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  1. Yes, as you can see the front pipe is one section, but the aftermarket does offer repair sections walker complete exhaust (143 bhp) http://www.euroflo.co.uk/Catalogue/Toyota/Celica/EuroFlo Exhaust Systems.aspx
  2. Just had a quick look, cars after 05/1995 had immobilizers, the ecu should be 89661-1A080 Green label if you pop the lid off the ecu the pin outs should be on the pcb silkscreen of an ecu of that age
  3. The oem is 90942-W2003 - M12x1.5, 21mm long
  4. Are there any codes stored on the TCM ? Does the car change from 2wd to 4wd ok ?
  5. The Projector lights - main and Dipped are the same Bulb what is a HIR2, Indicator is a PY21W HID and LED bulbs are not road legal there are a few vids on the tube just search Yaris HIR2, the Auris is very similar
  6. i did reply to your topic, please keep it to one thread it's easier to keep track of Please PM me your VIN
  7. If it has Bluetooth, it has the microphone That's what forums are all about people have different solutions to solve problems or look at an issue another way - A common one is when looking for parts on the likes of eBay use the word breaking, EG. "Breaking 2016 Aygo" and if you sort that by distance you may find one local
  8. 2-5mph sets the seatbelt alarm off in the yaris (My passenger forgot) - belt on before starting the car means you never forget
  9. Is it 4wd ?? What colour is the fluid has it ever had a filter and full fluid power flush
  10. No you have to have security clearance and a legal version of techstream
  11. I just had a look at the 4 door cars (yaris sedan) these have the same engine and gearbox combination, but they have cruise control NSP150L-CEXGKV G high spec
  12. I expanded the dates after 10/2017 Laos and ASEAN specs had cruise related ecu's are 0U350 and 0U360 i will have todo a bit more digging and see if i can find a vin for a sport packaged car
  13. Didn't I post the audio control part numbers the Gcc ncp150 use a different wheel and controls, the ecu is in a completely different location too effectively a very different car under the skin I wish it was as easy a flipping a switch, I will double-check the info I have later today
  14. yes, it's cheaper on ebay inc post https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Bosch-Activated-Carbon-Cabin-Pollen-Filter-1987435516/352795950703?fits=Model%3AAuris&epid=250815817&hash=item522446fe6f:g:qZ0AAOSwy75dg7iV Standard Filter https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fits-Toyota-Auris-Genuine-Bosch-Particulate-Cabin-Pollen-Filter/362772677014?hash=item5476efc196:g:HiUAAOSwQApdllxh
  15. yes and the apprentice does the job so the stealership pockets the money
  16. The enhanced one is activated carbon Mahle. Bosch or Hengst all work well and are under £15 for the carbon one, The oem one is under £20 - frankly those prices are a rip off for what in essence is a 2-min job It's the same as the yaris, behind the glove box - plenty of vids on YouTube
  17. AKG 240 mk2's and a Rode mic, so-called gaming headset are rubbish i have had a few inc corsair, Turtle and others A simple splitter is all you need, at least you won't sound like a Russian squeaker, or you're trapped down a well
  18. I'm no expert, i don't think it will due to the way the TAS500 works, there is very little technical information about for these radios
  19. You need 1 terminal or pigtail they are around 15 euro from the dealer or you can reclaim one from another plug (these size terminal are used a lot on toyota's) Toyota part No. 82998-12870
  20. Some parts are open source, but you can't do a thing with it as the platform is secure, I looked in to app dev for it as well, Toyota/Denso/Panasonic do not have any available information not even base guidelines I have pen tested these systems over Ethernet the one flaw i see is with the shockwave/adobe port, Yes it use shockwave/ActionScript for animations
  21. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/long-term-reviews/toyota-gr-yaris-2021-long-term-review
  22. It's all based on QNX rtos the nav needs own processing power to function, i have spent many an hour trying to crack the QNX system but its so secure i have even tried manipulating the Dbus, TBH I'm fine with the hardware side of things, but the firmware makes my head hurt - Firmware updates are in KWI format you can pubik a file structure from it but very little is known or published about it All i know is its signed and checksum'd and has nothing in common with the original KWI format
  23. A bit pricey imho https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2020-CITROEN-C1-PEUGEOT-108-TOYOTA-AYGO-3-BUTTON-TOUCH-SCREEN-86140-YV020-DAB/124569450123?hash=item1d00eaf68b:g:ZhkAAOSwx8Nf5-uW
  24. There are lots of threads on the subject the connector should be the same, It's just a case of google/eBay for images or look at the one in the car Eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AYGO-CD-RADIO-MULTIMEDIA-PLAYER-86120-0H060-2014-2018/143921062315?epid=14027752259&hash=item21825d21ab:g:PtUAAOSwqo1gBM4c and https://bartebben.com/parts/CITROEN/c1/electrical-system/radio/radio-met-touchscreen-pioneer-28867b-b001091080-b001130280.html
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