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  1. Here she is, as she was advertised just over a year ago Done a few bits but not too much I'm a sensible person these days!!!
  2. It's been a while, how the devil is everyone? Not driving a Supra anymore, had to go a bit sensible and got an A3 quattro, nice not having the rear end skip out! Hope you're all well Mike
  3. that is sweeeeet! love the 80mph skid marks! i'd have some of my own if i were a passenger!!!
  4. I used it and found it to be very good, the growth I had was so quick though that I actually developed small stretch marks on my biceps! It does work but you need to too...
  5. Good stuff mate- makes my efforts of holding on to the wall look pretty lame! :P
  6. I don't think Playboys quite as sleazy as Razzle etc. it's an institution, been around for years, tasteful being their aim rather than pure ropey filth! On a side note, I don't think it looks good in clothing/cars etc. to me it always looks fake, you know, like it's off the market or something? FACT
  7. Good call mate, thought about that idea and it's a high ranker for sure- At work my nick name is 'Guns', a ubik take from 'The Anchorman'- I was thinking about trying to name my gym and work that into the mural- How about 'The Gun Shop'?!! :P
  8. Yeah, the kid at school who weren't allowed to watch tv had a SNES- nuff said!!! Can't believe I didn't mention Road Rash II earlier, as gnome said, one of the best games ever, remember that jump in Hawaii when you had the nitro charged Diablo?!! You'd jump so high you'd be off the screen for a couple of seconds!!! AWESOME!!!
  9. That would actually put me right off, in fact, see you in ten... :P
  10. Hrun, I don't Lisa that close to the car!!! I've been thinking about putting the Scarface sunset background in my living room for a while, but it's probably a bit much! Keep 'em comin, and Em, can't see your idea working, no... :P
  11. hahahahahha, sounds good in principle but doubt 'she'd' be impressed :P
  12. Megadrive all day long... If nothing else because the joypads looked like Batman gadgets- Why oh why won't someone make a basic scrolling Streets of Rage for a modern console?!! It would sell millions of copies!
  13. Dudes, Fancy helpin me out? I've recently been converting my garage into a sweet little gym and i've put up a stud wall to finish it off and make it less garage like inside- At the moment as you can see it's a big blank canvas and i've been thinking about painting a mural- Aside from setting up cable tv in there I think that something different to look at would help with the atmosphere and general surroundings, it's a fact you're much more likely to train if the areas pleasing to the eye! I want something to help motivate but something that's not too cringing if you know what I mean- Some quick ideas- Hulk, he'll always make me file like a !Removed! and train harder! The evil Karate Dojo from Karate Kid, some retro awesomeness- Popeye, the Globo gym logo from Dodgeball, Anchorman 'sculpting the guns' and so on- hope you see the sort of thing i'm after... Suggestions?!! :)
  14. Fair play! Actually don't look as mental as i thought it would! Turnings gotta be a real pain though surely?!!
  15. Happy Birthday Mate!!! Have a good one...
  16. No offence mate but more often than not it seems like you're desperately trying to find something to post about! And it seems like anything will do! I'd prefer to see a 'what's your favourite sandwich' post than all these daft questions...
  17. Nah, loved Southpark since it very first came out years ago, I won't miss Chef that much- saying that, his parents are funking hilarious!!! "That god damn loch ness monster...he said about three fiddy!!!" :lol:
  18. oooops, my bad! Been a while since i've been a regular on 6gc! Forgot about the whole Celica with a boot scenario!!!
  19. Gordy you will pay more then I will for my Jeep And more than my Supra?! Makes no sense to me!
  20. Well I was working in France yesterday and today. Usually have to get up at 05:00hrs, today I had to get up at 04:00hrs!!! Don't even talk to me about the French time difference as i'm sooo tired and confused it's untrue!!!
  21. Curren makes sense as its effectively the same car but even so, that's a lot of work! Swapping the rears from a Curren is a nice alternative to the Celica ones but aside from that, if you don't like the Celicas looks, don't buy one!!!
  22. Yeah, for the all the effort you should really just save a while and buy a Supra!!!
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