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  1. only thing i can suggest is try the owners group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1561101720836678/buy_sell_discussion
  2. The dealer is not going to be interested/will tell you it's not possible plus the stalk is likely to be £90 inc the screws and cover PS. Don't be surprised if they cancel the airbag appointment due to parts supply issues
  3. 86790-0H011 £380 plus vat, new (retail) £40-50 quid used on the likes of eBay
  4. 3-4 hours to change a clutch on a lift with the right tools, are you paying for the clutch or is the garage ? Aygo clutches are a stocked item from most motor factors same day delivery, 24 or 48 hours at worst If you are paying for the work take it to another garage asap
  5. 1. That's normal 2. You need to read the codes, if i had to guess i would say it's the Brake Control Power Supply Assembly, but it could also be a dying battery 3. check the rear motor is engaging and make sure the both rear drive shafts are good
  6. A blown turbo will either seize, burn oil, explode or smoke heavily it will also throw map, boost codes and may go into limp mode Put the car in 3rd and try to pull away if the engine tries to stall the clutch is good if the clutch is slipping the revs will rise as you have a tuning box that extra power will reduce the clutches life, if its never had a clutch it's about due imo
  7. You may have killed the clutch/gearbox that explains the no codes and lack of power what's the mileage ? Drop the gearbox fluid and see if it's got any sparkle bits in it
  8. This is an odd one i will drop you a PM
  9. 3-5 psi drop below threshold will set a warning, In the winter a cold tire is enough to trigger it - colder air is denser in turn there is a drop in pressure, TPMS was made mandatory in 2014 on all new cars Edit. The threshold is changed every time a reset is performed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tire-pressure_monitoring_system
  10. With the info given - 48725-12580 Febest TAB-074 £20-30 each they also cross to a GM part number 88970096 https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/corolla-verso-38501/cde120-56239/cde120r-fwmdyw-922299/rear-spring-shock-absorber-17883019?nid=3979044#g17883019/rear-spring-amp-shock-absorber/il-414090846-3979044-3979044 ps. i take it you have knocked out the metal sleeves of the bushes
  11. you shouldn't need to touch the engine mount, release the tensioner/alternator bracket - remove the belt it's a 10 min job
  12. Does the car lock/unlock by the key in the driver's door lock ? Any water leaks or damp carpets ? Yes, I have access to the technical info, i have worked on a lot of central locking systems over the years
  13. See the pictures above, Those are speaker adapters they are not what you need - do you have the microphone ? Did you get the plug with it ?
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