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  2. hi one set of retractable mirrors might need to get the wiring and switch out also,what they worth?
  3. hi last boost controller profec a from Greddy,excellent condition,like item you see advertised on ebay forsale. £190 bargin worth more
  4. hi selling the following profec electronic boost controller hks evc 2- OPEN TO SERIOUS SENSIBLE OFFER f-con,has fuel cutt and speed limit defender hks-SOLD g.c.c.- graphic controll computer-hks-SOLD blue apexi s-afc with stand,box everythin-OPEN TO SENSIBLE SERIOUS OFFERS just like items forsale on ebay in excellent condition email www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk or call 07752009414 no with held numbers answered im in the uk,CALL AFTER 5PM
  5. want to sell my volanti sportif steering wheel and boss (fiting a starlet turbo) i need £35 plus shipping,wheel is rare item and in good condition,minor scuffs. email only www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  6. hi i have the following forsale hks 2 boost controllers profec boost controller g.c.c hks hks f-con thaks
  7. soz it is sold but i get stuff from japan all the time
  8. ever got things from the japan websites or auctions??? i did quite reliable i get all my stuff from trd official web pages and japan auctions,if anyone needs any help gimme a shout,thankyou for readin www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  9. breaking early 90's model starlet turbo, front end parts mint,very little rear. email requests www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  10. yes i know a guy who can get you one,but will have to import it,but the prices are good. email www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  11. these have done 7000kms only,like new gab by wings rear shocks for a starlet turbo,6 points of adjustment,come with springs,i bought these new at a huge cost. dnt have the fronts cause my m8 threw them in the bin ( dnt ask) £135 delivered anywhere uk,other places please mail, very very cheap, items like brand new, excellent shocks for a serious driver. also rwd corrolla ae86 chipped ecu. starlet turbo boss and aftermarket steering wheel all pics available pm or mail www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  12. forsale as its an wanted gift,i have pictures,if your interested mail me,best offer secures www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk comes with all parts to fit
  13. im looking for a new owner for my jdm ae86/rwd twin cam ecu, it has an official trd chip which helps to develop 160bhp at your wheels,it makes agood bit of difference,definately helps str8 line power, contact www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk or call no with held numbers answered 07752009414 and if your just wana see what difference it makes to your motor,your welcome aswell.
  14. 160bhp with chipped ecu , makes a difference , now forsale due to lack of twin cam/ae86 priced to sell , it came from japan with a trd light tune spec,supplied by a personal friend you are welcome to come and try this item, but it has been advertised everywhere,to give it a new home. i still have the reciept. please mail www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk or call no with held numbers answered 07752009414
  15. sorry m8 i have the fronts but one is leaking so i cant sell them ,it may not be reliable, i have a blitz boost controller, a jap steering wheel (but its an italian 1,if you know what i mean) and boss for the car. other wise just wings with there trim,bumper,gt grill, stock engine,ecu. email me www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  16. hi guys well when im home you can have pics of the boost controller, the trd light tune is standard ecu chip by trd,in japan, it ran 160bhp with a ae86 with an exhaust and air filter,so thats a big increase over standard. please email me and i will respond the day im home,thanks www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  17. hi, i have a rear set of gab adjustable shocks, apparently the best next to tein,these are circuit,they come with springs and are 100% if you need a picture or want to make an offer email me www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk thanks
  18. sorry guys im on hols 4 another 10days,i will contact you both on the 7th of july. thanks
  19. light tuned trd ecu for ae86/rwd twin cam, blitz boost controller starlet turbo panels and lights www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
  20. im sellin my turbo ,so this is going too ,d-sbc item is like new,£offers www.ed7dohc@yahoo.co.uk
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