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  1. Hi Hozer, Yes your fascia adaptor looks a really good match, can I ask the make and model number of it as I might be after one soon. thanks
  2. Hi, Yes it was you and a couple of other forum guys similar comments about the Pioneer speakers, though advice then was a close call between which comes first a new H/U or front speakers. Was impressed by the sound improvement of the Pioneer A170 components over the original coax's. Thing is deciding on which type of sub, underseat or rear ? plus should I really get a better H/U before the sub ?? - had seen the Poineer DEH 2300 range but you still have to add on £50 - £70 for the adaptors, din wiring, stalk controls and fascia ; though think a 2D unit would look better, but they are another £100 on top. Expensive call to add a bit more bass !?
  3. Hi man-bing That was one of my concerns that a typical boot box would overpower things for my needs, plus even when discretly fitted like yours I assume you do not carry anything else in your boot or risk damaging the speaker / affecting the sound - I have to carry some work stuff in there most days when I drive and listen to the music the most. Hi Sammy, Hows you - been watching your Brace post - see you got it fitted but no comment about how the car drives with it on ? - like F1 round the corners now ! ps - check the torque on those strut nuts in a few days time in case they settle.. Re the Underseat speakers - this seems to be the current Apline unit - is it like yours ? alpine Was in a local motor shop today and they had these Pioneer Seat Subs which the say sound great, though for the £189 they wanted I would have hoped for them to be amazing ! - seem to sell on the web for around £150 though. pioneer Did see this unit on the web, and American firm; seems they are selling cheap to try and capture market share - any comments /experience anyone ? Unlike this link they are selling on ebay for around £70 FL8
  4. Hi, I got these in the Jan sales for £64 as the old 2010 model, there might be some still around in the local shops. Easy to fit and the tweeters really do improve the clarity and sound stage, but initially take a little getting used to 2010 Think these are their 2011 equivalents. 2011 Can they be driven off the rear speaker wires from the Toyota h/u or is an extra amp needed ? - when fitted in the parcel shelf do the need a box on the underside ? Well that does sound like what I am after in sound terms, suppose its like anything else set it at the volume you want, rather than impressing. thanks guys
  5. Hi, As recommended by the forum members have replaced my front speakers with a set of Pioneer components which give a really good sound improvement while retaining the original Toyota head unit. What I do find now I have got the clarity from the new speakers, including a better bass sound, is that I would like just a bit more Bass as the sound can get lost at lower volumes or when travelling at higher speed. I cannot give up all the boot to big subs and do not want it so deep / loud the whole car is booming while the fillings from my teeth drop out ! Any practical suggestion if there is an alternative way to get that bit more bass, have heard mention of 6x9s on the parcel shelf, (mines a 5 door ) or possibly the underseat subs - a cheapie seems to the the Auna Active 8". If non of those options are realistic it seems I'm left with finding a small sub to go in the boot, again the smaller cheaper ones seem to be the Juice A8 tube , the Edge 10 and the FLI 10 actives -any one better than the others ?? Any help appreciated ...
  6. I'm going by what the dealer said, they were supposed to have repaired the calipers when i had it in for the brakes sticking, the OSF is fine but the NSF is still sticking . Hi, Well as far as I know it must be either the Caliper slide bolts that cost about £30 a set or the actual Piston / Seal that are sticking - the Piston normally just needs a new rubber seal - you could get rubber kits - not sure about this model. Other than those items the caliper body where those parts fit could be badly worn ? - hard to say without seeing it. You could always try another garage for a second opinion - most drive in places will give a free inspection /quote.
  7. Hi, Other than the scrap yard you might not find any alternative to Toyota as its not a regularly replaced item. Out of interest why are your replacing the whole unit - have you cracked the housing ? - most bits are replacable, eg the sliders and perhaps the piston /seals.
  8. Thanks for that - found this video in the Corolla Land forum - wish I could change an axle in 5 mins - some handy practical tips though. Like the power impact wrench , but as I'm no beefcake just wondering which would spin, me or the nut
  9. Hi, You will only get quotes from Toyota etc that include parts in the price for the standard service items like filters and oil etc - check it includes Vat as well. It impossible for anyone to tell what else you need without working on the car. What you do is request a full service and check over at the quoted price - plus the agreement with you and the garage, that should the mechanics find any fault / defect outside the agreed schedule they must phone you to advise of the problem/s and the cost to correct it and give you chance to authorise, or not, any further repair /parts.
  10. Hi, Anyone know the size and type of socket for the large multi point nut that holds the axle onto the wheel hub, and a stockist of it ? Thanks
  11. Hi, Just looked back on your previous posts - you want to include that info in your profile - so many variants. You do not say how many miles it has done which helps say whats needed, assume you have no receipts from the last service to show what parts were fitted ? Call in at your local Toyota dealer and they should give you a good idea of cost, all standard service jobs prices are well known but you want to ask if they include things like I mentioned earlier. They will of course quote top dollar but at least you will have a benchmark to go against. As for other garages, well best if you can find one other folk use and recommend, even the one/two man small backtreet places can be good if you find the right one.
  12. Believe you have got a 2002 1.6 Auto ? You do not say what the mileage is or what has been done on previous recent services. The term Full Service can be interpreted by who ever is doing the service - many things are classed as extras not covered by the term Full Service. The previous owner of my car had it "fully serviced" just before I bought it but half the things that should have been done at 4 years old were not. Apart from standard things like engine oil and air filters, spark plugs, brakes and checks on the transmission fluid etc there are several things often classed as chargeable extras. You should be having the pollen filter renewed if needed, the brake fluid changed if over 2 years since last done, the cooling system antifreeze changed if needed ( depends on what its filled with now) If you look in your Toyota handbook /sevice boolklets, if you have them, they show the schedule of works they recommend. A book like the Haynes Manual is good even if you are using a garage to do the work, the manual at least let you know what to look at to check things have been done properly - tha manual has a big section on regular service items and schedules.
  13. Hi, Happy 21st , hope you have a good time tonight :toast: Won't expect a reply till the weekend then..! Will appreciate any help as I am thinking of buying the stuff myself which will allow a more complete job to be done, good though that kit may be for the money there is room for improvement I think. Been searching around and thought about using the Silent Coat 2mm Damping Mats which seem a lot cheaper than the MaxMats, plus the Second Coat Luxury Liner. That was my understanding too, though even most manufacturers videos show it being applied 100%
  14. Hi, Question is who did you buy the bulbs from ? - if it was Ring then they should exchange them for you as their selector is wrong.
  15. Hi, Expect its not the type you can get an exchange one for from Halfords or the like. I think the Lucas Electrical centers used to actually repair customers units - not sure about now. Probably best enquire at some of your local Trade Motor Factors who will probably be able to recommend someone who can repair it for you.
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