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  1. So...I took the car to my local battery specialist (not Halfords) who tested the battery and the alternator. Battery was only managing 230 CCA and was definitely gone (it was the original battery). The alternator test was showing 14.1 volts, which was different to the 13.8 volts I was seeing with the old battery in. The new battery is a Varta Silver Dynamic and has been in for a week now. So far so good - the car starts very quickly and it is now quite evident that the old battery was on its last legs. I'm hopeful it was just the battery and there's nothing more to it.
  2. 2.2D4D, 92K miles - I've had a couple of flat battery moments in the last couple of weeks. On both occasions the battery has seemed to recharge ok and gone for a week without problems. Testing with a multimeter I get 13.8v across the battery with the engine started. When I bring the revs up to 2500rpm, it's still 13.8v. When I turn the headlights on full beam and put the air-con on, it's still 13.8v. Is this correct for the Avensis? I recall doing similar testing on a Focus many years ago and the voltage went up as and down as I revved the engine. Thx
  3. I had a very similar problem.....caused by a blocked EGR valve/manifold.
  4. It sounds the same as the problem I had with my 2.2D4D. Cause - blocked EGR and inlet manifold. Cleaning just the EGR may not be enough.
  5. The switch on mine is just below the parcel shelf on the left hand side. It's about the size of a penny piece and coloured the same as the trim, which makes it easy to miss.
  6. Might be a daft question, but have you checked to make sure the sensors aren't switched off. There will be a small switch in the boot that enables/disables the sensors. It's so you can disable the sensors if you're towing something.
  7. After having read about all the horrors of the head gasket issue, I'm wondering whether my plans to get 150k+ miles from my 2.2D4D are likely to materialise. So....are there any positive stores anyone has about the 2.2D4D ? Has anyone seen high mileage from their 2.2D4D and not had the dreaded HG issue?? (I'm currently at 85k with one eye on the temperature gauge!) Thanks
  8. I think I originally tried burning MP3s to re-writables but it didn't work. Try just burning them to standard (non-rewritable) CDs...which work fine for me now.
  9. lol. Because they're dirt cheap!!!! Look, you're happy with them and that's fine because it's you driving the car. You simply asked a question and I answered it. All I'm saying is that cheap tyres are invariably very poor quality. Perhaps the Sunew's are different, despite the fact they are made by the company behind the horrors of the Linglong and Wanli's.
  10. Not at all, but you asked the question "rubbers rubber, right?" I have answered you with evidence to support why "rubber is not rubber", which you're now disputing. You asked, I answered - if you don't like the answer - fine! But the evidence still stands that cheap tyres are invariably a poor choice when it comes to safety and performance. Not always...but almost always. Edit: did some checks and the Sunews are made by the same company that makes the Linglong and Wanli tyres featured in the Continental test. The Wanli's get a similar performance rating on Which, rated "Don't buy".
  11. Same applies to Which? does it? These tyres are cheap for a reason. Most of them earn the covetted Which "Don't Buy" award for a very good reason as well.
  12.! Hope you haven't fitted any of those lot.
  13. NCT5's will cost you about £120 each. Dunlop SP3000's about £130, and Continentals about £150 at the moment. If I was changing all 4 tyres I'd probably bite the bullet and go for the Continentals. I personally wouldn't risk a budget tyre like the Nexen without seeing a review in something like Auto Express. It could be one of the many budget tyres that takes several meters longer to stop than premium brands. That I do not want, regardless of price.
  14. 225's when the previous ones were 215's? That surprises me (though I'm not disputing what you say because I don't know too much about these things). Would it have any impact? I presume the ride might get a bit harsher with the 45 profile?