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  1. Cheers, I will get the following parts and get my friend changed it for me then. Thanks for helping again corolla t sport
  2. Hi All, I need to get a new clutch for my car. I went to my local toyota yesterday, They quote me £916 include vat, labour. The clutch alone only cost £150, so they earn £760 ?? they are so ridiculous Anyway, I will probably buy the parts myself, and get my friend to change it for me. Can anyone recommand me which brand is better? Luk, Exedy, fensport ?? Also what else do I need, gear box oil?? Is it necessary to change the flyway as well? as i saw in the forum many corolla owner changed them at once. Thanks for advice
  3. if it is true that the solenoid is knackered, Is it costly and difficult to replace the solenoid? Thanks
  4. I have tried to start the car this evening. it first sound very normal, "tak tak tak". when the engine is about to start, all the noise stop. when i retry to start the engine again, it just tak tak tak.............. and wont start. I have try disconnect the battery and reconnect it again. Same problem still occurs. Does anyone have the same problem or may know the problem, Is it because battery?? Thanks for advice
  5. Hi all, My tsport is due for service soon, and i would like to get the brake oil and gear box oil. What grade i need for gear box oil and brake oil? and how much i need is it 75-90 for gearbox oil? also should i change the gear box oil when i change the clutch? Toyota told me that i only need to change the coolant at 100,000 miles, is this true? Thanks for the advice
  6. Hi Scott, I really like the exhaust on ur Blue corolla. my existing one is very noisy especially when driving on the motorway. my girlfriend cant withstand it anymore, so i got to change a quieter one is ur exhaust quiet? how much is the backbox? will you be able to upload me some video, or where do u live i can come n meet u if not too far away. By the way what size is ur rota or tyre thickness, it seems big thanks alot
  7. what size is the rota, can u send me some photo, thanks
  8. http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/2646056.htm and pistonheads how much u sold ur car??
  9. love ur car as much as my one hahahahah as it look literally identifical, except from rear bumper and ur one is even lower. LOL we should have a photo shoot sometime in Swansea or Bristol.
  10. search on the australia forum, i definately sure there are several rollas have done that.
  11. my friend order it for me from us. anyway it is pretty similar to K&N one. I saw on K&N uk website another day, they are doing sale at the moment. 160 for a typoon kit. if anyone is interested, quickly grap one .
  12. Hi all, Final willing to get my hand round and fitted the induction kit. bought a HKS mushroom and stick it on to my weapon R intake. havent take the car out to test drive yet, as i need to purchase a bracket to secure that PWM Vacuum switch. (not included in my weapon R kit) Anyway i have start the engine, engine warning light hasnt come up which is a good news. even the car is idle, the induction kit still make a loud "zizzzi ziizzi" noise. i have double checked all the hose clamps. everything is tighten. so probably there is no air leak anywhere. (it could be due to the HKS filter, seems like extremely high flow.) I remember my original Weapon R filter doesnt make such loud breathing sound. Just wonder is this the same as you guys' induction kit (K&N, Apexi)? will test drive the car next weekend. Hope the engine warning light wont switch on and i will post some video
  13. the link is kinda useful, but i dont wanna remove the entire bumper or entire plastic cover (i.e. include the wheel arch panel). is there are easier way. cheers
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