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  1. What about the P.I.E aux input convertor here: http://www.logjamelectronics.com/pietoyaux.html There was one for sale on Ebay last week, maybe that will do what you want?
  2. Just as a FYI, i received the TOY-AUX interface today and its now fitted and working perfectly. I can press the CD/TAPE button and get an AUX input to the OE headunit, which then displays CD 1- Works fine with my mStation MP3 jukebox and the sound quality is FAR superior to the FM modulator that i was using originally. I know of a way to obtain these interfaces (only available in the US) so if anyone wants more information, please feel free to email me at technoATfsmailDOTnet (replacing AT and DOT as necessary). This is the interface:
  3. I've just bought an interface from the USA to allow you to do this - i'm currently awaiting its arrival. I'll let you know how I get on! EDIT: Here's a link to the TOY-AUX interface - the company themselves don't know if it will work in a Yaris and they won't ship to the UK anyway - i've managed to 'obtain' one though...as I said, i'll let you know how I get on! Techno
  4. Dunno if its any use to you Yarisboy but i took some pics when i took my dash apart to fit my MP3 jukebox controller. I've put them online, use them if you wish :) Techno
  5. Hi Stephann, Yeah, i'm hoping the TOY-AUX will do what i want. The company that sells it won't ship international but i have some friends in the US so i'll get it through them if its compatible. I mounted the mStation jukebox itself in the spare wheel bay, under the boot floor. It just fits there although you have to move the jack a little. The LCD screen/wired controller i've mounted in the 'black box' under the standard tape unit although i'm fine tuning the fitment to get it just right. You'll need to make all your own brackets to make the controller fit. The jukebox mounts with the supplied brackets but it takes some messing about. Overall i'm pleased with the mStation. The controller is easy to use although i'd have a liked a brighter display, it can be difficult to read in sunlight but looks cool as beans at night. Hopefully my finetuning of the controller fitment will result in an easier to read display during daylight. It works very well and is easy to get the songs into the jukebox using the supplied software, although i use the updated Realplayer One (it will auto-update). The supplied FM modulator is usable but hissy. The Yaris speakers also do not fair too well at providing good bass and i'm looking to upgrade these soon. The mStation remote control is pointless. I also bought the 'voice update' from the US which allows the jukebox to speak the album and track titles as your searching through them. Its useful in that it allows you to keep your eyes on the road but it does sound a bit 'robby-robot'. It was $40 post free and is easy to fit as long as you're careful. I also looked at the Xplod MP3 player but read some reviews that said it was very poor with regard to showing track titles (8 characters max??) and they only scrolled once. Also some people had problems with it not reading from certain types of CDR. I was going to but it from the US (good old friends again!!) as its half the price of the UK unit but decided on the mStation in the end. I can provide some pics and any more info that you may want although you may have to wait a few days. :)
  6. Thanks for the reply Steve :) So will something like the TOY-AUX not work for me? I've emailed them with all my details to see what they say but it seems to fit the bill perfectly. I hope so, i'm getting annoyed at the 'hiss' now :( I don't want to fit an aftermarket unit if I can help it, I paid enough for the Jukebox!
  7. Hi, I recently bought and installed a Neo/mStation MP3 jukebox into my 2002 Yaris 1.0GS. However, the supplied FM modulator doesn't exactly blow me away so i'm wondering on the easiest (read cheapest!) way of getting the audio into the standard head unit. The Neo/mStation has standard RCA outputs but I couldnt see any RCA inputs on the back of the Yaris tape unit when i connected the FM modulator. I know there must be some way of doing it as i have a TAPE/CD button and there are CD players options on this model. Techno.
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