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  1. you can use megazip.net and it will give you all the details FRP is France, JPP is japan - from what i can see there are 2 types ichikoh or valeo if you have the old ones they should be marked
  2. do you know if yours is a french built or a jap built car ? PM me your vin if your unsure as they use different parts
  3. Are the bulbs seated correctly ?? Do the lights have motors ? if so did you fit the motors correctly ? eg, Did the ball ends pop in to the reflector (you may have to have the motors plugged in to adjust their level to fit them)
  4. T5 equates to a 5mm wedge LED if you want in any brighter or a different colour, i used to sell kits back in my Corsa B/C days
  5. As above get the alternator and battery checked - if you rev the car does the light go out ?
  6. You never driven a Luton van then or been a passenger in a reliant or 2CV
  7. Was it ex Motabilty or just a dealer getting the car out of the door ? https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rtest.pl?rt_rubrik=ganzjahresreifen&rt_profil=111110354&language=EN&dsco=110 There a £30 tire retail so you know there is a good mark up they are ultra budget tires If you think that rubber is the only contact patch between you stopping or sliding into something, or even accelerating out of danger
  8. flash22

    Gearbox Issues

    5th is the first to gear to go if the gearbox oil is low - drain the gear box oil and see if it's got any glitter in it If it has metallic bits (Glitter) in the oil you have 2 option refill it and hope it doesn't go bang or put a rebuilt/new gearbox in the car (while your going to that sort of effort change the clutch at the same time) if the oil is clean look at the linkage
  9. The gear box is semi auto, the Plus and Minus is to change gears like a manual but without a clutch otherwise drive it like an auto D - Drive, N - Neutral, R - Reverse if its slowing down going up hills but the revs are still the same the clutch maybe slipping and need replacing and the gearbox reprogramming
  10. Inspect and/or replace the cabin filter, it more that likely hasn't been touched in years
  11. Are they Chinese no names ? aka ditch finders, i take you have checked the tyre pressures ? Decent tyres and get a 4 wheel alignment, tyres are personal preference i have Avon's on mine at under £50 a corner all in, the oem Dunlop's are around the £65-£70 mark
  12. Its normal tbh unless its awful like a being hit from behind or a learner driver learning clutch control, has it had a clutch in its life ? I take it you're using 1 foot for the throttle and brake and not both
  13. It can be done with TS, Not 100% but i think it's an option in customization menu on the Touch2 Edit. Settings button, Vehicle (2/2), Vehicle Customization, Door locks, Lighting Feedback (the car has to be in Ready Mode)