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  1. Thanks Pete, that's useful, but I do think the night vision is poor. I need to review other models, and find a local dealer who will fit a dash cam; they seem to be hard to find.
  2. Thanks guys for your replies. I guess the key thing is getting a cam that is small enough to be unobtrusive. PeteB, yours looks interesting, but I have seen review that says the night vision is rubbish, puts me off of the Road Angel Halo.
  3. I have just taken ownership of a 2016 Prius. I want to fit a dash cam to hang from the windscreen, but the dimpled area around the interior mirror seems to make it impossible; either I stick below the dimples, in which case the camera will obscure the driver's view, or I stick it so far to the left of the mirror that it spoils the passenger's view. Does anyone know of a system that doesn't stick on the windscreen and that doesn't screw into the dashboard? I really don't want to spoil the interior of a brand new car. Or is there some other solution I have not thought of? Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. Thanks to all who have posted on this thread, and particularly to Timberwolf for his link to http://priuschat.com/threads/water-leak-into-spare-tire-area-etc.60295/ where a number of other people have reported the same problem. I need to check out all of their suggestions; I'm sure the answer to my problem is in there somewhere. Dave.
  5. Please let us know what you find, although yours being a gen 3 may be designed differently.
  6. I suspect it is a design fault, the car is not sealed sufficiently well to keep out water forced against the underside when driving through big puddles. Maybe it is happening to other Prius owners, but they don't realise, as there is not usually a need to take the spare wheel out. I did email Toyota UK, who suggested I take it to a dealership for examination. Well, they wouldn't admit to a design fault, would they.
  7. I have recently found some water in the spare wheel sump of my 2006 Prius. I baled it out to measure it, and found there was 1 gallon of water there. Also there was a further 1/2 gallon of water in the 12v battery compartment to the side of the sump. Has anyone else found this problem? The water doesn't come in through the boot lid, as the rest of the boot has never shown signs of dampness. I imagine it is caused by driving through some of the horrendous puddles we have been experiencing in the UK recently, but I cannot work out how it gets in. It is particularly worrying that it surrounds the battery!
  8. I finally got a reply from the dealer, and had a test drive. Having driven a Prius for the last 6 years, which I find very comfortable and a rewarding experience to drive, I was keen to make comparisons. This is my take on the Plus: I found the test drive rather disappointing. I suppose I was expecting some dynamic improvement from the Prius, but it didn't feel any different, or at least no better. Not sure about the driver's seat; the back seemed less comfortable. Maybe because the the Prius + seat is a bit wider, so not so snug, but also the back of the seat seemed a little harder. In general, I felt like the materials were cheaper & not so solid. In particular, the tonneau looked cheap and nasty, and the undertray in the boot felt like cardboard. The undertray was probably too small to store our shopping boxes. There was generally a lack of places to store things in the front of the car, like the little tray we have at the bottom of the front armrest, and the door pockets were smaller. No DAB radio option, which was a bit disappointing. There is no auto parking option; I guess Toyota found that wasn't particlarly helpful. The touch screen display panel looks a little smaller than the existing, and it slopes upwards a bit more, which seems to reflect light more, and is not so clear to see. The satnav software was not installed, so I couldn't judge that. Our rep was new to the dealership, and to Toyota, so had limited (a few days only!) experience and knowledge of the car; he had difficulty in answering some of our questions satisfactorily. There were some positive things. The seat configuration was very good, and I could get into the back row and sit relatively comfortable with someone in the row in front of me (I am about 5' 10"). There was enough head room for me, but no room to move or change position of my legs. The back row would be suitable for any child. The folding door mirrors are a good feature. The sun roofs are nice, and can be covered over, controlled by an electronic switch.
  9. I applied for a test drive early in July - no response. I tried again more than a week ago through the online chat on the Toyota website, and was told someone would contact me. No-one has. I am beginning to think there aren't any in this country yet!
  10. I have a 2006 Prius T-Spirit. I have noticed that after a cold night, i.e. when there is some degree of frost on the windscreen, a great deal of condensation builds up on the inside of the windscreen. I don't know if this is a common problem with the Prius, or just my car. How does the dampness get into the car? The only thing I can think of is that it comes from the windows, as the window rubbers don't seem to seal very well. Does anyone have a view or experience of this? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, Dave.
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