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  1. Is this something you have done as I've been advised not to do this!!??
  2. Hiya, I'm currently looking at a set of 17" OZ Superturismo wheels on ebay, have no idea if they'll fit straight onto my AE102 '93 Corolla 1.8 GXi!! The info on the wheels is telling me "et25 pcd 108mm". Not being in the know about wheels much I have no idea what this means!! Can anyone help, if anyone knows if these will fit onto my car I'd be grateful!!! Thanks very very much!!
  3. Hey people, I have just bought a very nice 1993 Corolla 1.8GXi (in good condition apart from needing new clutch one tyre!!). I have a problem though, I can't seem to find a good induction kit (not even K&N or APEXi!!!) that will go in my car, it seems they make them for the 1.4 & 1.6!!! It's really frustrating me as I love the extra oomph (not to mention that sound!) that a decent (K&N Typhoon) induction kit can give!! I'm also looking to build the already nice engine up a bit too, looking to get around the 200bhp mark if possible!! Was just hoping someone with a little Toyota (or Corolla) knowledge could help!!!! I really love this car since buying it, just need to personalise it a bit!! Thanks alot anyone & everyone One frustrated (but happy) ae102 owner!!
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