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  1. I took my car in for service today and found out the keys for the locking wheel nuts were missing :( . Does anyone know how (and where) to take the nuts off cheap? Toyota said that will be 1 hour labour (80 pounds) + 1 set of new wheel nuts (40 pounds) please help!!!! Thanks!
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    Someone made two dents on the door today! Can anyone tell me how much will it cost to fix the dents? Any DIY solutions? I tried to use a sucker but the dent was small and it didn't help....
  3. I bought mine last month for around 7200. It's 8 months old with 8000 miles on the clock. It's a met paint with Air con 3d aygo sport. I will say it's a fair price for this as I saw some cheaper ones in more "remote" town.
  4. Does anyone has a starlet GLS (EP91) breaking as i need the front indicator - CLEAR TYPE, NOT ORANGE ONES.... Thanks!
  5. Does anyone has a starlet GLS (EP91) breaking as i need the front indicator - CLEAR TYPE, NOT ORANGE ONES.... Thanks!
  6. Wow.. impressive figures. I need to drive safe and build up my NCB!! 200 will be well good. I only have 2 years NCB, 26 years old. Not much discount for me.
  7. Just curious how much you guys paying for this little car... I'm paying 450. quite happy as it is 200 cheaper against my previous clio.
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    Should I?

    o that's bad! I used it once or twice since i got my aygo 2 weeks ago. I have to say the fog light really did improve the visibility. Well but i guess i would stop using it because i don't want to get any 30 pounds penalty tickets :(
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    Should I?

    Just a stupid question. Is it not legal to use fog light? In what circumstances we are allowed to turn it on?
  10. I have long story to tell when going into the in phase speakers. I have originally planned to upgrade the front speakers with Kenwood 1060s ONLY. I ordered if off ebay for 20 quid (inc pnp) from iceClearOut and they posted me the in phase instead which costs 45 quid inc pnp. I thought it was a bonus!! until I tried to fit into the front which it couldn't because of the large magnet base. That's why I started replacing the rear... then the head unit (becoz the original one was so under power to drive them)... Then I upgraded the front speakers again due to so much distortion in sound with the new head unit. Now, I still think the inphase speakers is a plus! The bass is much stronger than the kenwood's. It works really well when i adjusted the fader towards the back.
  11. I have now totally upgraded the sound system. It is now fitted with a Sony CDX-GT300s which I took out from my old car. The front I fitted with Pioneer 1061s and back with the in-phase xt 42. I am totally happy with it now! No more feeling the rear speakers are under power. (I felt that before with the standard audio) Just a tip for people when upgrading their rear speakers for Aygo sports / +. Be careful when unscrewing the rear speakers. There are nuts behind the screw (bolt), it's not a self tapper. You will probably have a hard time to look for the nut if it dropped behind the panel. (if you don't plan to tear it off completely) It did happen to me, luckily I managed to reach the nut through the 10cm speaker hole. I ended up open the top half panel (without unscrewing anything) and hold the nut while unscrewing them. I also gave two new holes to the back panel for securing the new rear speakers grill since the original one don't fit anymore with the new speakers. One thing I should mention is the threads in this forum are very useful. They helped me a lot indeed! :)
  12. From my experience, some of the CDRs don't work very well. I tried some old 16x CDR and some songs just skipped. Then I tried it on Infiniti 48x CDR. They are playing perfectly now. :)
  13. It's the first time i'm doing it. It took me a long time!! about 2 hours in replacing one side! I've just done one so far. I have enough for today. But surprisingly, it doesn't sound any difference with the standard one. Why is that? Any ideas? The one i've put on is this one. In Phase XT 42 10cm 2 way 160W car speakers with an ebay link I am a bit disappointed.
  14. I just bought my aygo sports and I wanted to replace the standard rear speakers. I tried to take the grill off but with no luck. Anyone knows how to open the grill and replace them? Do I need to take the whole panel? I don't wanna go down this route as it will cause me a lot more problems. Cheers!