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  1. Well mine's back now. Think I forgot to mention my problem was not only the three lights, but greater than that -and more importantly- the minimum was kind of crazy, the car would go off in stop lights, and there was some crazy engine behavior after 3000rpm. Very unstable and unpleasant, and I thought at the same time it was all due to the oxy sensor. (So, I don't know if the main problem I had goes in this thread!) Even though I mentioned the 'holes in the manifold' symptom, the mechanic said there where no such, instead he found that petrol fed to the engine was very low, so he cleaned the pressure regulator. Lights where due to some bad grounding, so they're gone. At least I have warranty for the job, in case they show up again. It's good to have the TSport back with its 192+ horses running hard.
  2. Greetings mates! Now it's me with this same problem, have been reading the post for a couple times, but now I guess I'll have to transfer some knowledge to my mechanic. We already changed the MAF cuz and there was an improvement, but then lights showed up (christmas tree fashion). He tells me about the oxy sensor, but I guess I'll tell him about possible air leaks before getting additional parts. It's been some time since feeling lift, seriously need it!!!
  3. I'd say you definitely have to take it with you. The only problem I would see is having a car in the US with the steering wheel on the right. Is that permitted? I live in Costa Rica, my CTS is some kind of export version with steering wheel on the left, and the local dealer (www.toyotacr.com) makes a fairly decent job. Last month I bought a clutch kit for about £180, although it's a rare car here and sometimes you have to wait for parts to be imported, which may sure happen to you in the US. Although, you get used to it in time. :D
  4. Can anybody help please? I'm quite far away, in Costa Rica, so I have no chance to look for British retailers! Plz!
  5. I've been able to get part numbers for the T-Sport logo and the leather-chrome gearshift lever. The numbers I got for the insignia are 75312-02010 and 75312-12280, but I don't know if there's any difference between those. Then, for the lever, it'd be 33504-13061-B2. Now, as I'm pretty far from Britain, I'd be very happy if any of you can ask for this parts at your local Toyota dealer and tell me an aproximate price! Also, is there any internet dealer for this kind of parts? Anywhere I can shop online and have the package sent to London? Regarding Trucker Jack's comment, that's weird cuz a friend has a Yaris T-Sport with the same leather-chrome lever and has 60k on top of it, not a scratch!! Has anyone else suffered that same trouble? Problem with mine is my car was robbeed while at customs or during shipment! Thanks to all!
  6. What do you say about burnouts? Or just fast starts? Will it skid? Or get a faster start? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I'm writing from Costa Rica, far far away from my CTS birth place.. heheh Hope anyone can help me figure out some part numbers so I can ask a lad in Britain to bring them next time he comes. Eventhough I've asked locally, there are few T-Sports here, so this kind of parts have to be brought down through special delivery, which makes them quite more expensive than they already would be here. Concretely, the parts are: Front grille T-Sport insignia Leather-chrome gearshift White control panel, as seen in the previous picture and here in greater detail Thanks to all, if anyone has got a parts catalog that would be great as well!!!
  8. Hey guys, I read somewhere else it's almost impossible to drive a Corolla T-Sport with Traction Control off. What do you say about it? Anyone tried? Anyone regularly drives without this kind of aid?
  9. Thanks man. Excatly that, I'm trying to connect an Ipod. On my old Skoda I had a Kenwood stereo, with a cable that came into the CD changer output, with its other side plugged into the Ipod. I'd like to do something like that, either on top of the ipod (only audio) or down (audio and power); and a friend told me there was a linee out for that stereo (on the back), but he's not 100% sure.
  10. If not a photo, can anyone post a description of the stereo? Basically I need to know what kind of inputs it has on the back... CD changer? 3.5mm Aux? Thanks! :)
  11. Hey Sonic, have you fitted a new stereo system for your T-S?? Really need a favor, can you take a couple of pictures of the stock stereo's back? Need to know if I have any option on connecting my ipod directly to the system. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65808 Thanks!!
  12. Hello to all, I'm really needing a picture of the T-Sport's stock stereo, concretely it's back side. So if anyone fitted a new one, I'd be more than happy if you can take a picture of its back and paste it here. This is ipod related, would like to be sure what kind of connectors does it have before planning anything.
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