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    Congrats Big Kev must admit I have to use the Google Chrome translator to understand your posts!!!!! 4 stars and 4000 posts that is a milestone. Yes I,m still poseing around the Isle of Man in the TT( Audi that is) Regards Clare
  2. Hi Guys, Thank you for the birthday wishes, sorry I did not reply earlier but have been across in the UK camping. Still got the TT and loving it, probably wear off in 12 months time.I do still come on the forum to see what you are all up to,still one of the best around. Thanks once again Clare PS Good to see DaveM,s back in tow again!!!!!
  3. Would imagine this so called Hybrid-mule is the forerunner to the "baby Lexus SUV".Apparently built on the under-pinnings of the current 4.4 Rav4.
  4. When we went into the reasoning for Toyota stopping the U/C in the Uk, awhile ago we concluded that it was basically down to poor sales. It never ever caught on in the Uk market, which was a crying shame.The other theory mutted was that the U/C was built on the under-pinnings of the previuos gen Yaris, but this would seem not true as Toyota are still selling the U/C in Europe.HTH Clare
  5. Agree Davrav,just as you say "the Rav4 has morphed into a glorifyed Auris" Clare
  6. Congrats Gordon,a wise move from a Girl who has moved on from her U/C to the darker side!!!!!!! Yes finally parted with the U/C for the car I have always wanted since i learn,t to drive a few decades ago.It is a awd and is a 2ltr Diesel and it is made by the VAG group.It is a Audi TT Coupe, and I love it.So sorry i have left the Toyota family but I really wanted this one, and I wasn,t prepared to take a massive hit on the U/C ( which I didn,t). But you don,t get shut of me so quickly as I still regard myself as part of the Rav4 gang on this Forum.(awaiting the comments). Sorry to but-in on your thread Gordon hope you really enjoy the Rav. Regards Clare
  7. Jim, don,t you mean Wigan (pier)? and lets not forget the Famous Casino ( Northern Soul) Regards Clare
  8. Lovely looking 3door Rav, Big Kev. Your "better" half certainly does a excellent job in keeping it up to specc.Does Mrs Kev keep the SR in such good nick as well? Us ladies have to keep together!!!!!! Regards Clare
  9. Looks like Autocar beat Autoexpress to it.Cheers Dave for taking time for the write up. Regards Clare
  10. At last a good move on Toyota UK, part.Interesting if it will be a "pay for option"as my Dad has just got a Yeti and it is a PFO on that model. If added at time of order £85, if bought as Aftermart it is £250. Regards Clare
  11. Just got this weeks issue 20/26 Feb no 1256, and in next weeks issue there is a Toyota Rav4 first drive.To quote " Our verdict as we get behind wheel of bigger,bolder and better- quality SUV". Should be worth a read ( can,t wait). Would think this is one of the first reviews of the new Rav, so we will see!!!!! Regards Clare
  12. Hi Catboy, as long as you do both axles (both back or both fronts) you should be OK.Will probably source them a lot cheaper as well. Regards Clare
  13. Belated Happy Birthday,Kev. Hope you had a gud one!!!! Regards Clare and Her Dad.
  14. Have to agree with Don on this one. Regards Clare
  15. Winter tyres plus AWD a big plus for Winter. When people refer to snow tyres, they are usually not aware of Winter tyres. There is a BIG difference!!!!!!! Regards Clare
  16. Petrol 2wd has a spare,unfortunately the Diesel AWD does not. Regards Clare
  17. Should not that be "Big Kev Smiles Better" Regards Clare
  18. Manx Petroleum or Ellan Vannin Fuel, both same price £1.47 ltr for Diesel. Bet you can,t get those in the Uk!!!!!!! Not pulling your leg either. Regards Clare Note- MP took over from Shell Uk and EV took over from Total Uk
  19. There is an old saying " you can,t polish a T**d", the previous model was the best looker,with the Evo front-end.Would not be found dead in one.The Person who designed this latest version, must have had a really bad hair day. Regards Mitzi loving Clare
  20. Hi Paul, the Touch & go was never available for the U/C.Would think that because the U/C was built on the previous model Yaris,and now is discontinued, there would be no point in Toyota even contemplating putting the T&G system into the U/C. Whether there are the neccessary electrics in for a retro fit, I don,t know, but would not think so.HTH Regards Clare
  21. Well we,ve even got Snow on the Isle of Man today!!!!! not alot, but enough to send the island into lock down. Me I,m happily driving my U/C, with Winter Tyres around and not a hint of getting stuck. Regards Clare
  22. Done the round on Facebook today,must be the "Photo" of the day. How sad am I !!!!!! Regards Clare
  23. Happy Birthday Charlie. Regards Clare
  24. Manxrav


    Logged in and have got the Calender Ok. Looks like it,s a certain CF,s Birthday very shortly!!!!! Jan 16th Regards Clare
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