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  1. Wanted any Toyota Corolla GT Twincam Coupe I am from Ireland and can travel to you straight away with CASH anywhere in IRELAND or the U.K!! You will not be waiting around for me as im a genuine enthusiast and im not looking for one to abuse or to make money on!! i want a genuine car. Call anytime please. Tel: 00353-1-8407021 00353-86-1654416 E-mail: twinny2003@eircom.net
  2. dont look..........just click!!! www.drive.to/twincams great site for rwd twincams and all that jazz..
  3. Hey, i live in dublin and im a genuine enthusiast....i am looking for a mint coupe at the moment cause they fetch big bucks in ireland and i refuse to pay astronomical money for them!!! i will however travel to england/wales/scotland to pick one up provided it is mint!! standard or not and color is not an issue. contact: 00353-01-8407021 00353-86-1654416 IAN.
  4. Hi, can anyone get 1984-1987 rwd corollas into england-ireland? i have a corolla gt coupe but in japan they are known as levin gt apex....... the jap imports would be in mint condition cause of their climate and no salted roads. if anyone has any info on who/were/when i could find out more on this i would be very grateful. thanks, Ian.
  5. HEY.......im not into this!! i just registered and to my horror this website doesnt consider a corolla gt coupe a sports car! they are unburstable rwd fun and for a 1600cc engine i think anyone who has driven one or drives one will say there is no other car like it on the road! what do you think? B) Ian
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