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  1. We own a 2006 model, done 110000 km, it does excatly the same as yours, new plugs cures the problem for a few days, I have also replaced the knock sensor to no effect... I also replaced the intake manfold gasket. The compression is a tad low at 11 bar. The only strange thing I have read from the ECU is the idle ignition timing, the specifications are 0-15 degrees BTCD, ours are at 18 degrees. But since there is no adjustemt to do I have no clue what to do with that information. Can it be carbon build up in the cylinder head? Chain stretch causing mistiming? Greetings from Denmark
  2. So it is done! And it works. You can get the whole unit out without removing the steering wheel, but it is probably better to do so... The biggest issue was adjusting the mileage, I desoldered the Eeprom 93a66 and went to work with the hex editor and a programmer, lots of info on the web, this is standard Toyota algorithm. So the 2014- works well in a 2020 model.
  3. Its not the horn, it is doing what it should, it could be a relay stuck, horn contact in the steering wheel or the slip ring.
  4. But i still owns a 2008, the car im working on is my nieces car ;o)
  5. I am working on a second gen car, 2019 model. It would be some job to get it to fit in the first generation ;o)
  6. Hi! I can find many topics where this is discussed, but none describing the procedure or if it actually works. I have bought a 55410-0H010 from Ebay and will try and fit it soon. Off course i will need the odometer matched, maybe i will try to either move the rev counter part in to the old unit, or move the eeprom from the old to the new. Any help how to take the old speedo unit out? Or if anyone has tried this, any information would be appreciated! Regards from Denmark
  7. Installed a new cheap cat, and all is good! /Carsten
  8. Hi! My wifes 2008 Aygo failed the MOT here in Denmark. Idle CO was fine, but high idle (2500 rpm) was 0,5 where 0,3 is the limit. I am thinking the cat is bad?
  9. The headliner is looking very dull with these brown stains of glue (?) showing all over, so i want to try covering it with some nice beige alcantara with foam backing. First challenge is to remove the headliner from the car, any tips? Best regards from Denmark Carsten Hjorth
  10. Happy Birthday Carsten Hjorth!

  11. I`m planning on buying a scrapcar and transfer the A/C to our car, I have tried my best to find the articles on the dutch forum, but my dutch is rusty.... Could you point me to the articles and then i will use google translate? Best Regards Carsten
  12. Hi! Is this the updated version? 16100-09530? /Carsten
  13. I´m going to change the transmission oil on our Aygo manual box. Bought 2 liter Total 75w80. Do i need any special tools to do this? Any advice is welcome. Carsten / Denmark
  14. If you want these 2009 Aygo technical details in pdf, pm me your email. Hello! I´m new to this board and i´m not allowed to PM you, i would really like to see the changes made, could you please mail me the PDF file? carstenhjorth@yahoo.dk Best regards Carsten / Denmark
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