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  1. Hi, I noticed yesterday I was getting dripped on in the drivers seat. Upon investigation there is water dripping from the top of the A Pillar where there is an seam on the interior lining. (see Image1) The felt [top] part felt a bit damp near the seam but otherwise fine. Anyhow I got home and took the rubber seal off and unscrewed the metal door strip. Looking inside there was no sign of water leaking from anywhere! (Image2). (the drops of water visible are due to me) I did notice that at the windscreen at the bottom the plastic has lifted in the corner (Image3), but don't see this as a cause. I put a strip of plumbers tape between the metal strip and the frame when I fastened it back up, put the rubber door strip back in and then poured a few watering cans on the area marked in Image4. But no water seemed to appear at the leak spot. The water seems to come out the front drains in the bottom of the car fine when it reaches the windscreen. So any ideas where the water is coming from and the cause? Thanks PS: Might this be the cause of my internal alarm going off randomly?
  2. Hi Guys, Battery is fine, starts first time even thought its about 7 years old now. No metal bits or anything in the cup holders as pointed out. Maybe it's a spider having a walk about? Or how about condensation if it's cold?? Cheers.
  3. Hi, I have a 2006 Gen 7Celica GT. Recently the alarm keeps going off randomly, and I mean randomly! Sometimes it's 30 seconds after I lock the doors, sometimes a full 24 hours later (and usually when I'm asleep). If I unlock then relock it seems to be fine for a while. It appears to be the internal sensors since if I push the lock 3 times to disable the internal sensors it behaves. I've: Removed everything from the cup holders Emptied the arm rest container So any ideas what might be triggering it? Or better still a way to remedy it! Many Thanks
  4. Hi, See my old post here [http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=110207&st=0&p=1002469&fromsearch=1entry1002469] that describes fitting and the parts you'll need to buy. Thanks
  5. I think it is because they are a small garage and only have stock replacements easy to hand. No matter, if I was to upgrade the discs to MTEC etc I'd have to do all 4 not just the front two I guess!
  6. Well the garage said the back discs and pads are fine, just needed greasing and cleaning, but the front discs are corroded on the inside face and need replacing (which is what I suspected). They can't source MTEC (I'd have to get them) so have opted for the factory spec replacements by ADL. In the future when I have more pennies I may go for a full change and upgrade (braided lines etc). Thanks
  7. Well the dealership won't put anything on other than stock parts so I'm getting the local garage to have a look on Monday to see what needs changing. Then I'll probably take it from there. I'm not going to go mad on upgrading as I want to save pennies for a holiday! :) Any ideas if this will affect my insurance? Obviously I'm going to have to notify them about the change to still be insured, but will it raise or lower my premium? Cheers.
  8. Ah right, I see, they are a *lot* cheaper than stock which seem to be around the £90 inc Vat for a pair: Toyota ones: http://www.mtecbrakes.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=7656 Black Edition MTEC: http://www.mtecbrakes.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=15181 However there seems to be no way to specify size/type of discs (Toyota back discs have drum in brake). OR is the first link actually the MTEC discs for the Celica? (Confused not half I am!) Would a Toyota dealership source and fit these, or would I have to look somewhere else to have this done? While I'm reasonably competent with a spanner, I wouldn't trust myself replacing the brakes and bleeding them properly, plus it looks better on the maintenance manual if and when you come to sell the car if an approved garage has done the work. Cheers.
  9. Thanks, Although I'm probably going to stick with stock discs as I find generally the brakes stop the wheels ok, but it's more the tyres that have mediocre grip when wanting to stop quickly. (stock Pirelli's on front, Toyo on the back iirc). But was interested in pads as they seem to have worn reasonably quickly (18k miles) I also seem to have a problem with the discs corroding a lot (hence the lot replaced last year). Perhaps I just don't brake hard enough most of the time. (old habit from my first car that took a week to stop :) Cheers.
  10. Hi, For a Gen 7 (GT) what kind of prices should I expect for discs and pads? (From a Toyota Servicing Garage). Also should I ask for a different make of pads from the stock ones, as I hear the stock ones are a bit soft? This is all because I've noticed a scuffing noise from the rear and it appears the right back disc is slightly grooved where as the rest are smooth. (Even though the discs where changed last year, possible for them to skim the disc instead???) Thanks
  11. Hi mate.

    I've looked at your post about fitting a Celica with a double DIN unit but can't seem to see the pictures, any chance you could email it to woody023801@googlemail.com? Would really appreciate it

  12. Remove the centre console and see if you can see that helps you locate the sound. Could be a fan catching, or as I see you have a none stock head unit (stereo/sat nav) is it the dvd drive inside the unit making the noise? (unplug it from power and see if it does it). Thanks Hi There Thanks for the reply :-) - I have removed the console but there is nothing obvious that stands out. Nothing behind the GPS (There is actually a little bit of room back there, as the GPS is LCD so quite thin. (I pulled out the useless japanese sat nav (doesnt work in NZ) and made a custom GPS unit instead. Not the headunit as 1. I dont listen to CDS (so 90's!) lol - and the unit was not powered on when I recorded vid.. But I do think it is the fan system, as even with the ac unit powered off, I can always hear some kind of mechanism initializing back there somewhere, which I can only assume is the ducting system perhaps? What happens if you turn the heater fans on and change their speeds? Also if you open the glove box does it give a better location of the noise? I believe the climate control opens and shuts vents as required so it may be something to do with those. A good idea would to be to remove the fuse for the climate control and see if it goes away.
  13. Remove the centre console and see if you can see that helps you locate the sound. Could be a fan catching, or as I see you have a none stock head unit (stereo/sat nav) is it the dvd drive inside the unit making the noise? (unplug it from power and see if it does it). Thanks
  14. Hi, My Celice GT (2006) has a few chips and scratches on the bumper and side skirts which are plastic of course. Also one of the front wings has a chip or two, and I believe these are plastic too? Anyhow any idea where I would source a thunder gray touch up pen/paint? Halfords only stocks "silver" which would be to bright. Any other ideas on how to remove the scratches/chips would be welcome, including mobile repair people (I'm in Harrogate btw). Thanks
  15. I know when after market stereos are fitted to the gen 7, that gaps appear around the head unit due to the factory system face being slightly wider than standard units.. There are kits you can buy online that have fillers required to go around the sides... A quick search on ebay, brings these up.. something there may fix your problem.. Ebay Links I did have a post ages ago about fitting a double din stereo and the spacer and the part names (which was hard to find out!) The part numbers are: * 86221-52060 * 86221-52050 And you are looking at about £14 in total for them. Unfortunately this forum seems to lack the ability to show all posts/topics I have made, so I can't find it. (It only shows the last few months worth of posts!) Attached is a zip of my guide and the part info. Just download it, extract it and open the index.html file; you'll then see the guide in your browser! Thanks edit:silly attachment limit fittingstereosmall.zip
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