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  1. Happy Birthday alanbradley!

  2. Oh no, I think I'm busy in May... Marked in the calendar... A
  3. Coileys Wheels TTE Backbox Tuning Chip etc etc etc Keep an eye on THIS THREAD HERE! Share and enjoy! A
  4. Oh great, now I have to clean that last mouthful of coffee off my laptop... The Toyota Yaris - 4 out of 5 Product Designers prefer it! ;-) A
  5. I think you're okay up to B20 (80% dino-juice, 20% bio). There's a great forum at www.biodieselnow.com that nshould be able to help! I posted loads about this a while ago - it might be worth you searching for "biodiesel" under my username... Hth, A
  6. Best solution? www.scangauge.com Gives me more functions than I can possibly shake a stick at and sits very neatly above my steering wheel. Should be just under £100 and is transferable from car to car. Worth every penny! A
  7. Right folks... I have a strong suspicion that my car is going to get sold soon, and as a result I need the one pair of standard parts that I've sold - T3 front seats. If you have a set of front seats like these:- and want T-sport ones then I will SWAP for £50 by the end of next week. That's right folks, T-Sport front seats for £50 This really is a time-limited offer. The only flaw (bar the need of a light hoovering) is a small stitchmark under where the headrests go on both seats, but its essentially invisible. Caveats (those are like conditions...):- YOU must collect the seats or be in central Scotland (45-ish minute radius of Motherwell/Hamilton area). Seats must be swapped at collection. French Yaris owners should ensure they have the correct tool to remove the Torx-headed bolts. Purchase of at least one spare bolt from your local Mr. T is advised. If you don't have seats like the ones in the photo WITH side airbags then I'm not interested - sorry! A
  8. Yeah, but on a cost/performance/wear speed ratio there's little to beat them. They're not good in the snow (trust me, I know), but they're meant as summer tyres so its a bit like saying flip-flips aren't much use on a ski-slope... Unless you're anticipating much snow in the next 6 months you'll be fine. A
  9. Cheers! Yeah, its a bit of a rush trip sadly... I'll post up pics when I get back although I think I'll mainly be in an electronics and plastics factory rather than enjoying the shopping and nightlife! A
  10. Problem solved folks - they've been passed down through the family... Still wish I could go though :( A
  11. Why does anyone take a vehicle for a MOT without checking/replacing any lights first? It's the most obvious things to check. Plus, whenever you were out on the road you were driving illegally due to your car having defective lighting - if known. Totally! A 5 minute walk-around at most, less time if you have a helper. A
  12. Guess I might force myself to tag along... A
  13. Guys, I have two "Silver" level tickets for the MPH07 show in Birmingham next Saturday that I can' use as I have to go to Hong Kong for work (mixed and :D ) Really I need to refund my mum about £70 (they were meant to be part of my Christmas present) which is still less than they cost her and less than they are to buy now. This includes access tot he exhibition and the show, with really good seats. http://www.mphshow.co.uk/ This HAS to be done by Thursday so we can post them straight to you Special Delivery so they'll arrive in time. PM, e-mail or msn me if you're interested. Cheers Alan
  14. Any photos from todays meet Davy? I had mine, but there never seemed any opportunity really - travel Inn carparks and my driveway are not really conducive to arty shots! A
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