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  1. TBH it's only going to be as good as the calibration and/or the programming in the chip - even by those pics it's 0.3v or more a drift the only true way is to capture the information with a calibrated meter an/or oscilloscope over a timebase
  2. Voltage is fairly useless without knowing the current draw, charging is all ECU controlled so the charge rate will be anything from 2-100% 12.8v is resting voltage, not charging
  3. tbh cooling is a non issue, most of the heat is in the inverter on a hybrid that is liquid cooled anyway
  4. originals will be SC20HR11 these are now replaced with SC16HR11, a worn plug will lead to a weak spark in turn you end up with unburnt fuel or a poor burn - in time that will burn out the Coil(s) with these Iridium plugs, the points wear down and gaps open up
  5. As a sparky, you know fuses don't blow for no reason 😉 and 2 related circuits to boot
  6. Did you drill the rivets out ? You may have hit the loom in the door not knowing it - something you need to check before any moisture gets in 5. 20 amp door lock power 9. 10 amp Back door lock power https://knigaproavto.ru/shemy/en/toyota/corolla/527-2013-2018-toyota-corolla-and-auris-fuse-box-diagram.html
  7. Don't go with coilovers unless you are going to get it properly setup, tien shocks and springs are nearly £800 a set, eibach springs are around £180-200 as you have an iq3 is, that the 1.33 ?
  8. Yaris and Aygo are very different, the spring weight and the way the shocks are valve to suit the car/engine
  9. If just 1 cylinder is rich (black sooty deposit on the plug) change the plugs if it's on its originals they have been upgraded to a new part due to running issues oem are Denso what engine do you have ?? 2SZFE or 1NRFE ? If in doubt, drop me a PM with your vin I would be looking at the injectors
  10. Have a look at the brochures for 2020/21 the C-lub is a euro spec car so not comparable to a UK model, as it's euro spec but RHD it may well be a special order car
  11. Not to worry, i have worked out where you are located even the dealer by your pic - it could have taken 3-6 months to land at your location especially if it comes in to the UK for processing then back out CH-R is built in Turkey it then goes out by ship from Autoport the car may have had anything up to 30 delivery miles on it
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