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  1. imho the sat nav isnt worth the hassle due to its age you can get a nice aftermarket alpine or pioneer stereo for similar money with more up to date features (not sat nav) I don't think I have use a CD in-car for 10 plus years when you can get 10 albums on a 4gb USB stick
  2. It looks like a NGK plug i wonder where the electrode has gone swap the coil between cylinders - it could have bent a valve or knocked a hole in the piston - at this stage it may be quicker and cheaper to put an engine in, or send her to scrap
  3. swap the coil packs and see if the fault moves if it does, its the coil, if not look at the pins on the connector A borescope down the plug hole should see any damage at 174k it should have had 2-4 sets of plugs in its life, if they are original they are well past it and that's why the porcelain cracked
  4. I would think it's a bad pre tensioner, centre airbag if the wiring checks out and pin fitment is ok its possibly a air bag issue If the car has been in an accident (drivers airbag and seatbelt tensioner is the giveaway) the srs (airbag ecu) may need to be reset (aka crash data)
  5. flash22

    fues 10amp

    What is the position of the fuse in the fuse box that blows ? do the parking sensors beep or is it a solid tone ?
  6. Its a craps shoot some are, some aren't (1AD-FTV)
  7. Lots of short journeys ? D-Cat, DPF engines - The 5th injectors are common issue with these engines if its full open it drops the fuel pressure engine will not start or if it does it will belch white smoke A Denso 5th injector is around £60
  8. As above or your not letting the heater light go out before cranking, if its freezing you may have to cycle the heaters twice before starting it
  9. More like string cheese, or the cheap kraft cheese slices, I had a Nissan and the heater ducts were made out of old chocolate box trays
  10. flash22

    fues 10amp

    what number/location is the fuse as they are on different circuits Rear Lights - do the side lights work,do the numberplate lights work Heater controls - do you just mean the backlight (illumination) Fog lights - does it blow as you turn the stalk ? Are they goldfish bowls (full of water) Edit. Do the interior lights work ??? do you have a switch that dims the dashboard lights ??
  11. Modern alternators are ecu controlled so removing the ground/negative may cause other issues, the positive lead sometimes has a current sensor on it too In the words of James May - It's got plenty of fuel, It's just run out of electricity Stick a new battery on it, and drive it with no loads on, turn everything off
  12. flash22

    Sell or keep

    If its got a dead gearbox its scrap value is £50-80, in good condition £2-350 trade £5-600 private £900-1200 at a dealer but more like £750 cash Gearbox wise auto or manual ? £4-600 in labour alone, £150-300 for a manual, anything up to £600 for an auto and £1200 for a rebuild. That sort of age car unless you can do the work yourself its just Bangernomics
  13. The yaris rear bumpers are the same the body clips are made out of cheese (very soft bendy plastic) add that to a flexy bumper, and they don't play nice leave it till is warms up and it may go back
  14. Something isn't right there a compression test should tell you, the signs are not good (poss a failed oil pump) - it will be cheaper to put a engine in it than replace parts tbh i would get it towed to the garage edit, a quick look a used engine £3-500 delivered
  15. Another cold snap, its more than likely the battery, alternators tend to go this weather as well due too increased load Electronics dont like low voltages, they tend to throw a fit