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  1. Read the question again guys, he says it is turning but not starting.
  2. These engines are very durable, the weak part at higher miles/km's is the timing belt, that has been replaced.
  3. Take it down an open road in a lower gear and drive it around 4000 revs for two or three miles to give it a good "Italian tune up" it often works wonders on a clogged diesel?.
  4. Toyota have introduced a new camera system with inbuilt heater to cure the fogging, also there is a recent engine management update and as said an egr recall. All these are done FOC under warranty. I regularly tow a caravan 1400kg to the south of France without problem.
  5. 10,000 mile service? Is this perhaps a later model than the 2012 shown?. The later 2.00 diesel with the BMW engine does show very black oil almost immediately after it is changed I guess that as you refer to the red plastic on the dipstick you have this car?. I also understand that you must not overfill the oil on this model as it can cause problems, mine went into a different dealer with engine noise after a service and they had to drain some oil off to stop it.
  6. The last ones that came were built in America. 2.2 petrol the second best Toyota I ever had, the best being a Supra.
  7. This is my fifth Avensis first one 2.0 petrol, super quiet, then a 2.0 diesel, not as quiet, then two 2.2 diesels, a more refined engine than the 2.0, but this 2.0 BMW powered one the engine is harsh and very vibratory and may well be my last Toyota after having nothing else since 1976.
  8. I can well understand that I now have the 2.0 BMW powered Avensis it is without doubt the roughest engine I have ever had in a Toyota.
  9. It is a known problem and Toyota have modified the camera housing to cure it, so your dealer should fit the new unit under guarantee. I understand that the new unit had a built in heater to stop it misting?.
  10. Hi Thanks again, but this is more than a vibration problem. My personal opinion is that there may be a bearing seizing or a hydraulic fault on the timing chain tensioner but it won't be the first time I have been wrong. When it happens it sounds like the engine is trying to destroy itself. Very worrying.
  11. Hi Thanks for your advice, this is a very loud metallic noise were parts are protesting noisily, so loud anyone stood 20-30 feet away would turn to find out what was causing such a row. When it disappears all is normal again, unfortunately at the moment Toyota won't let the dealer start stripping it to look for the cause, they now want me to try and record it to send to Toyota to persuade them, computer says no fault so obviously that means everything is ok. NOT.
  12. I now unfortunately own a 2015 model with the 2.0 BMW diesel engine, my current problem is, sometimes a short time after starting from cold the engine makes a VERY LOUD metallic graunching rattling noise so loud it is alarming, this stops as quick as it starts after around a minute, the car has been in to the dealer twice for this, first time they said it needed a software update to adjust the timing chain, this time they say they can't find anything wrong. Anyone else had a similar problem or have any idea of the fault?, Devon Aygo perhaps?.
  13. It's in the book, my memory says 104? But I'm sure Devon aygo is correct.
  14. Perhaps they did the update?, When mine went in for it they said a couple of hours, I later got a call to say they needed it until the next day, no problems as I had a loan car, but talking to one of the technicians when I collected it it appears that they have to get BMW to do the update? and that was the delay. I guess Devon aygo will know?.
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