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  1. The rubber glass runner on my E12 has distorted and needs replacing. The local Toyota stealer quoted £175 for an 8 foot piece of rubber!!!!! Anyone recommend any parts suppliers for this or any breakers yard in the Derby/Stoke area with an e12 5 door?
  2. I wouldnt recommend the Blackdiamond discs. I had a set of these with matched predator pads on my Mondeo and after 20k and 3 years the discs failed the MOT due to excessive corossion! Plus I didnt feel a big improvement over the OE Ford set up. Sorry but I cant recommend anything for you as my wifes Corolla is a 1.4 so the OE set up is ok(just ordered EBC Ultimax pads for mot) Having said that, some EBC uprated pads(green or red?) and some grooved and/or drilled discs should be better, BUT I cant recommend these as I havent tried them B)
  3. There should be 2 tapped holes in the disc, screw a bolt in each and tighten in turn, this should force the disc off the hub equally without damaging anything. No need of the hammer! Do you know what size bolts these would be? I thought that was what they were for and that they looked to be the right size to use the caliper carrier bolts, but it just seemed to strip the thread when I tried it!
  4. Any advice on getting my 6 year old subborn discs off? Or is just a case of brute force and ignorance with a big hammer
  5. I need some new discs and pads for the wifes 1.4 '53 plate corolla. I dont need anything sporty, just good quality and value. Any recommendations of what to get and where to get them much appreciated :D
  6. Couple of lads at work reported a top speed of 147 from standard T Sports, Both lease cars so well "enjoyed". My wifes 1.4 goes faster round corners though! :D Can a moderator please tell me why this post has been removed once?
  7. Still on the OE disks but not a problem as frequent hard stops are not on the adgenda as its the wifes car and usuall has a 3 year old in the rear. On my Mondeo I uprated to Black Diamond grooved disks with matching Predator pads Very impresive although I may try a matched set of Mintex.
  8. Sorry it has taken me so long to get them on but here are the pics. Before After I have not got around to doing the rears yet but think the fronts look great. What do you guys think Also worth a mention- Fitted Mintex pads, ***** me, massive improvement over the OE crap pads
  9. Hi smoftah Yes I am changing from steel to alloy and I am using the original nuts. Are we talking about the same thing? These are old fashioned wheelnuts, not bolts, ie just the hex bit with no bolt attached? Thanks Alan Yes mate you need to get some new wheel nuts specifically for alloy wheels.
  10. After draining the coolant system via the rad drain wing nut ( i could not find the drain for the engine block) I tried to refill through the expansion tank but only got about 1 litre in as it wasnt going into the rad. I drained this then tried to fill through the rad cap. I got about 3 litres in but it didnt fill the expansion tank. I know the system takes 6.5 litres. I urgently need help as I cant use the car as it is. What is the correct way to fill the system
  11. Just had the e12 serviced at dealer in Derby and they told me I need a coolant change at a cost of £70! I dont think so, only cost £16 for the coolant to do it myself, BUT Can someone tell me where the drain plug is as i dont want to take off any more of the underbody shielding than I have to Any other advice welcome as I havent done this before.
  12. Did the wifes front ones last weekend in silver hammerite(smooth). They look great! Looks good behind the alloys and to be honest they dont look painted, just look like thats the colour of the metal used to make the caliper as on the current Avensis. I took the caliper off the carrier and supported it, removed the carrier, cleaned and painted both, reassembled and then touched up. I was going to post pics but have been unable to.
  13. Sorry to be so thick but can someone answer in english please! :(
  14. Did the front pads today and took the chance to paint the brakes, clean inside and outside of the wheels, clean the tyres and change the rusted wheel nuts. Took some photos to put a post up but I cant see how to get the pics in. Please help so i can show off my hard work.
  15. Hi guys, Iam changing the the front pads on the wifes e12 and wondered if someone had the correct torque settings for 1, the caliper to carrier bolts 2, the carrier bolts 3, the wheels nuts. I need the carrier bolts torque as i am taking the opporunity to paint the brakes in silver to make them look better. I will put up a post afterwards. Cheers Andy
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