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  1. i had similir problem wit my st185.. very sluggish that it felt i had no turbo at all..was only boostin at .4 bar all the time, i went and got a diagnostic check performed on my car and that showed the engine temp running - 40 degrees when it should have been 90 or over... temp cooling sensor was busted on me so had to get that replaced.. best thing mate is to get a diagnostic done on will tell u excactly whats wrong, well it did for me anyway. hope this helps
  2. hey just wondering bout this...not sure if its already been covered, the myth says thats its bad for the turbo.. they other myth is its harmless for the turbo, i have st185 and im wondering how to get compressor surge, is there a dumpvalve ya can get that sounds like this?? my car is totally standard engine wise apart from HKS hyper muffler cat back, what mods would i need to have this awsome sound when i lift off throttle any advise is appreciated, thanks
  3. hey, Im not sure if this has already been covered but when i put the boot down and when it starts to boost there a fairly large puff of black smoke from the exhaust.. Is this a problem wit the turbo?? cheers. Gar
  4. hey im just wondering how hard it would be to fit a 95 Supra Twin Turbo lump into my 185, will it even fit?? i know it was done to a Glanza before, if so any suggestions of places that might be up for the job? Cheers, Gar
  5. Very nice mate.. yeah get them sprayed white...wit red mud your talkin hehe pics of mine comin very soon B)
  6. genicide_gt


    Im Gareth and im from Wicklaa and i drive an ST185 GT4 Celica which i imported myself, My car needs a bit of repair work (Cheers Dublin Bus) coz some of their drivers cant see celicas in Broad daylight with hazards on and parked up on a path.. luckely its only the front right wing panel to be replaced..getting my wheels sprayed black also :P a meet sounds like a savage organised B+B run..a convoy of us meets somewhere,heads off, grabs a place to kip..go out on the ***** and boast about our motors and that kinda stuff and convoy back the next day hehe
  7. if u buy a fitting kit for your model u should get instructions for fittin it yourself :)
  8. Thats strange coz i am gettin the same vibratin noise from engine myself at high revs....i notices the screws holding on the mesh for the intercooler were loose so i tightened the *****s...real tight, not as bad but its still there... as for noise from the rear when cornerin?? same noise came from my Evo 5 after i imported it..the diff oil needed a change badly.. there was a squeelin sound like the tyres were loosin grip, fisrt time ever drivin an evo so i was non the wiser... u should check that out mate just in case
  9. oh god...if its not engine sensors its somethin else hehe Drivin up the town yesterday and stopped to let this old dear out in fron of me, as always when stopped i stick it in neutral and hand break up yeah... She pulled off and i clutched and into 1st and drove on but when i went into 2nd the clutch pedal started to sink slowly to the floor..i pressed clutch in and tried to go back into 1st but couldnt move the gear stick out of second...i had to turn off the engine to get out into neutral... I can pull out the clutch pedal and use it for about 5 secs then the pedal just starts to sink to floor again... Anyone any ideas?? been told it could be a problem with clutch fluid loosin pressure but im not sure
  10. My car ran lower boost in 4th/5th than 1st or 2nd..0.3-0.4 in 4th and 5th...went to the local Toyota dealer here and they laughed at me, the service manager told me i would not have that problem if i had of bought i good europe spec toyota and that he had no interest in tryin to i pucked the head of him (currently doin time as we speak hehe-kiddin) they did not even have the right connection for the diagnostic run..i was discusted..i had to go to NISSAN down the road and they were able to diagnose the problem after about 20 mins..... 2 cooling temp sensors were faulty..engine temp was readin +18 degrees when cold and after the car had been driven and warned up to normal temp it was readin -47 degrees rather than +80 upwards, so that needs to be replaced along with another cooling one also.. I think il buy a Civic Type R or something...the 98 shape..more reliable and probably quicker hehehe :D
  11. is the hissing coming from the actual gauge?? or from the engine bay itself?? if its from the gauge itself it seems like a sloppy instalation jop on that gauge.. I have one also and its fine..
  12. I just posted a topic on this very subject... My ST185 boosts at 0.5bar and if it goes over this the warning light on the after market boost gauge comes on, AND its sluggish all the time..not very many places here in Ireland that know alot about GT4s in general never mind the 185.. Pulls back like a fuel cut takes place every time i put the foot down :ffs:
  13. My "93 ST185 is running like a paralised camel.. :ffs: there is a Greddy boost gauge which came with the car and when i nail it its max boost is 0.5 bar, sometimes it flicks to 0.6-0.7 bar and the warning light flashes on the boost other warning lights come on..i can also feel a big dip in power as the turbo is about to come to boost..when it does,all half bar of it, ya cant even hear the turbo spooling this normal for ST185s?? anybody ideas as to why my car feels like its got some kinda restrictor on it?? any info would be greatly appreceated Thanks again, Gareth Wicklow, Southern Ireland