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  1. It's a B23TA 89070-0F022 or 89070-0F021 feel free to double check that number
  2. it will be a main dealer or used item off ebay, you will then need to get the key cut and it programmed A pic of the fob would help, there should be a code on it eg. B23TA, I'm sure the smart remote is B75EA (89904-0F010)
  3. The USB stick may have corrupted i take you have it in song listing, not artist or album with repeat/shuffle off, are all the tracks in the same format eg. MP3 ?
  4. They get you on the delivery charge, i wonder if the aygo part is the same Edit. it's used on everything from an iq to a Hilux and no end of lexus cars - i wonder if there is anything aftermarket
  5. Do you have the usb cable plugged in to the navi-box and not the touch2 ?
  6. IG - Ignition (switched live) On the 24 pin plug see if you have 12V when in reverse (it may only be a quick 12v pulse) on pin 12 Also check and see if the hidden menu is the same as the touch2 Connector terminals are Sumitomo NH series 064 (0.25) the 28 pin housing is custom to Toyota the 24 is a standard item
  7. i was thinking of the verso ones............. you have the earlier system, iirc those ones have a rubber bellows between the head rest and seat there should be connector in there
  8. Does pin 2 go to the same pin on the other end ?
  9. It shouldn't need the reverse signal as none is shown on the touch2 wiring (downloaded direct from toyota tech) do you have better pics of that lead i take you have installed it and driven the car ?
  10. iirc there are 2 systems Mice and Pice Are the screens built into the head rests (4 buttons) on the front ? I would start with the connectors under the front seats iirc there should be a 3.5mm A/V jack on the side of the screen you can use to test with
  11. no rewire required it should be plug and play with the patch lead you have the pdf is wrong the only thing i can think of is the TAS500 isnt programmed for your car, do you know your full model code eg. NHP130L-CHXNBW
  12. 28 pin (touch2) 1.IG 4. Mic Power 5. Mic + 6. Mic Detect 9. Can High 10. Can Low 15. PKB (handbrake) 17. VSC (Vehicle speed) 18. Shield Gnd 19. Mic - 21, 22 and 23 steering wheel controls 24 Pin 3. Local bus High (17 on) 4. Local bus Low (17 on) 11. Cam + 5.5 - 7.0v 12. Cam image 23. Cam Ground 24. GND Reverse is generated over Can from the ecu it should be plug and play with that lead
  13. I have just got the wiring info and need to look at it It makes sense now the camera is on the 24 pin plug
  14. no dont do that - the rear camera on the touch2 is wired via the 16 pin plug there are 4-5 different wiring schemes
  15. Some pinouts are incorrect in that pdf