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  1. I have a problem, i own a 1982 toyota starlet with a 4age engine swap. and i still have the fuel injected distributor installed. but i switched the fuel delivery system to 40 DCOE sidedraft weber carbs. i need a different distributor to complete the puzzle. if anyone has any info on what two distributor i can combine to make one, so i can get this car moving. its a 1.6L DOHC 16V. also installed is a MSD 6A ignition module.
  2. Good day gentle people, i have a 82 Toyota starlet with a 4AGE engine which came out of a 86-88 corolla GTS (AE86 Levin) transmission is from the same car. but the Rear Differential (LSD) came out of a 83 Celica. the drive shaft is half and half, welded and rebalanced. this car has been fined tuned with light weight pulleys, adjustable cam gears and 4-1 Headers. its a Classic, i am currently riding on 13x7 Panasports. but i am looking for 15x7, anyone with any info where i can get some light weight racing Panasport wheels please hit me with some info.
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