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  1. Take a look at the alternator and make sure the wiring hasn't fallen out the back and welded itself back on due to the heat. This happened to mine a couple of months ago.
  2. I know someone who may be interested in this. The Rav4 engine is the same as the one in a Corolla SR right?
  3. If you want a TTE part ask Parts-King on here, he is really good at sourcing items that are officially discontinued!
  4. If your TRC and VSC lights are coming on I'd get the Yaw rate sensor checked to make sure it's calibrated, I had to get mine done a couple of weeks ago because the lights were coming on and traction control was kicking in ever so slightly when I was foot down in a straight line because the car thought I was going around corners. (Hence the YRS)
  5. £5.5k is a bit on the pricey side for a TS, I got my Compressor last month from a Toyota garage with 20k on the clock for just under £6k. Now you should be able to pick up a decent TS for around £4-4.5k. Red if definitely the colour to go for ;) I'm 23 years young with 6 yrs NCB and 3 points and just been quoted £545 fully comp.
  6. Ok so the gasket for the supercharger oil is discontinued and as far as I'm aware can be made from some paper. Just wondering if anyone has a good template if not I will make one in the coming weeks for other to use. Also what thickness of Gasket paper do I need?
  7. I'm looking to change back to a Corolla after the new year, however my budget doesn't quite meet what you want for yours. Will keep tabs on this and give you a msg if it comes down any more.
  8. What a brilliant example of a GT4 I really wish I had been on this site more regularly, I would have been sure to make an offer for that! I hope its gone to a good home.
  9. What kind of air intake was that? A replacement panel filter? It was K+N panel filter, it did the job, it was just a pain to keep clean!! Mine was lowered as well. I'll take a look at my archives and see if I can find a picture of it!
  10. 4th June... I may see if I can borrow a friends CTR is that better for you Gaz? I will wear a Burberry cap as well ;)
  11. I had a SR last year, had a tuning chip and up rated air intake... was nippy for what it was... but I admit they are a pretty rare site!!
  12. Is that an open invitation too all member regardless of their cars?
  13. I cant believe after getting rid of my corolla SR there is now another Corolla owner in Lincoln!!! Welcome to the club.
  14. I've still got my Corolla mats that were from Mr T and had 'Corrola' embroided on the driver mat and they are good quality
  15. Good to hear, we should sort out a mini-meet cause I never really saw my car go from the outside as I was always driving it, maybe take a trip to pod sometime a put our cars on the strip ;) I've already been playing with the Merc and to be fair it sounds like a beast... you got any pics with the tte bumper on I bet it looks immense!
  16. Or look at a Corolla SR 2.0D and get a tuning box from kingo... it will take the car to over 140bhp and about the same torque as the SR180 and alot cheaper to run! And you will get better then 40mpg
  17. The rolla went back in July mate, went off to auction somewhere in the East Midlands... I got rid of it cause I didnt want to pay for new discs and pads all round cause I had only changed them 12 months before that so the money i would of spent on sorting that I put down on a Merc C220 sports ed... very nice drive although I do have days where I miss my old derv :(
  18. I'm just wondering if my old Corolla SR has be bought by anyone on here? And also if Rob is still about, how you enjoying the chip?
  19. I used to run Bridgestone E300's on my Corolla, but the last set I bought for my latest car were Kumho (who I hadn't heard of before) but having read reviews on them I can say that I'm impressed by their quality/price ratio. They handle well on windy roads and good on motorways runs, only thing I have noticed is at high speeds you get a bit of road noise, but it is minimal!
  20. The diesel's are the way forward for high milage, I had an SR which I sold for £5500 back to a main dealer and it was a great car, mine had an extra nippyness to it and there wasnt any day where I was dissapointed with its performance.
  21. Ok having got rid of the SR, I removed most of the mods and little extras so I've got them sitting in the garage and hoping I can find them a new home: 1. Genuine Corolla Mats - £25 2. Sony DAB Radio - £90 (SOLD) 3. JBL Amp and 6'9s + wiring kit - £85 (SOLD) 4. Tuning Kit - £200 (SOLD) 5. Single Din Fascia - £10 These prices do not include delivary, but if the buyer is local ie within at 60 mile radius could arrange to meet and exchange goods for hard earned money :) Any questions please PM me, VMT, Rolla_SR
  22. Agreed the ride is softer than my SR, but the low ride combined with the torque makes it great for a fast criuser ;) How dare you Gaz, I've never seen such seriousness in the past :P See you at JAE next year :D
  23. Your not wrong James, as a few members on here know Ricc's cts was a hands down winner and is faster than any F/L cts I've been in... I'm not entirely sure as to why, but yes the pfl's are faster as standard
  24. I ended up getting a C220 CDi :) Oh also got my genuine Corolla mats for sale if anyones interested.
  25. Just a quick update and goodbye from myself, as a few of you know I've been trying to change car for a while... finally found a car I'm happy with... ... my Rolla is off to auction in a few weeks, but I'm going to have some bits for sale ie: 6'9 speakers, 400 watt jbl amp and diesel tuning kit and a DAB radio, I'm open to sensible offers... ... so happy motoring maybe see some of you lot around :)
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