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  1. Carefully, normal door locks/central or do you have a smart key ? You need to remove the door card to get into the door, on the end of the door inline with the door handle is a cap, pop that off and remove the screw
  2. You would think so, but main dealers are next to useless with older cars if it's an overheating clutch, it will be more noticeable around town (lots of slow moving traffic) and will not store a code Clutch actuators are common fault and will cause clutch failure, but you will get a fault code INF12215_GB.pdf CP-0009T-0113-EN (2).pdf CP-0022T-0411-EN.pdf
  3. The clutch doesn't, but the actuators do, unsure about cars under relax a quick look at the relax terms here's what's covered Automatic gearbox Transaxle / Transmission Case; Gears and Shafts; Selectors; Electronic Actuators; Brake bands; Clutches; Valve Block; Oil Pump; Oil Cooler; Electronic Control Unit; Hubs; Bearings and Bushes; Seals and Gaskets; Shift Linkage and Cables; Torque Converter; Gear Lever
  4. Night and day, the Aygo x exclusive also comes with paddle shifters, the Late MMT is the last and the most reliable of the MMT's aka x-shift Fine if you have warranty, otherwise is can sink you for £2000-3000 for a dealer clutch change Inc actuators
  5. Don't hold your breath, it will be another 4 weeks depending on if the French don't go all French and strike 🙃 Edit. Don't forget the Bablefish
  6. It's likely it needs a clutch if it has never been done if the clutch overheats it puts the gearbox neutral
  7. You can lose pressure, that would explain why it's down on compression on 1 and 3 washing the bores is when the cylinder gets too wet with fuel and/or oil it smooth over the bore and the rings don't seal correctly, a light hone will help with this
  8. Are the old rings sharp, you may have washed the bores is so they need a hone did all 3 pockets drain the same ?
  9. It's how the paint is made up Pearlescent and Metallic are the way the light is reflected by the use of additives cars of your age are the older paint technology solid paint colours are usually single stage - Red is a natral pigment over time these will oxidize and turn a dusty pink, metallics are 2 stage with a base coat with a clear coat clear coat damage is due to abrasives and UV damage, in your case it's down to age
  10. Marshall's bought out Motorline in 2021, in June 2022 the whole group was swallowed up by CONSTELLATION AUTOMOTIVE GROUP so after a year they are consolidating their assets https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/exclusive-constellation-forced-to-put-toyota-and-lexus-marshall-dealerships-up-for-sale/277398 https://www.am-online.com/news/acquisitions-and-deals/2023/04/05/steven-eagell-poised-to-acquire-13-marshall-moor-group-dealerships
  11. It can be done with the correct tool over obd2, you can also write to the chip directly or virginize the module, if you have the security clearance on techdoc you can do an all keys lost reset in techstream
  12. If you have the cams out, the valve will sit flush, fill the pockets up with liquid (petrol, diesel or paraffin) if it leaks past you know there is an issue, if it stays the same all is good (leave it for 5-10 min's)
  13. If the main relay has fused would pull the motor, iirc these are brushed motors, so the housing can fill up with carbon dust from the brushes that can cause motor issues
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