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  1. the option i went for in the end was the Connect2 AUX adapter, EBAY it came in 2 days, was a simple plug and play, it fitted directly into the 12 pin iso connector the cd changer ussualy fits into. i already had a belkin in car ipod charger so connected the AUX to that. Conecting the iphone to the belkin, it gives a clear crisp signal via the cd changer function of the head unit
  2. I have been looking around for a way to add a Ipod/AUX port to the existing head unit. I believe it can be achieved by creating a virtual disc changer by using a product similar to this AUX IPOD adapter I was wondering if anyone on here had done similar if it work? if it was any good? cheers luke
  3. pull of the center heater control and remove the screw then pull the consol off
  4. I was thinking of changing the bulbs behind the speedo etc, has n e 1 else done this, is it easy?? cheers 16v
  5. Iv got a rolla E12 on an 02 plate n just touched 25k
  6. take the disc of the new celicas they fit srtaight onto the corolla, if your having trouble finding corolla brake parts look for celica bits
  7. has any 1 remapped there ecu or fitted a superchip, if so where di dyou have it done and how much cheers
  8. Why spend the day walking around Silverstone viewing the spectacle of Trax, just to go home again at 5pm? Well now you dont have to! Krooz.co.uk have put their heads together to produce the 'Unofficial Trax After Party Cruise'. Situated a few junctions up the motorway lurks the destination to possibly the biggest outcome any cruise has seen this year.... and seeing as every club has an invite, some of the UK's best cars will be there too! Both FastCar and Redline have been asked to follow on from the show itself so who knows, you could even get ya faces into two of the biggest mags on the shop shelf. This cruise is plugged over the whole of the UK, as well as every club stand at Trax. You know this is going to be one not to be missed! There is to be one main convoy running from Northampton Services (M1 Jct 15a - Northbound). This is to help many exiting Trax to be led straight to the final destination. The postcode for the final destination, for anyone who misses the convoy is TBA Please remember that this cruise is to hold high numbers. We simply ask for everyone in attendance to this cruise to be on their best behaviour and to respect the area as well as everyone in attendance, and their cars. Krooz.co.uk cannot/will not be held responsible for any wrong doings concerning anothers stupidity. Please continue to check back to this thread for any more up to date information.
  9. I have an E12 rolla and am finding it hard to find a exhaust system can n e 1 help
  10. Mine fitted in ok, apart from the side gaps. My Alpine has to slide down as well to slot a disc into the unit, and there were no problems with it stcking anywhere. Perhaps it's just your unit size, that not a true double DIN size. What extra part do you need to get then? Bing the whole front of my unit flips down so catches at the top, so im going to buy a new straight vent piece and shave some of it away around wher i need clearence, iv do this b4 n will be a professional job, |(i hope :gulp:)
  11. went to fit it last nite, got all the wires connected working fine, went to put it in the existig dash with vent and the screen wud nt flip down, now hav to buy the part from toyota and modify it a little
  12. this is the head unit http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1
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