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  1. nwc100

    Android Fuel App

    so the next 12 days worth of fuel use............ mileage 1063 total fuel 162.85 litres total cost £197.03 average fuel economy 38.28mpg average fuel consumption 7.38ltrs per 100km cost per mile 14p cost per litre £1.21 cost per mile is still at 14p however the MPG has dropped almost 2mpg....however has mostly been town driving, This fill up has been with Tesco 99 Momentum, That was closest when I needed it, Will see if this makes any difference! Nick
  2. nwc100

    Android Fuel App

    Well here it is............ mileage 774 total fuel 126.33 litres total cost £152.02 average fuel economy 40.14mpg average fuel consumption 7.04ltrs per 100km cost per mile 14p cost per litre £1.20 Mostly this has been on shell VPower hence the higher cost, I would seem to be covering about 300 miles every 2 weeks and costing me aboout £70 - £80 per month in fuel so not to bad! Nick
  3. This might be a start for you car parts Nick
  4. nwc100

    Android Fuel App

    LMAO, Well i fear this one will be worse than the last, I think I have done about 250 miles and have 2 bars left so due a fill up in next 2 days, I am sure it is going to be back down in the low 30's, That would appear to be the problem with driving round town in the TS and not getting out on long journeys, The consumption really seems to suffer driving like that. Nick
  5. nwc100

    Android Fuel App

    Oppppsss Juiced up this morning at 6am................30.76mpg :censor: and a new cost per mile of 18p.....my own fault for driving like a fool recently!
  6. nwc100

    Android Fuel App

    68 MPG is pretty good, What version is it? I was pretty pleased with mine its about what my 2.0 diesel cars where doing 45ish Mpg... Nick
  7. Recently I downloaded "Fuelage" for my Android thought some may be interested in the results after the first two tanks... Mileage 322m Total fuel 71.39 litres total cost £85.00 Average fuel economy 44.96MPG average fuel consumption 6.28Litres per 100km Cost per mile 12p cost per litres £1.19 First fill up was on 15th Aug with 32 litres Second fill up 29th aug with 38.83 litres Not to bad I dont think, the car was showing 38.6 mpg but I am sure I reset it half way through the tank! The car is a 2001 T-Sport with very questionable servicing history on it...No books with it...I did it myself 1 Month ago...and slowly putting right all the bits that are wrong....Sadly £200 of tyres is slowing that a bit! Nick The driving was 2 round trips into London 80 miles each and the rest round town and my 8 mile round trip to work mainly stop start traffic! And the odd thrash when in the car on my own
  8. Interesting regarding the insurance company........I do wonder what it would be classed as, Surely its not a modification? The 195's go on the rim fine....the guys in the garage said nothing about them...just wondered why I was doing it, I told them to check the price of the 185/55 and they said no more!! Nick
  9. Have just fitted 195/50/15 on mine Bridgestone ER300's £50 each fitted etc! I asked about the rainsports when I got the ER300's and the guy in my local National tyre said he had not seen them in years!! My local national tyre does great prices on tyres its in Bishops Stortford...next to Stansted Airport if anyone is interested! I have found the tyres great so far.....Have had 4 put on now....but be aware some garages will NOT fit 195/50 and 185/55 on different axles i.e front and back so may well be forced to get all 4 done! THey have performed very well in the rain and are super grippy in the dry....always wanting to turn in faster and harder by the feel of it! Any questions ask away Nick
  10. I have a spare set of led wedge bulbs I have used for the rear numberplate and maybe will use them for the sidelights, Anyway I have a spare set of four, If anyone wants them they can have them, Just need to post up here and then PM and I will send them out, They are free as will only cost me a couple of stamps and where pretty cheap from Hong Kong to start with! Nick
  11. Its what I did I put 1 litre in, in about 250ml portions as it was below the level on the dipstick and I put in 1ltr which took it about 1/2 way up so I figure about 1Ltr top to bottom......but presumption is the worst thing! I dont think its leaking as there is none in my parking space at home, I think when I last checked it may have been on a slight gradient! Nick
  12. Hi guys Just wondering if someone can tell me how much oil goes in from the E mark on the dipstick to the F mark on it, Noticed the oil light flash on whilst cornering the other day so checked it out and was below the E mark (nothing actually registering on the stick!) Is the engine one that will generally use some oil up? none of my previous toyotas have ever used any oil! Thanks as always Nick I dont have an owners manual so cant check that out! 1 Litre of oil in my local homebase castrol gtx magnatec was only £5.50 so quite cheap about £20 to do a complete oil change with it! Its £12 a litre on opie oils....so going back tommorow for a job lot!
  13. Here is the link for the programming, INSTRUCTIONS Programming Remote Key Fob Drivers door open and removed from ignition Insert key into ignition, then remove it within 40 sec close and open drivers door twice inset key in ignition then remove within 40 sec close and open drivers door twice close drivers door Insert key into ignition switch ignition ON and OFF once to program new key code whilst retaining original codes or twice to program a new key code whilst erasing the original codes Remove key System should now lock and unlock vehicle, once or twice depending which mode has been selected Carry out the following within 20 sec Yaris built in Japan and yaris verso: Simultaneously press and hold key lock and unlock buttons for 1-1.5 sec Yaris built in France Press key lock button for a minimum of 1 sec and release Within 3 seconds Press key lock button for a minimum of 1 sec and release System should now lock and unlock vehicle To exit programming mode, open the drivers door NOTE :if system locks and unlocks vehicle twice, programming procedure has not been completed .Repeat button procedure ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adding A Key To The Immobiliser System Using a black key you have that is already programmed to the immobiliser: Insert already programmed black key into ignition switch Within 15 seconds: Press and release accelerator pedal 5 times. Within 20 seconds: Press and release brake pedal 6 times. Remove black key. Within 10 seconds: Insert the new black key to be programmed into ignition switch. Within 10 seconds: Press and release accelerator pedal once. Security warning lamp will flash. After 1 minute security warning lamp will stop flashing. If programming another key: Within 10 seconds: Insert black key to be programmed into ignition switch. Press and release accelerator pedal once. Security warning lamp will flash. After 1 minute security warning lamp will stop flashing. TO EXIT PROGRAMMING MODE: REMOVE IGNITION KEY AND PRESS BRAKE PEDAL AT LEAST ONCE WITHIN 10 SECONDS, OR WAIT 10 SECONDS. NOTE: A MAXIMUM OF 7 BLACK KEYS CAN BE PROGRAMMED. Hope that helps you! Nick
  14. I think most (If not all) of the Yarii have electric power steering except for the T-Sport model, I may well be incorrect here and I'm sure someone with more knowledge on the subject will correct me! So unless you have the T-Sport it wont have power steering fluid! I think that is right! Nick Those cars with Hydraulic power steering the fluid bottle is on the left side of the engine(as you look at it from the front) at the back and a few inches down, It has a funny looking lid on it!
  15. No problems at all, I'm just really surprised how the dealer can tell me it would take 45 minutes to program the key, When I can do it in 10 minutes! The instructions where so easy to follow, The key I had was a used one, which did not work with my key and by following the instructions it was all done very easily. There is so much information on here which is great but sometimes the search is a little painful to use....better to just use google which normally throws up results from here as well! Nick