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  1. happy birthday dude ya dont know me but its nice to be nice
  2. this is me lol you can see me on left anyhow hehe
  3. yer give em a right good slap when no ones watching and also can you possibly get footage of your video in yer boxers lol and put it up here hehe hope you catch the little blighters m8y
  4. mainly listen to dance Trance and Euphoria vocal trance is my fav tho but i do like the odd rock track
  5. hi shelly i know you dont know me but get a little eb in anyway i hope you feel better after talking a bit about it and wish you and your family all the best for the future no matter what happens you said your mum wants to enjoy herself more and shes been going out with her friends clubbing and that but why cant she enjoy herself out clubbing etc with your dad still in her life i would want both my parents to sit down with me and explain why they want a divorce there must be something more to it than just wanting to enjoy herself more get them to so sit down and ask them do they still truly love each other if not and they are gonna argue and fight all the time it will be for the best if they split up so dont worry about anything you are to young to be worrying about all that get out and take your mind of it and if its gonna happen it will just take 1 day at a time and dont let anything get ya down l8r jay
  6. sorry to here that dude hope they catch the <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>er who done it and hope she recovers soon :(
  7. niceeeeeee mmmmmmmmmm :P :P :D :D :D :P
  8. lmfao after reading the topic title thought you had your nuts chewed off with some mad woman hehe :P :P
  9. if its the leanburn engine then you can expect to pay around 300 quid for the sensor :o maybe its just some sort of loose wire or connection when you got new alternator or maybe the garage is trying to con you into buying the sensor if its the 18i engine then it will be 300 quid or thereabouts for a sensor :!Removed!: get some diagnostics done on your car to see whhy the lights came on
  10. my heart goes out to all the victims and familys of this disgusting show of heartless violence i last heard it was 250 people killed and 700 injured :( :( its so sick to think of the kind of people we have in our world today killing totaly innocent young children it brings a tear to your eye i hope all of the killers rot in hell and suffer for there act of extreme madness and well done to the russian forces who bravely risked thier own lifes to save others :(
  11. OMG Toyota have been infiltrated by citroen technicians send in the troops
  12. it was worth watching but not worth going to the flicks to see it download it and watch i give it a 5 outa 10
  13. i got mines off with a big chisel and hammer but be careful not to mark your wheels it takes a little brute strengh thats all or go to local garage and ask them to do it for you im sure they wont charge much
  14. ive noticed this also and when ive got peeps in back sometimes my exhaust hits of ground when its a little bumpy need to know if it can get put up higher i asked one garage and they said it might hit underside of car if put up higher but i think its worth the risk because ive already had to replce part of my exhaust because it was to low and hit a bump and put a hole in it :ffs:
  15. toyota dealers are a bunch of :censor: had my car in to get horn fixed cause i said to myself they will know what they are doing being so called toyota experts my MOT is up SO wanted it fixed ASAP well it cost over a hundred quid to fix a broken wire :ffs: :censor: they had my car for a full day then turned round and said they had to invesigate further so gave them it for another full day they eventualy fixed the horn then when i went to get my MOT today my horn wasent working and failed its mot :ffs: it works sometimes but mostly dosent getting it back into them today and im gonna kick up a fuss cause im driving without a MOT at the moment :ffs: i will not be using toyota main dealers ever again as they are double and more overpriced than most garages and lets face it if they cant fix your car in first place and sometimes break it then taking the chance with the smaller garages is a risk worth taking the toyota dealer in glasgow i go to charge about 56 quid per hour :ffs: :ffs: :ffs:
  16. hi m8 try here sapmotors i know they got radiators there but i dont know if the price is good or not hope this helps ya
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