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  1. How is the DVD controlled ? Is it not region locked ?
  2. Avoid the no name Chinese junk of the likes of eBay and AliExpress, these android units are nothing more than a glorified tablet you can get a double din surround for £55-75 like the InCar Tec 50-663 https://incartec.co.uk/product/Toyota-Estima-Previa-2006-double-DIN-fascia-adapter-panel-50-663 then you can go with any double din you like if you want AA/AC, DAB and the like, SPH-EVO62DAB for around the £400 mark if you want something without AA/AC but, cd player, radio like a more traditional radio - AVH-A240DAB or mechless Pioneer DMH-A240DAB
  3. Fronts - Pioneer TS-A1600C or Focal Auditor RSE-165 Rear - Pioneer G-Series TS-G1320F or Focal Auditor RCX-130 Sub - Pioneer TS-WX110A or Pioneer TS-WX010A
  4. Yes plenty, look for a mini VCI with techstream - if you have a diesel you will need something that does K-line like a VCX nano
  5. Go into settings - general - system information this will give you the map version if you want to reset and remove all the previous owner's information from the nav you need to go into the 2nd hidden service menu Access to the nav service menu. Settings (button) - General - Volume Press middle - top, middle - top, middle - middle, top *as circled* tap System commands - Set Factory Defaults
  6. Its not CarPlay its just Apple AirPlay - No the radio doesn't support AA/AC you need to bite the bullet and replace the radio as its JDM only, the radio has the wrong range and tuning steps among other issues Android Bluetooth AUX in is possible and can be done cheaply, be aware of the new phone laws - in simple terms you are not allowed to touch your phone while in control of the car
  7. if it has climate/ duel zone you can change it with Techstream
  8. on a 1997 that would make it the same a Previa iirc the diagnostic plug is under the top grille just behind the fuse box on the dash it will be a very early obd2 so you will need a scan tool that can do obd2 k-line and/or J-OBD
  9. 73210-17170 is all you need T - Toyota C0 - is the colour code, Black there are companies that reset and refurbish seatbelts not sure on costs tho, have you taken it out of the car ? it may just need the 21 years worth of crud and old grease cleaning from it and re-lubricating a quick look on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255402772102 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324128497557
  10. 1SZ-FE is the early 1.3 cast iron boat anchor 99 - late 07/08 1NR-FE is the 1.33 late 08 to early 2017 2NR-FKE is the 1.5 derived from the 1.33 2017 - late 2020 2nd facelift xp130 (non-hybrid) 2NZ-FE was only in the JAP built mk1 yaris, but was used in Asia and the US up to late 2019
  11. 6x6 or 12x12 piece of sound deadening in the doors cuts the horrid tinniness and resonance, it's all to do with weight saving and emissions, the last few years QC has dropped as they are trying to push out cars faster across many marques i dont think the Mk4 will not age well 10-15 years is the max life cycle before they become BER
  12. Do not amplify the standard speakers, you will kill the dear little things speakers - depends on your budget, there are so many brands on the market for best results, i would put in new wiring from the speaker back to the amp and a fused 12v from the battery to the amp
  13. Sorry for the late reply unless you use the at username, we don't see a notification, unless following a thread eg. @flash22 Standard iridium plug is a SC16HR11 what replaced the old SC20HR11 as they were causing running issues IMHO there is no point in running the TT plugs in a 1.0 IXEH20TT is listed for the CNG or LPG version of the 1KR-FE due to the way gas burns under combustion Higher the number the colder the plug, lower the number the hotter the plug https://www.denso.com/global/en/products-and-services/automotive-service-parts-and-accessories/plug/basic/heatrange/ https://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-spark-plug-heat-range.aspx
  14. If it has an eco button, this will also make it shift lower down the rpm range as above, treat it like a manual* come off the throttle then up shift, the gearboxes are a bit dim witted but the later cars are the best of the MMT the new Aygo X is a CVT auto the worst of the automated manuals are the smart Fourtwo and the terrible........ i would rather get the bus Vauxhall easytronic
  15. 2 way Components in the front, 16.5 cm 2 way coaxial in the rear and a sub if required, simple but effective most amps have speaker level in, oem integration is a big thing - in fact i was using line level adapters 20 odd years ago to wire in amps Biggest upgrade will be sound deadening the doors and boot - a silent coat 2mm kit is about €30-40
  16. Not a fan of 6x9's in general they are meh, they produce mid's and treble but due to placement and design they can cancel one another out, cone shape is another big factor is their design flaw fine if you want noise, but as you mature you start to look for sound quality, not SPL (been there, done that and blown a sub or 2 and things got hot)
  17. On an 09 it should be a 1NR-FE https://toyota-club.net/files/faq/13-01-01_faq_nr-engine_eng.htm#1NR-FE 13750-75020 valve adjuster it's a hydraulic lifter if you haven't already, give it a flush and oil change with the correct oil (0w20 or 5w30) and new filter, with such low miles its more than likely on the old SC20HR11 plugs too - now replaced by the SC16HR11 plugs i wonder if the cabin filter has ever been out of the car i would also flush the brake fluid and coolant too
  18. i have the 850 update if required - this is not the map, you may find a cheaper map on ebay but buy from a uk seller
  19. not 2 or 3 way but 2 way components eg. 2 speakers 1 tweeter and 1 mid with a crossover, Amplifiers are full range but usually have High and/or Low pass switches if you want to run a single channel highs and lows - i have a Genesis Amp here set up and tuned for that exact purpose speakers can go in the rear pockets it the trim is the same as the c1/aygo eg. https://archiwum.allegro.pl/oferta/boczek-tapicerka-prawy-tyl-aygo-ii-c1-ii-3drzwi-i8538293589.html Rear speakers all you need is 2way full range run off the head unit
  20. It will sound **** in the boot - with most sound systems you want the sound stage up front, sound deaden the doors, a half decent set of 2 way components and a small power pack amp like an alpine KTA-450 or a Pioneer GM-D1004 Maybe an under seat sub, is only a small car you don't see many mk2 3 door Aygos ps. house speakers are typically 8 omh whereas in car speakers are 4 ohm you risk killing the amp chip in the radio edit. the speakers can go it the rear pocket in the trim with a little bit of fabrication
  21. That's the one, it's listed in the EPC as 218 attitude black or part of the "HV emotional pack" (more than likely Jap/euro spec)
  22. For rear fill, put the speakers in the back doors, they will not do anything in the boot apart from take up what little space there is
  23. 1.5 non hybrid is the 2NR-FKE the engine was derived from 1.3 1NR-FE 1.5 hybrid is the 1NZ-FXE reason for the mix up is the hybrid cars sold in bigger numbers compared to the manual or standard CVT auto, especially towards the end of production
  24. The number is on the back of the trim iirc its 218 (paint code) Toyota sell the parts pre painted they also sell the plain plastic items
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