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  1. P11GT

    Cel Previa!

    i havent done my recall yet, but i dont think O2 sensors are part of it.
  2. P11GT

    Cel Previa!

    ah i see, so it just applies to the first batch of dodgy previas then :D good job im getting rid of mine. fancy some lowering springs? got some nice H&R ones hardly used!
  3. P11GT

    Cel Previa!

    Ill see if i can find the recall letter and scan it for yous to view. Youre best bet is a quick phone call to Toyota GB Customer Service but i dont have the number handy. I rang them cos i knew i would have difficulty in getting my local dealers to work on the car. They sorted something out for me.
  4. P11GT

    Cel Previa!

    what year is yours? im surprised they didnt write to you directly especially if youve owned it from new. It was Toyota GB who wrote to me about it.
  5. P11GT

    Cel Previa!

    I presume that yours is a new shape previa. Have you been contacted by Toyota for the recall yet??? If not contact your local dealers. It involves the ignition coil packs and ive also been told the exhaust sensors too. If you do the recall, it may solve your problem. I believe its all FREE aswell!
  6. Does anyone know how to reset the ECU at home? I dont have any error codes or anything but i think my timing maybe fueling is out. How do you reset the ECU so that it can relearn as i drive? Ive tried disconnecting the battery but im not 100% certain that it works as i cant feel any change.
  7. the high level brake light is a bit of a bugger to get off. Once you remove the 2 screws underneathe, youll need something to pry the top out with. I used a flat metal ruler, inserted inbetween the spoiler and the top of the light then bend down carefull. The top of the brake light has 2 legs which hook up onto the spoiler internally, chances are they may snap, but it will still go back in. It does take some force but once out, the bulb just twists out.
  8. This is sadly still happening. Since my post, ive check the fluids, they are fine but could do with a full flush to be safe. Ive changed the MAF as i was told the shift points depend on load, that didnt work. Ive checked the TPS and that within tolerance. Anyone else offer any ideas?
  9. do they do a haynes manual for the new shape previa?? didnt know that or notice it. I need one like.
  10. As the title says. This is my first AT car ive had. Recently, ive been doing a few things. Ive installed a WR header which caused the engine to run a little lean so adjusted it accordingly with the Camcon unit. During this time, ive noticied that the car doesnt hold in gear as high up in the rev range. It did at first but has gradually changed. If i floor the accelerator, it would go all the way upto 6K rpm, then change from 1-2 gear, then again at 6K rpm from 2-3 gear. Now, when i accelerate hard, it changes at about 5K rpm, seem to over rev as it changes, and seems to take longer to change f
  11. thanks for the reply, i got sorted and the emanage wired in.
  12. there are some available, but not cheap. I do have a draper OBD2 Code reader which cost about 75 quid, it does enough to tell you the fault and can reset the CEL. I too would like somePC based OBD2 software for mine.
  13. what does the abreviation ISC mean? im thinking idle stability control, can anyone confirm please?
  14. There will be an important reason why the light came in the first place. You can buy a tool to reset it, but i would be more inclined to have it check out using the diagnostic tool at toyota. Something need attention and they will be the ones to fix it unles your handy yourself.
  15. i had the exact problem on my TCR11, this is caused by the valve under the reservoir oil tank, i dont remember the proper name of it but basically, the valve is faulty, causing it to open and dump too much oil into the engine. Its costs over £100 from the dealers i believe, best buy second hand.
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