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  1. I phoned the local Toyota dealer today and asked about a new Aux drive belt...He said he was having problems getting them and that his supplier in England was out of them and it might be up to 10 days before he would have stock of them and that I should buy a belt from my local car shop.... I asked would I need a tensioner and he said no I asked did Gates make the Toyota belts he said yes..... Called into the local car shop gave him my reg and up came 1.8 tport on his screen and he had one for the tsport and it was a "Continental Contitech 6PK 1693" The cardboard box the belt came in had Germany written all over it ...German website name etc....On the belt itself it said "Contitech Made in UK"...the guy in the shop thinks Contitech Belts are made by Gates as are Toyota ones... Just thought I would share this info..
  2. Drilling a number of holes in the bottom of the airbox...the mod wasnt visible unless you opened the lid to change the filter and very tidy looking it was with the holes drilled uniformly and neat and tidy.Cutting the whole side out of the box...if I did this to my sport I wouldnt sleep at night...
  3. Local Toyota dealer sold me one today for £118.80 and this is with 10% discount as the parts guy know my father... Local Car Parts Shop £190.00 an no Im not joking...what planet are these people on...
  4. Yes its a genuine one I will ge getting,The thing is Im in Northern Ireland and Parts king could probably get me one a little bit cheaper,but by the time I pay postage and package,It might be as handy to buy one locally...The ones on ebay are also genuine Denso ones that Toyota use in our cars. I also need it for Monday so ebay and Kingo Parts King would be out anyway...catch 22 as I would have to wait on delivery My local Toyota is open Sat morning..I was just wanting an idea of what price to expect...
  5. Does anyone know the price of one a MAF sensor for a 2005 Corolla Tsport from a Toyota dealer...Ive seen them on ebay ranging from £41 to £85 for part no.22204-22010. I had the warning... trc engine and vsc lights on the dash. I put the obd reader on the car and got code "P0171 ...system to lean..Bank1".... As you know already cleaning the MAF is sometimes the reason for the lights.. I was cleaning mine and broke one of the little sensor wires up inside the MAF after getting the warning lights on. Yes Im a total ***** I know....
  6. What should I get done on a 60k service..on my 2005 Tsport
  7. I broke both my front seats out of warranty...the pins on the front handle break and this stops the seat moving back and forward on the rails...its a real headache....and Toyota dont want to know...it can be fixed....but its a <if my vocabulary was any smaller, it would be nearly as small as my genitals> ,you have to get the handle out of the seat base weld new pins on and get the handle back in again....the seat base is a fixed unit and the handle is not designed to come out...but it can be done.... Its £225 for a new seat base...
  8. I have spotted a Red Compressor for sale at a Car dealers.....23000 miles on the clock and £9495 and like new ...is this a good price ...
  9. My two front facelift seat bases are broken .....are the pre-facelift seat bases the same and are yours %100 in order...I may buy them if they are ok but I only would want the seat bases ....
  10. Does anyone know what the weight of a facelift CTS ,there is a sticker on the passenger door frame with different weights on it but I cant make head nor tale of it...
  11. Remember lift wont work until the car engine is warmed up properly..dont just get in a cold car and go for lift it wont work and you will damage your engine..
  12. I have a powertec sl1 in my car at moment...I told my insurance about it and they wanted full details of gains if any...My wife works for the insurance company and I got her Powertecs phone number from there website and she gave them a call... Here is what they said...They have tested this kit on different cars but not a 1800 CTS...but on similar sizes engines with similar sized horsepower there could be be around 3%-4% gain on top of the standard power....which would give our CTS between around 5-7 horses more.He also told her that most induction kits are more about the induction noise unless they are used on a high performance car were there would be more power gains than on a non performance car. He said that most induction kits by different manufactures will have very similar gains on the the same cars...unless they are mapped for the kit...
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