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  1. Corolla is about to be launched here in Norway in about 3 weeks. We want to set up a car with lower suspension and some big wheels. Not a crazy build, just to make it look a little bit cooler than standard. Have anyone seen TUV approved sport springs for this car yet? 5 door hybrid. MZEH12
  2. First of all, I`m norwegian, so my language might not be to good, but hopefully you will understand what I mean. And if anyone has posted something like this before, sorry! The story: A few weeks ago a friend and I took a roadtrip to by a car. Long story short, the car was looking good, and the price was right. It had only one problem. Bearing sound frome gearbox. Increases with speed, in every gear. In my time as a mechanic, i have overhauled many gearboxes with this sound, and it is always expensive. Changing every bearing that are worn and controllmeasuring everything... My experince tells me that there is only one bearing who is the main problem, and I have been thinking of a way to do a quick fix.... I guess this is not anything a workshop will do for you, because of guarantee, and my garage is probably above average equipped, but as you will se, there is not much tools more than regular garage tools needed. This post is translated frome a Norwegian forum, but hopefylly you will understand! Car into my garage Lift it up. Using two sets of support, I have had a car that fell down once... Wheel off, plasic off, dismantle end cover on gearbox This is what you will find 10mm screw holding the gearshifter This one... Snap ring off. Two flat screwdrivers and a hammer fix this Tool to get the syncrone ring off. There is also a snap ring inside here that have to be removed to get the tool to fit. There you have the driving 5 gear and a needle bearing. Put everything in correct order and have a system. I do not have a system here, but i know where everything should be put toghether. Air tool to get the nut off. Yes it is ugly, but it works! Tool to get the driven fifth gear off. Next cover off Snap ring on the bearing that I am going to replace. Remove it. Using a tool with modified "feet" I could get it in the groove for the snap ring. Using another tool holding the feet together so that it does not slip out. Great success! There`s youre problem New bearing Tap it in place Mount snap ring on bearing Cover first Then fifth driven gear Air tool again In with fifth driving gear. On needle bearing, so that is easy So. Here you have to be careful The ring in the back of syncronizing has to be hold in place while you tap it. If not it will slip halfway out and get stucked/ destroyed Snap ring on Mount gear shifter Sealant Mount cover Fill gear oil Test drive and smile!! Took me about three hours, and I took a lot of pictures during. /Fred
  3. Well. It actually was 15 cm. But it was in the lower corners of the windscreen, under the plastic cover, under the wipers. So no rain or snow could get in there. 15 cm wide, but maybe just 2mm gap.
  4. Got it! The person who put in the aftermarket windscreen, did not get it right. There was a gap in the glue. About 15cm on each side air (and noise) could get into the car
  5. Hello again frome norway, long time..... I have a customer at work, she complains about to much engine noise inside her Auris. This is the 1.4D4d engine. I can agree with her that the noise inside of the car is a bit greater then in other similar cars. Have been lookin for a plug or something in the firewall that could be missing, but have not found anything. But today, I noticed something, the car is fitted with a Guardian aftermarket windscreen. Could it be that this screen is less noise protected? Anyone heard about that before? This customer bought the car second hand, so she has never driven it with the original screen, but she has tried other cars, that has less noise then her own. That is why she complains about this. Kind of need quick answers if anyone has ideas, having the car in to the workshop tomorrow.... Thanks Fred
  6. You can buy a central armrest for it, original toyota. I did it for my car. Much better drive.
  7. Ever driven on snow???? Low profiles and summer tires is absolutely no good on snow. We need softer rubber and different kind of tyres in the winter.
  8. I think it is great on snow! Never had this kind on 4wd on winter before, but I think it behaves nice. And when you turn off trc and vsc, it is kind of tail happy :-) Just a little scandinavian flick, and it oversteers nicely on second and third gear. Not enough power to be really funny, but for a 90 hp car, it is good!
  9. Found some more pictures on my phone.... UC in the norwegian mountains And UC in the norwegian winter....
  10. It mounted theese skirts on my previous auris without glue. I used a kind of "rubber, chewing-gum type of thing" Don`t know how to explain it, but I bought it frome 3M... I used the clips, but had to drill a hole in the wheel arches to secure it in each end. Did not want to use the glue in case the next owner did not want them on..
  11. This is the 1.4 D4d awd.... Actually, I think my auris was a better drive... I am to long for this car... (196cm) the seat is a little bit too short for my legs, but other than that, it is fantastic! Auris with the same engine was a bit faster, but I think 20" wheels has something to do with that... It is kind of slow, but the demo car at work with original wheels is ok, not a racer of course but anyhow...
  12. Look at the pics on the first page. You CAN have your arm on the console and still change gears. The pictures are of my arm, and I am not a giant ;-) Sorry for late answer, but I have converted to Urban Cruiser now, and not so often here in the Auris part of the forum!! Check out Urban Cruiser for a pic of my new car!! ;-))
  13. 3333km`s passed today, and I still like the car. Maybe it is a little bit too small (I am 196cm tall...) But it is OK. 20 inch rims are not much stiffer then 17 or 18!
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