl thats ok m8 spiders have a wonderful way of getting into closed spaces so you better watch out one might be dangling above your head and you will clock it in your rear view mirror just about to pounce at that point you will panick and open your doors and run out screaming like a woman lol then the other spiders will move in and wait and wait till your brave enough to get back in and once the doors are locked and your driving they will move in for the kill lmfao it takes only one spider to get in your car and then the panick will begin MUWAHAHAHAHA :P :D :P ;) and btw they all know what you done with the lynx on thier friend hehe
  13. ok another victim lol next time you see her you know what to do spider hunters :P :D
  14. lmfao ok everyone whois not afraid of ickle lickle spiders and is going to the toc meet start spider hunting pmsl ok <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> it everyone bring thier spiders with em and put them all into jims car lmfao what a picture that would be on his face MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
  15. HEHE well wouldint you find that funny rach :P ;)
  16. lmfao i think someone should get a big <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> off spider and at the next toc meet sneak it into jims car then when he gets in what a laugh that would be hehe :P :P :D but get a camera ready for the panick in his car and the look on his face
  17. lmao i feel sorry for you m8y i know the feeling theres nothing worse than going into work with a killer hangover i dont drink that much but when i do oh boy do i suffer :!Removed!: i hate them to lol and ive heard that one before never again hehe ;)
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