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  1. getting a wheel refurb on the tsport on tuesday, but dont know what colour to go with. its a blue t-sport anyone got any pictures of refurbd wheels on a blue yaris or any suggestions or handy at photoshop? had a search but cant really find any, except white wheels which i dont really fancy
  2. white smoke is the diesel fuel not burning properly so if its only when starting from cold, may be a problem with the glowplugs. or the pump may be out of sync and not injecting properly untill the pressure has built up in the system a more major problem may be a lack of compression when cold, which could be caused by iffy valve seats or pistonrings. but it is more than likely your glowplugs or water getting into the combustion chamber somehow.
  3. when getting your car repaired isnt it your choice as to where the work is carried out? if this is the case, get vauxhall to do it as it will look best when it comes to sell the car on. and hopefully vauxhall will charge so much that it will be cheaper for the insurance to just write the car off. if not, go give a guy with a garage £50 to give you a rediculous quote for the work and insist the insurance company get it repaired with him
  4. heres to hoping the depreciation is MEGA, and that by the time i finish my degree you can pick one up for 25k amazing engineering. the legnths they have gone to to make it perform as well as it does are amazing. are they actually making any money off 57k??
  5. it does make it look diddy and its only a clio! small cars are really getting big these days....
  6. im with vodafone, they do "whatever happens" phone insurance for £7.50 a month. Ring em up, add it to you contract, then drop your phone against a brick wall, very hard, and get yourself a newun! then ring em up and take the insurance off your contract
  7. because some people dont want to! you have stupid hair but i agree, and holding a grudge over a debate is even more rediculous
  8. It makes me wonder how many of our members have perhaps given their job description a make over (not something I would do personally you understand)... I'm waiting to see if we have a Hygene Facilitator. i know a dinner lady who refers to herself as a "nutritional engineer"
  9. Student B-Eng honours degree in Motorsport Engineering and Next out the back putting clothes on hangers B) And Prodrive dont get paid mind you...
  10. yea most likely moisture getting in the cabin from somewhere. find out where and seal it up. as for how you find out where its coming from.......
  11. its not illegal unless you only ever drive the car and your parents never go near it. its perfectly valid, i discussed it with my insurance company when i got insured under my moms name and they said it was fine and adjusted the policy to suit. just make sure you tell them that you are sharing the car, as you have no need to buy your own car. the only thing is my excess will be greater than my moms in a crash lovely car mate, i likes it!
  12. id love to join you guys but unfortunatley my T-sport isnt in good nick at the minute, some bugger keyed it and im strapped for cash. and also im driving a ferrari at prodrive that day hope you all have fun though! i will attend a meet soon when ive got the time and money
  13. just had a read ad that one isnt even powered, it uses the air your engine is sucking in to make it spin
  14. in a word, no in a detailed explanation. its very doubtful that and electric fan can displace more air than the vacuum created by the cylinder. Therefore any air forced by the fan will be simply sucked in by the vacuum, not gaining anything. in this situation the fan will be nothing more than an obstruction. if the volumetric efiecieny of the cylinders is over 100% (as it should be in a forced induction engine) id be amazed. the VE will probably be reduced due to the obstruction also the claims completly contradict one another. if it does infact create forced induction, then the fuel consumption will incease, as more air in the cylinder will require more fuel to burn it. Without this excess fuel the engine will be running lean and will lose power, as well and overheat and deform internals. running any form of forced inuction will require mapping for the extra fuel needed to run the engine correctly. why would rally cars fight with problems like turbo lag if a little electric fan can do the same job?
  15. do you know if running a secondary "piggy back" ECU is against the rules? as you are going to be top end most of the time this would be ok because you could use the original ECUs map for low end and then the piggy back could kick in at high end, where you want it. a full ECU change will be pricey and will probably come with a different loom a few people have piggy back system of here but i forget what it is called anyone? get some pics up too! ie never seen a rally style T-sport
  16. have you nothing better to do with your time?
  17. I will be at the show but im not sure if im going to be driving down in the T-sport Il come say hello to you all if i see the TOC area though ;)
  18. sounds great bar the wolfraces get some ultralites or rotas on the bugger
  19. when the moms been driving .... 38 mpg when ive been driving ..... 31 mpg B)
  20. definatley felt like summer. walked outside, eyes puffed up and starting itching, nose started itching and everytime i touched it id sneeze, so when i wiped it id sneeze again, generally resuliting in a nosebleed. can hayfever class as a disability, because it certainly disables me for 3-4 months of the year. :( i wish i could enjoy summer
  21. haha this is well off what i origianlly posted about! but it is a lot more interesting. just want you two to remember that techinically speaking, twas me whom brought you together by gracing you with this post ;)
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