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  1. Lol. After all the hassle with this car I give up. Will run it with leaky water pump for a month and get shut. Tony *edit due to non-paying member selling*
  2. Thanks man. Figured that they would not work so well. Not a bad job to do if your engine is new like in the manual lol.
  3. Well. New rad installed, working fine. Wondered where leaking still occuring.....Found drips under pulleys/belts etc, which I guess can only be the water pump. Reading Haynes manual this looks way out of my league to attempt myself! Dont have the cash to pay someone to do it. Car only has to last until end of November, so does anyone think one or more of the 'sealers' out there may help? I know they usually for rads, but 'could' they work on pump? Damn shame so expensive to pay someone, as Ebay stores have the pump for circa 15 quid! When I fill up with water, there is a steady stream of drips
  4. Just searched parts site for that GT4, looked at Rad caps and it's the same part# as the Carina one. Belting ^_^
  5. Yes thats cool, but the guy at japparts is ex-toyota, and he described your pic, with more rubber rings etc for mine, and he was looking up on Carina, so I guess its cool. edit-oops, the guy at japparts is called Steve-thus this being Toyota forum he may be a handy bloke to get to know/ask for if anyone is ever stuck in the future. Just a thought.
  6. Thanks again. If the one I ordered is wrong, at least I have the ammunition I need to source it. Brilliant.
  7. And I SO appreciate the help. As I was stuck with a car and no cap :) Thanks very much.
  8. THATS IT! Woot. As you can see my original cap had just one big 2pence size metal disc and rubber, due to it being a bigger internal hole. The guy at japparts.co.uk described the one you have there, and I ordered it yesterday (took a gamble). Looks like you solved it. Whats the car and year? 1991 GT4-not ignorant but don't know what that is lol.
  9. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff147/p...f_album/007.jpg a better picture, sorry
  10. Thanks for that. First pic is new rad top, second one is the old one.
  11. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff147/p...f_album/003.jpg
  12. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff147/p...f_album/006.jpg
  13. Hi all. I replaced my Radiator yesterday. 1994 1.6i Carina E. Checked it all over first, same size, fittings etc. I fitted it and AGGH radiator cap is different. I have tried all I can think of to find one that fits. There is a recess inside this one, so the usual metal cap with big spring does not go inside. Anyone seen anything like this before? The rads part # scribed on it is PA66-GF35 if this helps? I have taken pics of the radiator top, but cant figure how to post it here. Tony
  14. Oh just one thing-is it ESSENTIAL to change the 'o' rings on replacing injectors like Haynes says? Just need to know as if it is right I will need to get some. Is so, anyone know where to get 'em online? Or is it main dealer job? Cheers.
  15. Hi all. LOL, months down line and still the same. Prob not rubbish in tank, as 'surely' that would affect cold performance? Anyhow, I just ordered 4 used injectors PLUS rail combined for 50 quid incl VAT delivered. Bargain I spotted. Comes off of a car with 40k, just written off, no prior eng probs. I am now looking back to injector....maybe when I had 'em sonically cleaned they ripped me off-who knows. Car still misses when driven on MWay after 10 miles or so. No orange light after changing 02 sensor BTW.Losing lots coolant now, but have just checked and radiator seems to be made of paper ma
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