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  1. haha thanks Karma :) Lol Les how was the events this year? JAE CAE and the Christmas bash?
  2. haha thanks, yeah i noticed it was a bit dead :( No the tattoo is still there, still says Gaz, Emily sais so haha :) whats happened then here? are the oldies still around? Jappy, SJ Kev Mc, TVOR and the other one ricestalin or whats he called, lol
  3. to me, Mickey Mouse, Peter Schmeichael, Owen Wilson, Fabolous, and Qaboos ibn Sa’id, Sultan of Oman, bless you all for sharing my birthday :)
  4. ooooh and if anyone misses me that much and can ba to add me i'm on facebook http://www.facebook.com/gazmorris3
  5. lol I seen its been a bit dead. am a busy bee now lol job hunting and spending time between my flat in Grimsby and my lasses in Preston lol. still could be worse haha but hey ho you learn from mistakes and i made one i shall never go back to in a month of sundays
  6. ahah yeah he replied to my pm :) just thought I'd come say hello, had alot go on but am not here to fling mud so am not gunna broadcast the ins and outs on a public forum lol. just job hunting atm but hey ho could be worse :) lol
  7. lol hey, aint been here for ages. How is everyone? lol :) Loads has gone on but the main reason I came today is to ask if Parts-King is still about? Need to speak to him and maybe put a bit of business his way :) lol xx
  8. quite a few of the clio lot went, said it was really good lol
  9. don't like it, not the biggest fan of the IQ though
  10. the price rises are to subsidise the VAT cut aren'tthey? Went form 82p a litre when i lost the punto to like 102.9p now :| it's disgusting, aswell as £104.57 for 6 months road tax :(
  11. thanks everyone, Am not leaving completely Hou, will check every so often for posts that catch my eye and if you ever respond on msn i'll be on there :P
  12. Well am really enjoying the Clio, its hours of fun, is fast and takes people by surprise, its what i want from a car :) With that taking up alot of my time, well driving it, looking in scrap yards for the little bits and peices and planning on what to do to her and being out and about again after months of not having a car haha. Also looking for a new job and with Jess basically living here now, i aint got alot of spare time. TOC is great. I found one of my little stickers so put it in my kitchen window :D but things have changed. For me personally. Financially I am not able to travel the width and bredth of the country for meets. I am gutted at this, I have some great memories, JAE, me and Rich beating science, seeing some great well loved cars. The point of this post is TOC has changed over the years I have been here. I have seen members come and members go, made alot of new friends and had a really good time here :) With having the clio I am finding myself posting alot on their club for help and advice because it is car specific, whereas here I am limited to the general section and Meets. I have tried to find another toyota but there is nothing available when i have been looking (got offered a MR2 the day after i bought the Clio :( ) I'll still lurk about, may even bring the beast to a meet or two, But for now I won't be post whoring like I was before or on here like I was before. Haha. This isn't a 'I'm leAVING?!' hissy fit, just a 'I'll be back' post. HAHA anyways without sounding !Removed!, Thanks for the great times with lovely people, even Mo :) And will hopefully see you all soon. I'll still be on MSN or Facebook so you can all keep me updated haha :) See you soon, Much love Pompey Gaz (Baz) xxx
  13. is anything acctually planned
  14. if we're playing that game why not go to Cleethorpes? :P
  15. isn't an arbertorium thing where they kill animals? would be up for it if i can get jess to come and have the funds, i need about a million pounds in petrol though :(
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