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  1. When did the facelift models (or engines that dont drink oil ;)) first come out?
  2. So no one knows anyone?!?!!? This is a Celica forum yeah lol
  3. I have not heard anything from the guy on Celica Club, so does anyone know any decent stockist of new and used Celica parts??
  4. Thanks, he has come up with the goods!!
  5. edit - This is proving to be harder than I thought, anyone know anyone regardless of area ha ha
  6. I need to get hold of a centre pipe and backbox for my GT. Does anyone know of any decent stockists in the Manchester area??? The car is going in 6 months so not after a expensive stainless steel rocket launcher. I would even go down the second hand route if its genuine toyota. Any help would be appreciated as my garage are telling me the parts are discontinued, and the MOT is due next week.
  7. The Red Man


    Can any tell me if the 17inch wheels on Lexus IS200's fit the Celica ST202??? Cheers guys
  8. I was burgled last week and discovered the Tom Tom was not covered under house insurance, then was told that it was not covered under the car insurance as the car had not been broken into. I tried arguing it was classed as a PND Portable Navigation Device and so could be used for walking or riding but as the product that was taken was under 'portable car navigation' section on the website then it was not covered. It was 1 month old and used once. gutted
  9. Will the 3 spoke GT-4 alloys fit an st202??
  10. The u-turning nutter is to blame but without the TP details, im afraid there is not much chance of him making a claim.
  11. You can make claim against someone you dont hit if you can prove 'causation'. However from what you say you dont appear to have the TP (third partys) number plate so therefore WHO would you propose to claim against?? By not having TP details you would not find a solicitor in the land who would take this claim on a no win no fee basis, so therefore when you say your mate has nothing to lose in actual fact he would. Even if you find the TP you would have a major issue claiming off him, IF its his word against yours without independent evidence or CCTV footage. He could realistically just deny all knowledge and your insurance company would close the case. The last issue is about your friend not being a safe distance behind the car infront. I highly doubt the car making the manouvre did a emergency stop before u turning so whilst it may be illegal they could argue that you were not a safe distance behind. Think of it this way, If you are on a motorway and the car infront brakes to a stop(even in fast lane), if you go into the back of him or swerve and hit something then it would be classed as a FAULT accident due to you not being a safe braking distance behind. Hope this help even if its not what you probably want to hear.
  12. The Red Man

    Gt4 185

    as a result of going to fast Work in Insurance mate, hear that one on a daily basis.
  13. Aygo drivers are like City fans, let them have there moment, the truth is, given half a chance they would swap their car/club for a decent one!
  14. Chelsea fans have never been blessed with a good imagination, hence why they sing such rubbish. Viva John Terry ;)
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