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  1. hey dude this is what i had on my old car and loved it had it done in longlife!!! make sure u use AUTOSAL for the mirror finish only have to use a cloth its £3.99 in halfords etc proper metal polish!!
  2. right guys this is a weird one sometimes when i put my foot down .....it seems as tho somethings holding the car back stopping it go fast then all of a sudden it will stop holding back and power will come through and then its alright..... Got an apexi turbo timer etc so heres the readings cruising====14.5 a/f meter foot down===11.5 a/f meter foot off ====20.0 a/f meter im running it at 9 psi shows on boost guage it has a dump valve and air filter!!! ive seen simiular problems on here but i dont have any warning lights showing on my car!! please help me its annoying :ffs: :ffs:
  3. Welcome hope u enjoy the motor nice cars those.......looks clean!!!1
  4. i agree i had the gtr :) :) :) then i bought this monster well worth it !!! best car i ever been in it just seems the gtr (gt uk spec) just isnt that fast as its heavy and well it just hasnt a turbo :D :D :D
  5. That is true.....ull never hear many people saying how good they were served or the product they bought was excellent, just like gamblers u only hear when they win!!!! ;) but i would just take it back and get them solve the problem as it wasnt there before at the end of the day!!! ure entitled to that at least!! :D
  6. When i put my fans on in the car........WINDSCREEN ICON............. Theres a very slight bit of smoke coming thro the footwell passenger side WATER ON THE HEATER MATRIX MAYBE ????????? What u think?
  7. Looks quite smart but its a vauxhall at the end of the day , :P think ill stick to my toyota's they are the best!!!
  8. Hi there nice looking motor ;)
  9. Looks good mate, not sure about the house tho!lol ;) thats not a house its a mansion where i come from!!!!
  10. st185 gt4 gen 5 the best!!!!!lol i love her som much!! :D
  11. i agree prob wont cause the gt4 will have a different bore to the gt!!! :D
  12. I wonder if anybody in the club has this car cause if you do your car is famous!!!! heres the link to watch jeremy clarkson driving your car!!! i hope somebodys got this car in here!!! My Webpage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQj21_0tK1o...ted&search=
  13. Heres my new car so i thought id host some pics!!!!!!!
  14. just thought id let u know i now own........wait for it............... *********************A CELICA ST185 GT4************************** Well happy with it , i drove 3hrs home in it it was awesome its running 10psi so thats excellent, its white,lowered,17's,exhaust,bailey dump valve,full leather,shall host some pics very soon......needs new wheels tho the ones i have got on it are flaking :( but at the end of the day they are just wheels, any ideas of what wheels in a 17' size i should put on it!!!!! pics would be greatful!!!!! cheers boys for your help it really did help me out!!!! appreciated!!!
  15. thanks mate very helpful when u say it should be running 10psi what bar would that be?? it has a boost guage (aftermarket so i can check it to that!!) cheers!!! adam
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