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  1. Got to love Toyota's :D Right, All in all it makes much more sense than my current car Bar the precat issue and oil usage, is there any thing else to look out for? I know ill be looking out for damage repair, knocks, bangs ect. Do these rust any where?
  2. Must do more research then! Thats why some people have been confused when I asked! Can you tell me what the service interval on the chain is? Thanks for the quick reply
  3. Hi all, Im after some advice here (as you would likely expect!) Im going to be looking for a mr2-s/r next week with a tight budget of 3.1k I have come from a fiat coupe 20vt and one of the things thats drilled in is very much buyer beware as they have a habit of costing what you paid for them in maintenance in the first month! My budget likely dictates that ill be going to a early 2001-2002 Im aware there are two issues, precat issues and piston issues. It may be ott but when going to view a car I plan to do a compression test. So, can any one recommend me a kit that will be ok, or am I ok with most off the shelf kits? Second what numbers should I be looking at on a healthy car ? I know I should be looking at no more than 10% variation across all 4. Second question, Service relating to AUX and cam belt, how much am I looking for these to be done at a specialist? The last belts I had done were on my coupe costing £450 Im hoping the mr2 will be a welcome rest-bite from my 20mpg and £250 a month fuel bills! Thanks for you advice (hopfully) Sam
  4. Thanks for that :D im after a something that i can drive across europe in, do a lap of the ring and drive back in in relitive comfort, having had a gt4 turbo, 3 mr2's and one supra, and the supra was the best buy far i cant help but want a turbo version :D i have looked for the 2.5 twin turbo, but there expensive, and there like gold plated rocken hosrs poo
  5. hi, im looking for a bit of a track toy at the moment, and something a bit nutty for the weekend i have had a 3ltr n/a in the past, and it was a great car....but i might be remembering that it was faster and better than it was (having driven fast cars since) some points i would like to clear up are the HG week on the turbos? whats the standerd boost on the turbo is there anything specific to look out for next is tuning questions once the engine has been tested and pressure checked is there a remapping service available buy any one whats the standerd bhp and whats a reasonable safe level of tune i can reach reasonably cheaply sorry for the questions
  6. samsite999

    Radio Amp

    hmm, why do people play with car audio when they dont know what there doing :( (not you) first off how is it wired up at the front? on an active system the toyota unit doesnt use the traditional outputs you would expect aka it doenst have an internal amplifyer. it used pre amp outs on the headunit and the amp at the back n/s quater. The wires go in to the amp, are amplified and then passed out to the speekers im not sure how you are wireing up your sterio at the moment, if you have used the correct active iso adapter from your head unit to the toyota loom then your using your pre outs to power the speekers, which simpaly isnt going to work as there isnt the voltage to do so. you can check whats going on by taking a multimeeter to the + - on the speekers, if you see about 0.4v 0.5v your connected to your pre outs, if its nothing. no power is getting from the head unit to the speekers you have 2 options, find a amp of a car getting broken (please make sure its the right one as the wireing harness is differnt between the rev 1 and 2 and plug it in connect it as should be or your going to need to take some wire cutters to the loom and make sure your active outputs on your headunit are actualy powering the speekers. also note the amp is powerd so be carfull with shorts ect sorry i cant be more help, im in the same boat. im currently wating for a loom to wire mine back up to and get the amp working. google two's are us they will have the loom you need
  7. im running white/slight blue tint on mine, and it passed its mot with out issue, any how...they look nice mate. next thing im doing light wise is replacing the yellow driving lights with white bulbs (if i can)
  8. hello all, thought i would drop some photos up, i got some work i still need to do on it, but its getting there. its a great drive!
  9. get your cable done, i think thats probably going to resolve the issue. I think the car has to know how fast its going before overdrive will work correctly, or even just to say your moving? but im not 100%
  10. Hi all, i have been a long time mr2 fan, i just got rid of my last celica due to it being, well boring.... Im off tomorow night to pick up a toyota mr2 jap import, FSH 115k auto Tbar in black. with 11 months mot why auto you say, well i had to get rid of my last once due to nee issues. an auto should solve that problem! and a tbar? well i know you get flex in the body, but i love to pose and there is nothing like an mr2 on full tilt with the top and windows down :) will post pictures tomorow!
  11. Hi all, im looking to come back to the Mr2 scene, i don't mind if its a mrk1 or mrk2 but must be a T-bar I would prefer a autobox as my nee is bad but can live with a manual Im after a nice rust free example thats not had the nuts reved out of it :) i have been to see 4 today and all off them have been.... well i wouldnt have given them away i have £1200 avalible for a clean mr2 T-bar, must have MOT on it but tax is desirable not a nessesity I hope some one here can help me get back in to the fold of mr2 ownership :) Thanks Sam cal 01939290080 or email samsite999@hotmail.com
  12. if your going to struggle for insurance, make sue its uk spec only, that said i think the 1.8 is only uk spec any how? It will be easy to tell if urs is uk or jap however
  13. g-max looks ok on the car...if you dont want to drive it. I have known them to rise back up on a few of my mates cars + i would have handling over looks any day
  14. Toyota Celica st203 jap import, im still getting to know him at the moment (mr black)
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