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  1. Get the front tyres balanced, what make are the tyres ?
  2. Have you changed the battery in the fob ? Do you have keyless start ? (start button on the dash)
  3. P0093 is large fuel leak on the high pressure side - it's usually related to the scv (suction control valve) or a failing injector When was the fuel filter last changed ? Check the SCV electrically and with a scan tool Check the EGR isnt clogged up Do a leak down test on the injectors
  4. pre 2002 manuals tend to be paper manuals and you rarely come across them in a pdf or gsic
  5. GRMN Rear - 75350-52010 Front wing left and right - 75350-52010 and 75350-52020 GR Rear - 75441-52230 Front wing left and right - 75362-52090 and 75361-52110 Front - 75441-52180
  6. Foglights - if it's wired you will need to change the stalk, add the fuse and relay CC - I will have to double-check, but it's not usually programmed into the ecu (1KR) Edit. there is no option for CC just Lane departure and Speed limiter
  7. You can get them new, But why bother you can spot a GR a mile off as they are all late gen3 or gen4 (Mainly 3 door) or the GR-S (Sport) is a 5 door 1.5 hybrid
  8. They are stuck on with 3m VHB tape, remove the trim clean up both surfaces and put it back on 5 door https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/77b359b8-13ee-4c21-b8ef-5ded376cc6c1/Yaris_5Dr_Side_Sills_PZ415_90492_AIM_003_127_4.pdf
  9. https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-reviews/2021-toyota-yaris-cross-urban-awd-hybrid-review#gallery-13
  10. Have a look on the Multimac website - it says not suitable for ISO its supplied with its own anchors - make sure you get the correct model as well i maybe able to find a technical drawing Edit. i cannot find the drawings, the belts are the same setup as the gen3 and gen4 yaris belts - left and right are anchored in the corners with the middle one that is removable via the centre buckle they still use the same bolt size as the previous models
  11. Get the clutch switch changed asap it is a safety device its there for a reason - imo it doesn't need thinking about
  12. I stop using CD's in car 10+ years ago, I don't think anything other than base the base spec Yaris has had a CD player since 2014 The touch 2 does not support a USB external drive either, It may have legacy support for a cd changer, but a dealer will not fit it as it's not worth their time and/or it may not be available it will be less hassle to use a pc/mac rip your cd's and save them to a USB stick/drive - a 16gb drive will hold 2000+ tracks (4-6 days worth) a Kingston or SanDisk 16gb drive is around £8
  13. You will have to contact your dealer or look on toyota-tech.eu (requires a free account)
  14. do a search on ebay there are a few for £24.99 Hint, B01SA think that has the gold Toyota logo
  15. Sig - signature - the part below my post My mind has gone blank - the manufactures name is ..................... Found it, TOKAI RIKA It's the more common key on the Jap built cars - French cars tend to use Valeo PS. the black chip in the corner is the passive immobilizer, the PCB is the door remote
  16. is it a Jap or French car - see my sig the make is on the fob case its self
  17. Put this way 98 premium has gone up 20p a litre (put in 3/4 of a tank on Monday) since i last filled up, i had to think what side the filler was on 🙃
  18. It sounds like they have changed the Inverter, so there is possible a manufacturing defect
  19. On that vintage a parrot hands-free kit and a SOT lead, there are other option but your into £70+
  20. If you have registered the multimedia On toyotas website click my toyota (top right) then estore, you should see 3 year mapcare or click on the maps tab and see if there is a free one edit if you are clicking on the "Free" 2020 update it is only for cars under 3 years old
  21. The last lot I see sold went for £150 but seen the parts from a scion go for £80, the parts new are £400+ but that is for everything including the fixings and warning lights the double din adapter and steering wheel controls adapter is another £60 (New) £20-25 used
  22. Try your local Facebook, only places that spring to mind is Aldridge trimming and woolies (trim supplier) anyone worth the time will have a waiting list and they tend not to be cheap
  23. whats the part number on the top ? (it usually starts 86120 or 86140) - if it's the tns510 that's (Part No. starts PZ445) about 80-100 euros/pounds
  24. Its a large download (110mb) - page 93 for the Multifunction display https://d24bc9lyrt5en5.cloudfront.net/Customer-Portal-Admin/emanuals/TOYOTA/OMK0001E_v2.pdf
  25. It's known as diamond cut finish or polished they look like they have been refurbed before you can get used replacements for £40-50, For a refurb you're looking £60-80 a wheel from a place like lepsons or chips away TPMS sensors have a life of 5-7 years before the battery dies, the Autel sensors arn't bad for the money and about half the cost of the oem Programming can be hit and miss
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