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  1. The display on my ould fella's radio has packed in; backlight alone operating unfortunately. Would anyone have the same/ 100% compatible unit for it? Thanks!
  2. I've a Carina II with the 4AF engine, the 1.6L Carina E had the 4AFE didn't it? I assumed the only difference was the fuel delivery method!
  3. Would ANYONE know which Corollas had the 4AF engine perhaps?
  4. Hi folks, can anyone tell me for definite if the alternator from the 4AFE engined Carina E will fit, and plug straight in, to my Carina II's 4AF engine? I can get my hands on one and it'll be cheaper than getting the current one refurbished Cheers!
  5. Hi folks. My sister's compressor has given up so she needs a replacement. Are there any out there? I think it's the following: Click me!
  6. Necro post! But seriously...I was wondering if anyone here would know where I can get my hands on ANY information regarding shifting the rear hubs to put new brake shoes in as I can't find a damn thing about the AT171 on fleabay and not a lot is appearing using Google either :( Thanks in advance
  7. Hi require headlight washer jet complete with fittings for Carina 2.0l E passenger side cost please Necro posting at it's best! I'd bet that the car's long gone after 3 1/2 years
  8. Evening folks! My old girl just made 230,000 miles on Sat, I'm so proud of her :D I'm getting a bit fed up of having no heater control lights though. I was able to sort out an import Starlet with a replacement bulb for the same problem but is there a secret technique to getting one into the Carina II? Also, I need to replace the bulb in dash that lets me see my temperature gauge at night, is it hard to do this? Cheers B)
  9. What he says! Also, check out the carbibles (google it) as there's some extra useful info' there about even more car matters ;)
  10. There were Corollas with that engine but I'm not sure if they'd use the same mani, fingers crossed u get to keep yr mighty Carina II on the road for many more years! B)
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    My big blue, 216K baby
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