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  1. is there any mods on a standard fuel rail on a toyota corolla gti ae92 88 f reg like bigger bore inside etc im not sure but what can be done to inprove poformance? mat
  2. basicly ive got a standard 4age in a ae92 all thats done is twin cold air feed straight to the standard air box plus full s/s system but the back box has had the exhast wadding removed as the last ownwer wanted a s/s exhuast but didnt want it loud!! paid £410 for it what a rip off any way to the point ive seen these 200cc per min injectors but it dosnt give a gemreal bhp gain can any one give me a idea of gain or if its even worth it also would i need to remap my ecu?? and is that expencive, any comments or help on any of this would be great cheers matthew keys
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