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  1. Have a look on RiDC, they list all dimensions like door openings it's a very useful site https://www.ridc.org.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/car-search or https://www.ridc.org.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/choosing-car/car/rav4-25-hybrid-executive-4x4-5dr-saloon-2016 for comparison https://www.ridc.org.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/choosing-car/car/toyota-rav4-xt3-20-5dr-estate
  2. It's a one piece cat back on the 1.6 (1ZRFAE) mk2 Auris, i don't know what a main stealer price would be, i dread to think eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362968793173?hash=item5482a04055:g:Y4gAAOSwgyJek2Cj
  3. Hatch or tourer ? I can't find many aftermarket suppliers - most of the big suppliers list don't list the exhaust inc walker Hatch 17430-0T220 or 17430-0T221 Euroflo list one http://www.euroflo.co.uk/Catalogue/Toyota/Auris/EuroFlo Exhaust Systems.aspx
  4. It's the same part on the 3ZZ and 4ZZ the ecu is calibrated differently depending on its use (if they were different they would have their own part numbers) - you will have to do a TPS relearn or disconnect the battery for 10-15 mins then drive the car Swapping a sensor would defeat the reason for changing the TB, also the TPS is factory calibrated for that TB when manufactured
  5. Jemica - enough said what engine ? mk1 or mk2 Auris ? if your unsure PM me your VIN
  6. Get a compression test done, if its not dropping is it must be burning it, iirc the 1.33 does have oil ring issues have a read of this thread
  7. Yes it does, the P10 is well-known for eating drop links, especially the cheap ones - after 22 years it more than likely needs new arb bushes too
  8. It wouldn't be a bad idea to put some decent fuel in it and a bottle of injector cleaner - a slight vibration is standard for a 3 cylinder A service would also help - oil and air filters, decent oil and 3 new plugs, don't forget to do the cabin filter as its likely never been changed EGR's rarely foul up on petrol cars as they are a cleaner burn - diesel being a heavy oil fuel, will soot and gum up with a tar like substance and choke an engine
  9. The push pins are reusable, if the bar is bent or twisted replace it, there are plenty of used aygo parts about The clips are part number 52161-02030 (21 of them !!)
  10. It will not do anything if you put the cd in, I very much doubt it will play MP3's due to its age, you can get an aftermarket radio from £55 new or pick one up cheaply used A fascia is about £10
  11. The way dab works is there are multiple stations on a frequency know as a multiplex so it shouldn't pick up just one station there is the chance where you are, you are in an RF black hole but as your getting FM stations that doesn't seem to be the issue
  12. The car has to be serviced to Toyota standards using Toyota parts by a vat register company, you have to prove that it was - iirc company/fleet cars have different a warranty That is possibly why the dealer sent the car to auction, and it was being sold by a used car dealer and not a main stealer
  13. flash22

    No power

    Just had another look at the diagrams Toyota supplies a 125A fuse if that one blows 90982-08297 Also be aware there are other high Amp fuses that live in the relay box under the passenger headlight (if fitted)
  14. flash22

    No power

    It depends on the spec of the car as to what is in the fuse box A reverse polarity is easily done on the aygo and causes this sort of issue are you getting power to that large fuse ? Have you been supplied the correct battery ? It may be the picture but the right-hand side of that fuse look melted to me, where do the 2 cables go to ? Into the fuse box ? Edit. Restore the power then see what issues you may have
  15. What is the gauge rated to ? What country are you from ? South Africa ?
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