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  1. fazzer my friend,. thank you very much, had it looked ta by the mechanic today, confirmed, its the big end. found out i can get a full engine for £475 and the mechanic will chage £200-£300 to fit it. But it may be cheaper to get the parts rather than the whole engine....will have to see how it gets along on ebay 1st.
  2. peeps quick question if the kocking sound is coming from the top half of the engine, what parts am i likely to need in case i decide to repair it cheers fiz
  3. hmm didnt know that, reena i shall message u with the dets
  4. Thats right, damn oil problem, got reckless, didnt check the car/fluid levels and wack....knock knock knock Have thought about repairing but think it would be less hassle for me personally to just flog it so i've advertised it am gutted though, such a beautiful car
  5. snap, my cars the same, morning 1700rpm, when warm 5/6 rpm, i thought mine had a problem too but i guess its not cool
  6. mate i had a similar proble, it was the thermostat, got a new one put it but it still over heated, so now my car runs without a thermostat and its fine, no problems. my cousin works for the RAC and his older brother has his own garage and both are full qualified in mechanics, both have said the car is fine without the thermostat, all it means is that its will take an extra minute or 2 to warm up good luck
  7. chook ckook noise no more, got the problem sorted, it was the wheel bearing, got a second hand one for 45 quid, paid the mechanic 40 quid, got the car washed and hoovered for a tenner, job done. i'm happy now
  8. well finally got the car in the garage, looks like its my n.s.r hub bearing, got rough qoute from Mr T £217, screw that, all parts and some other company said £160, managed to get a second hand one for £68 but will be picking it up in perosn so i'll get £8 back. will be back in 2mrw to get it sorted. but got some other bits done, the garage changed me rear brake pads, me rear caliper as it was broke, oil change and alternator....for £30, thats right, he said £30, so i gave him £40 cos he was a nice chap (he knows me old man) and said i very realy come to the garage. on the down side though, as i was reversing the car off the ramp (cars lowered), i caught it on the ramp and ********ed me front bumper up, its a little on the loose side now, and part of its cracked near the wheel, also some paint work got scraped off as it lifted up against the bonnet, not happy,
  9. i dont know about it being illegal as not all vehicles have air bags, as for disarming it.. i dont think there is a switch. there may be a way though, but dont hold me to it....basically pull the plug. now how u do this is quit easy, disconnect the battery, give it halh hour or so...under the hood on the left side on the finch/flinch arm there should be a yellow/grey plug connected to a black metal piece, pull it out.... that should disarm the front passenger air bag, its the same for the driver side but on the opposite side. hope it makes sense.... but personally i'd advise to keep the air bag on as it does saves lives. moving the passeneger seat all the way back might be more advisable.....but i dont have kids so never used a child/baby seat so i cant really comment on this. goodluck peeps
  10. still waiting to get paid mate, so it'll be in the garage in or around wednesday, i buckled my back off side wheel a few weeks ago... which led to one of the pin type of things breaking on the caliper...which resuluted in the pad not being held in the right place.... so basically it could be the caliper/brake pad to high up or it could be the wheel bearing as the wheel was all over the place. i got the back wheel replaced/changed all for wheels. i'm just hoping it aint the discs cos they will cost a fair bit... already forking out for the caliper, oil change, sparks plugs, got a minor power steering leak and the alternator possibly.....hence why i'm waiting for pay day.
  11. ah, i'm loosing the will, Thanks DefiantFrog, will try the web and the link get paid in 10 days so looks like i'll have to park her up for w few days, i think my alternators also packed up, had a new battery in, but driving her for a while now and the battery light comes on, spoke to mt cuz who works for the RAC and he said its likely to be the alternator, will get it looked at once its in the garage. glad i've got my brothers corolla while he's on holiday
  12. thanks for the reply mate, the sound is constant and its embarassing, seriously all i'm hearing is chook chook chook chook chook chook chook chook chook chook chook chook...if i drove past u, u would honestly think its a train going past do u have any idea how much the bearings/disks would set me back
  13. as above i'm getting a chook chook noise coming from the back near the wheel area, i've got enough brake pads all round. my guess out of the sky is the discs has anyone else had a smilar problem and can anyone point me in the right direction. also i'm getting a sqeeking sound like a mice from the front driver side wheel.... any idea? cheers guys and gals for any advice
  14. well i've got the car back on the road today. i didnt get the alloy repaired, instead i got 4, 5 spoke 17" alloys with rubber for £200. i've put the 18" to one side for the time being. will get them repaired properly when i get the t sport my jounger brother (a pulsar and starlet nutter) drove it today and offered 3 grand for it and wants to keep it. If he can cough up the money i'll let him have it for that price...family well i've got a full tank...so time for a well earnt drive
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