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  1. Some newer cars are nearer £2500, don't forget you have USB port in the glove box so rip your cd's to MP3 and use a USB stick I don't think I have used a CD's in car for 10+ years
  2. A standard small puller should do the trick, if they have never been off they will be corroded in place yes you can get pullers design to remove wipers (body shops and windscreen fitters use them) edit, pop the cap off and remove the nut and spray it down with something like GT-85 leave a few hours and repeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQxlFT5SEqM
  3. Fusible link - fuse box My mistake, internal one is the right side of the dash the one under the bonnet is just behind the headlight
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-Touch-and-Go-1-Anschlusskabel-Kabel-Adapter-Verbinder-Navigationsmodul/223893898674?hash=item34211dc5b2:g:1zcAAOSwJRleOdgm
  5. It's a main dealer part you rarely see them come up for sale on eBay the connectors are a pain to source as well, so making them is a no-go 86842-YY010 86101-YY070 86705-YY030 Found a set but there 100 euros what is more than from a dealer
  6. Its likely the B-ecu fuse also check the Dome fuse under the bonnet (there are 2 fuse boxes one behind the glovebox and the one under the bonnet) Does it have auto wipers ??
  7. Something with Teflon or PTFE - GT-85 i have used a silicone spray in the past but it can smear up the glass
  8. Sounds like the regulator and/or motor has gone bad, If it has been used much the rubbers around the glass go sticky and grab hold of the glass, but from what you are saying it gone beyond that point now it may be worth cleaning the rubbers inside and out (hot soapy water) and try to get some lube in the tracks
  9. Send me a PM with your vin i can then have a look - the 1.5 uses a larger flywheel iirc the starter is in a different position
  10. over £1000 new, iirc they did offer refurb units for £400 (flat rate repair) the Touch and NAV module are separate units, you should be able to pick one up cheaply on ebay eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Yaris-Touchscreen-Radio-Cd-Player-2012-2013-2014-2015-86140-0D020/274076287799?hash=item3fd0384337:g:qSAAAOSwTpZduxU6 very easy to swap over
  11. I was first thinking oil filter but it's too heavy a material and it isn't threaded all the way through - its part of a pulley it may have flick up off the road rather than being part of your car Edit. It's a yaris AC compressor clutch outer plate 😐(it's not a clutch)
  12. iirc it should be behind the kick panel (drivers right foot)
  13. flash22


    The sensors self calibrate, the battery in the valve can fail but most decent tire places have a reader
  14. Sounds like the CD drive has died, I would check that warranty as i think electrical isn't covered
  15. I think it will hit the luxury market first people with £500-1000 a month payments it will be the first thing to go, people handing back lease and company cars will flood the market too on the other hand older smaller cars will rise in value as repositions climb due to non-payment and people living beyond their means