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  1. Thanks Frosty. Sounds like it might be a genuine fault then 😞 When I phoned up to book in, I was told there was an outstanding recall (apparently just released, so may not be on DVSA site yet?) regarding some work on the rear axle? Still not sure if I should drive it, or have it recovered though...
  2. This morning the wife started my 19-plate CHR Hybrid and got several warning messages alternating on dashboard: "EPB Malfunction. Visit Your Dealer." "Antilock Brake System Malfunction. Visit Your Dealer." And something about braking power being low (didn't get a photo of that message). She also reported the car felt like it had no power. I've got the car booked in with dealer tomorrow, but will it be safe to drive there? Anyone else had these problems? I've found threads that refer to a Skid control ECU software update fixing the issue, but these seem to date ba
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anybody has fitted roof bars to an Auris with a Pan Roof? I've asked in Halfords where the chap I spoke to said they were a 'special order' but wasn't sure if they would fit...? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  4. Hi all, I've noticed that temperatures are dropping and so are the MPGs, so I thought I would give grille blocking a go this year. I’ve read a fair bit about the subject on this site and links to other sites, but there seems to be little information specific to the Auris HSD. I've pieced together what information I could find and have tried to apply this to my Auris and thought it may be useful to others thinking of trying it (and I may pick up other tips/advice along the way…) So I popped down to my local DIY store and purchased a length of foam pipe insulation (£1.99 for 2m). This got cut
  5. Gav 18

    Yaris Hybrid

    Not sure about the Yaris HSD, but the user manual for the Auris HSD tells you that there is a fuse than can be removed to disable the DRLs.
  6. Looks similar to the CT200h to me.
  7. Yes I've noticed the same thing in my Auris - I notice a sort of ghosting as the display updates. I've put it down to the initial cold cabin temp and whichever display technology being used in the dashboard displays (e.g. LCD - I'm not sure what it is actually) not liking the cold. Once the heating has warmed the cabin up, its refresh rate appears to go back to normal. I've never worried about it.
  8. I wonder if something similar will be issued for the Auris HSD?
  9. When I was buying my Auris my dealer said that if I took the Toyota finance (not sure if this is the same as Access Toyota?) they could knock another £500 off. He said that I could repay the finance straight away (confirmed in the Consumer Credit Act I believe) and the only penalty would be any interest incurred. I managed to pay off the finance within the first month and the interest was around £100, so I made a net saving of around £400. I paid it off via telephone using my Debit card if I remember correctly.
  10. I’ve had my car back for a few days now and so far everything is good. I’ve not noticed any performance issues that others have mentioned after having the wrong oil in, and the Eco Drive Monitor is still reporting the same levels as before its service. My dealer is Gordon Lamb in Sheffield and so far I can’t fault their service. The car was picked up for me and brought back; it had been washed and cleaned outside and in. I guess until I’ve gone through a couple of tanks of fuel I won’t 100% know things are running well, so I’ll report back then if there are any issues. BTW my car is covered
  11. Hi all, Just my update to this thread. I’ve just booked my first service for my Auris HSD. I asked my dealer if they could confirm the correct oil to use in the car and was put through to the Parts Department. This is what I was told: “You should use 0W-20 and that is what we recommend.” “We also use 5W-30 as a secondary oil for our hybrid customers, however Toyota don’t guarantee that you will get the same MPG from this.” “We have 0W-20 in stock.” Service is booked for next week, so I’ll try and give an update afterwards.
  12. Gav 18

    Seen One?

    There are loads of Prii round here - both Gen 2 and Gen 3. I also see quite a lot of Auris HSDs too - granted they are harder to spot - easiest during the day - just look for the DRLs. Would the plural of Auris be Aurii??? Grumpy – you came up with Prii I believe, so what do you think?
  13. You can! Mine came from the dealers with them fitted. Granted by accident though - I had asked for the chrome door sills, but the dealer misunderstood me and fitted the side protection strips instead. In the end it hasn't bothered me - it looks good and gives some protection in the supermarket!
  14. Gav 18

    Toyota Advert

    That was the one!
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