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  1. Just thought I'd post these photos up for comments. This car is standard, its how Toyota sold it - apart from the K&N panel air filter.
  2. Just a quick question... How do you remove the coloured piece (cover?) from the back of a passenger side mirror without damaging it? my car is a 2000 Avensis SR in Plum, so I'm eager to remove this without damaging it! Any help most appreciated!
  3. this is a shame - I've been to this event twice before, I know many people have been loads more time than this, and always had a great time.
  4. This looks good to me - see you about ten! (this years cider will be provided by Tesco - not Healeys cider farm!)
  5. Thanks guys, I have it now! Les gave me a big clue by sending the address to me!
  6. Ok, I have a question that may prove I'm blonder than I think.... Where is the CAE being held? I can't find an adress or postcode anywhere on this posting! It would be quite nice to know where the event is being held.... I'm not sure, but entering 'nice field with a swimming pool and MR2's in it' into my sat nav probably won't get me anywhere! ;) Also, what times are people looking to arrive? I have the day off so I could get there quite early.
  7. Ok guys, as we have 1 week to go , whats the arrangements (i.e., who's going, what time and where are we meeting up, or are we making our own way in and meeting up in the show, etc) Ok, I know, I worry too much!
  8. Last time I went (2009) I parked in the car park, but then found I could park in the show area with the other Toyotas - his might be a cheaper alternative to getting a club stand. I'd deffo be up for this if theres a club presence or not!
  9. I went to this show in 2009, and I hope to be going again this year. Is it just for a day or is there the possibility of camping overnight nearby? could be the nearest to an Eastern area meet! (joke)
  10. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! This is so annoying, but I won't be able to make it after all - another commitment has come up, and dates are clashing left right and centre! :censor: I wish I could be there with you guys, but I have to be elsewhere - this year..... HOWEVER, I promise to be there next year definitley! Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!
  11. 1. Dangermooser Corolla T Sport 2. My Mate Corolla G6R 3. Phoenix999 - Avensis Tourer (Saturday only) 4. Karma Supra - Hilux Surf 5. Charlies Angel - MR2 (Sat evening - Sunday) 6. Leeky - Sillycar GT-4 7. Matt MR2 Turbo 8. Rookey - Supra 9. CRXXX - S13 10. PaulT - Supra 11. Lord Ed - Prelude 12. JCB - Sillycar 13. LeaLea - Sillycar 14. MIP - S2000 (90% confirmed - yes he is in IT) 15. Freebird - Corolla No probs!
  12. :D I've been reading your list of attendees and theres a serious lack of AE100 Corollas of the 3 door variety! Bung my name down, I'll deffo be coming - if we can get this many people coming at short notice, its an amazing effort! :D Let me know if theres anything I can do / bring to help - I'll be at Mallory Park this weekend, but back on here again Monday.
  13. If TOC doesn't attend JAE then i have a new problem as i don't really go on other forums and i can't have a stand on my own I'm in the same boat - if theres no TOC stand, I won't go. Reading the posts on the past couple of pages, I think we COULD have a great stand this year - as long as we ignore the silly comments from those who don't know better.(those who pot comments on forums after the event, not anyone on here!) Theres enough people regularly posting on here to take a responsibility each instead of lumping it all on two people - so whos up for it?!
  14. I agree - I think we could have a great stand next year if we plan ahead a bit, but this year is dead. As I'm not affiliated with any other Jap car club (unlike other people ) I won't be attending - its just not worth it financially.
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