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  1. Don't seem to have the bluetooth option with my setup plus only takes one cd. Just going to forget about it, can't seem to get any info on a ipod kit here.
  2. Apologies for asking about iPod connection again but I am finding it difficult to find a clear answer on what is the best kit for my radio. I want a kit that will connect and show what is playing on the radio screen rather than have the iPod display. It seems a general comment that the Toyota one is poor value for money so I found one made by dice but not sure what it will display. Thanks for any help
  3. Anyone knowledgeable in the removal of the dash of an 08 avensis? Got a leaking heater matrix so pretty sure the dash will need removed.
  4. I have one of these camry cruise control stalks that fit the mk 2 avensis. Ended up changing the car so if anyone is interested make me an offer. plenty of fitting instructions here on the site for fitting and what models it fits.
  5. I tried to remove the center of the steering wheel on my 05 avensis. Con't get the screws right out but they are loose and the center won't come out, i don't want to force anything. Anyone got a tip to get the center off?
  6. Had this problem on my 05 model, after 6 months of complaining and toyota uk getting involved they replaced the rear screen, problem solved. Really only happened when it was wet or damp. hope this helps
  7. cheers for that excellent link :D
  8. Can someone point out the location of this valve so I can check it. I don't have a good local toyota garage so look after the car myself.
  9. Worked a treat renewing the filter. amazing how dirty it gets so I need to replace it every year. Thanks for the advice.
  10. I have an 05 2.0 d4d, so far(2.5 years) so good but don't buy one for the power output. A bit under powered for me and would not buy again.
  11. I know I have a warped sense of humour :D
  12. cheers for that, i'll just get a new filter then as the old one is about 2 years old.Worth a try first.
  13. apologies if this has been asked before My heater seems to have a mind of it's own these last few days, climate control type. It produces very little heat in the mornings but seems fine later in the day. I have checked water levels and for air locks etc and the engine is heating up fine, top hose is hot.. I suspect it could be a servo valve that is operated by the heater system to adjust the level of hot water entering the matrix. If the matrix was faulty I would think the problem would be there all the time. any help would be great...
  14. Thanks for advice. the guy who quoted 180 is a toyota trained mechanic and a few people recommended him. problem over here is choice is limited in my area to one dealer who i would rather not give my money to. going to try another dealer but it would mean a few hours drive.