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  1. I'm driving an '86 GT-S with the 3S-GE, and for shifting times, when I'm driving economically at least, it's something like this: 1st: 0-20 2nd: 0-40 3rd: 40-60 4th 60-80 5th 80+ So basically 20kph per gear... Which works out to shifting at about exactly 3000rpm. If I'm in a racier sort of mood I'll usually go up to about 90 or 100 in 3rd gear, but I try not to take this old engine over 4500 RPM.
  2. I don't know if I'm missing something, but that sounds completely wrong to me. 12 seconds with 165 at the wheels?!?! I'm not thinking so.
  3. Kaldonis

    Mr2 Mk1

    Wow. I'm from Canada, and I just read through this thread and saw all of your posts about insurance. That's insane. Y'all should move over to Canada! I'm driving an '86 Celica GT-S and I pay $600 CAD a year for insurance. $50/month. I think the exchange would be little better than 2x, so... £22 or so a month? Under £300 a year. How many of you are drooling right now? Lol. Sure, it would be more for your sporty MR2's, but probably not more than $800 or $900. And the part I'm from, we all have to buy our insurance from the government. There are 3rd party companies, but only for extended coverage. It's pretty good stuff I tell ya.
  4. I have something very similar on my '86 GTS 3SGE... Although I'm sure it's nothing to do with shocks. When I'm sitting in my garage with the windows down revving the engine to see how the car sounds, it makes sort of a rattle noise when I hold the rpm's steady. I also notice it when I'm driving around with the windows down and I drive by a parked car or something - the sound rebound back at me. I haven't really worried about it, it doesn't seem to affect performance. Althought my performance isn't great - I'm having that hesitating problem that plagues so many.
  5. I used electrical tape on mine. Like half a roll. It looks really good actually... Heh. ('86 GTS 3SGE).
  6. Just give your local Toyota dealership a phone call and ask them what the part would cost and they can order it in for you if you like. Chances are it's going to be expensive though. You could also check around the local salvage yards, although I see that you're in P.E.I. so there's probably not much available around there. =) Good luck.
  7. Liftback = Hatchback. Also referred to as 3 door. So it's not a coupe, it's a hatchback. The hatchbacks are more common from what I've seen. Well I'm from North America, so I'm not too sure where you're from, but... Your last two questions are related... Twin Cam = 16 Valves I think? I could be wrong. You'll get more power out of a model with the twin cam engine. I didn't even know there was an 8 valve 87' model? As for horsepower... Well, in North America, the GT-S would come with 135hp (3S-GE engine). The GT I think is 115hp and I don't know about the other models.
  8. He explained this - it was misinformation on the part of the lady he is buying from... He doesn't actually need an 88 GT-S engine. Although I still don't know why he needed an engine in the first place, if the car he is buying has one. Unless it doesn't have one? In that case just check out all the local scrap yards. I found an '86 GT-S identical to mine in every way. Unfortunately, after they'd took the engine out and went to swap it in, they found that the block was cracked. Ah well. I spent $3000 (CAD) on a rebuild instead.
  9. sorry i was refering to 94 - onwards My Haynes manual is for 86-99 Celicas... it cover GT4? turbo - 4wd etc? if so - do u have the manual number handy? cheers Nah. Says right in the picture, FWD models only. Sorry mate.
  10. Well, now there's some conflict... You say the engine is a 22F-EC but the code on the engine in the picture is 22R-E... Stats on the 22R: Engine 2367cc I4 SOHC Horsepower 105HP@4800RPM Torque 137lb/ft@2300RPMs Bore 3.62 Stroke 3.50 Compression ratio 9:1 Models with this engine: 1981-86 (USA) I couldn't find stats for the 22F-EC engine? Maybe they're both the same thing and I'm just missing something. Anyways... Doesn't really look like you'd get much out of that engine, but I have no idea what kind of swaps you'd be able to do etc...
  11. I'm driving an '86 GT-S so I can probably help you out. It's a 3S-GELC. Sometimes you'll see it without the LC. Don't get it confused with the 3S-GE in the newer models, the one you're looking for has 135hp as opposed to the newer ones with close to 200hp I believe. I'm not sure if the newer 3S-GE would fit in your car or not. But you're looking for the 2.0L DOHC 135hp 3S-GE(LC) engine. Hope that helps.
  12. sorry i was refering to 94 - onwards My Haynes manual is for 86-99 Celicas...
  13. Kaldonis

    Auto Windows

    I have a similar problem with my '86 Celica. It rolls up fine but not down. Actually, I have passenger controls on my driver side as well, and the up works there too but not the down. This leads me to think it's just a switch problem, seeing as the switch on my passenger side works perfect for up/down. Call your local Toyota dealership and chances are they'll be able to get the part for you. Don't expect it to be cheap though - they wanted to charge me $150 (that's Canadian Dollars, so a little better than $100 USD) for a sunroof switch. *****s. Otherwise, look around the local salvage yards. Chances are that other Toyotas from the same year could have a similar switch...
  14. I knew about the 3S-GTE being in the mr2's etc but I thought he was talking about actually changing the 3S-GE into one without doing a complete engine swap. Those 3S-GTE's go for insane prices, I've been trying to find an MR2 or similar in a salvage yard somewhere with an engine in not so bad shape.
  15. About doing a 3S-GTE conversion, is there some resource material available on how to do this? Where do you get the turbo from? - Jeremy
  16. Hey all... I recently stumbled upon these forums and thought I'd throw out a question to you guys regarding my '86 Celica GT-S... I've got the 3SGE engine. I was wondering what some good performance mods are I could do, preferably the cheapest ones (although I'd like a list of all possible mods). The engine was rebuilt about 6 months ago and I regret not getting higher performance parts put in... So yeah - anything you guys could suggest for me would be great. Maybe even some things I could do myself. Thanks. - Kaldonis
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