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  1. Hi Phil Rear window motors are notorious for stripping their gear. Have a look on ebay as they are cheap enough to replace rather than repair, failing that you can always swap it for the motor in the rear nearside door as they're identical Hope this helps Paul
  2. How about you find a newer AC system for a later Surf and swap it over, I've never had a problem re-gassing my 94 surf Regards Paul
  3. If you do drill thru the roof, like I have, make sure you put some large washers or some sort of spreader plates on the inside otherwise any weight on the bars could pull the bolts out and tear the roof. Regards Paul
  4. Hi Marco I have a 94 surf and have fitted roof rails to it and it's probably the best move I made. I bought a pair of rails from my local breakers that came off an old Vauxhall Omega estate. Normal roof bars are ok, but because they attach to the door shuts, at speed, you get all the wind noise. Also you're limited with bars as you can only use the front half of the vehicle where as with rails, you can use the whole length of the roof. Hope this helps you. Regards Paul
  5. Hi John I have had 31 x10.5 x15's on my 3.0ltr since I bought it 10 years ago and have BFG tyres, never had any problems. The 3rd gen Surfs were fitted with 16" rims as standard and they will fit all the Surfs.
  6. What parts are you after???
  7. The Transmission oil you need is DEXRON II and you will need 4.5 litres of it
  8. Sounds like the protective covers have come of the "bump stops" there are 2 on each front wheel, and only make contact on full lock. It's a common problem with Hilux's.. Use spray grease, on all four should stop it . I have to do mine every 4-6 months
  9. I'm with adrian Flux as the company i was with last year boosted mine by £500.00 even with 9 years NCB. If you don't do much milage then Flux is the way to go. Also if you trawl thru this forum or possibly the forum you'll get a small discount with them Hope this helps Cheers and Merry Christmas Paul
  10. QUOTE....All it needs is the DVLA to change the log book to read "estate". This is total crap. These vehicles are deisel and IMPORTED, they have NO written/certified emission figures which is why they won't pass for the LEZ
  11. I'm pretty sure if you remove the unit from the dash you'll find an input on the back.Could be a phono socket Hope this helps Cheers Paul
  12. I have the same problem with going to see my step daughter who lives in London. I was told that i would need to have a "particulate" filter fitted into the exhaust system and then it would need to be certified by VOSA. If you travel into London before Jan 2012 you'll only get letters telling you that you won't be able to next year. Hope this is of some help.
  13. I got a pair of roof rails from the local breakers. They came off a Vauxhall Omega estate and have been a blessing ever since. I also have a pair of Thule bars that are listed for the Surf but when fitted the doors don't shut and seal properly so you get a lot of wind noise.
  14. What sort of lights are you looking for? My Surf has side steps with 7 LED's in each Took about an hour to fit and wire up to the side lights.Can post some pics if required Regards Paul
  15. Make sure your brake lights are both working, without these it wont let you select any gears as it's a safety device built into the Surf Hope this helps Regards Paul Keubik