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  1. A bit more digging the RX12 is better known as the Mark II rebuild kits.
  2. After a bit of digging A RX12 would have been sold under the Toyopet brand in Japan, the nearest equivalent would be the 73-79 corona RT10 edit. Booster or non booster, single or twin outlet ?
  3. In japan they use a frame number, due to its age it may not be on any data bases, but i will have a look
  4. OS - Offset aka ET Be aware there is a lot of junk on the market, 5.0J there are only a few on the market Dezent and MSW its worth shopping around if you can
  5. PCP or do you mean PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) what is the distance between the studs eg. 4x100 - 4 studs 100mm apart The IQ is 4x100, ET45, Centre bore 54.1mm Most aftermarket alloys have a center bore of 66.6mm and are supplied with spigot rings to suit the application
  6. Toyota PZ49D-T9340-00 £175-200 from a main stealer if you save a search for that part number on eBay you will get notifications when one comes up
  7. I wouldn't go any more than a 16" you can go with a 6 or 6.5, you will need the correct ET (offset) to compensate for the width, if you have tpms you will also need senders if you are looking at used you need to make sure you have the correct centre bore size https://www.rimstyle.com rota makes some nice jdm style wheels - don't forget to tell you insurance too
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    got it, usb is easy enough to figure out with a muiltimeter
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    Is it the standard Toyota AUX/USB ports from the mk2 Aygo ? eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AYGO-MK2-2014-2017-12V-POWER-SOCKET-AUX-PORT-USB-55477-0H010-/273556414494
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    what radio do you have ?, i doubt you will be able to use it without an adapter (£50-80)
  11. If the pack is that low the charge system will throw a DTC, the pack is fully monitored silly question, have you tried to start the car by placing the key on the start button, foot on the brake and pressing the start button
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    corolla gti

    What sort of year mid to late 80's ones are fetching £3-9k, The last basket case i see went for £1500 with no MOT
  13. Have you had the 12v battery checked properly, low voltage can cause all sorts of issues stop chasing ghosts and fix the original issue That symbol is not one i have come across, a quick 2 min google................... Symbol name: Brake Override System warning light. Description: When this warning light comes on, it means that the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal are being depressed simultaneously. Remove your foot from the accelerator pedal and press firmly on the brake. If this light is flashing, it means there's a fault with the Brake Override System. Have the system serviced by a Toyota workshop.
  14. Has it got aftermarket wheels ? Correct size tires ? has it had a speedo conversion ? Has it had the gauge face changed ? Or does it still have a kph one ?
  15. Ask Toyota to disable it, be aware you have quoted multiple sources some of them outdated and will not be applicable to your county/region/location when you or the previous owner purchased the car you will have signed a disclaimer in the contract You are on the internet, you have a mobile phone you can be tracked and traced to within 3m, if you live in a property you are traceable, if you have a bank account guess what..............
  16. Do you use a mobile phone, do you use social media ? or have a debit or credit card if so all that you posted is insignificant
  17. The main pack has protection from discharge get the 12v battery checked and/or charge it off the car
  18. No problem, sorry for your loss, i know its not easy to care for someone, i have been there a few times myself
  19. Charging through the fuse box will do nothing you need to remove the 12v battery and charge it, the 12v battery is an AGM type battery that needs a low and slow charge what you have is a jump pack not a charger, a charger plugs in the mains iirc the aqua is the same as a Prius C the 12v battery is under the back seat
  20. yes it should look like this borrowed from digital kaos
  21. its in 2 parts the display board and the control board, a dry or cracked joint will do it, what you only may see with a strong magnifying glass As I said above its A VFD display, its not overly complex I would check the ribbon between the 2 pcb's for continuity and reflow the joints then reflow the pins on the display with fresh solder
  22. The Mk1's use a VFD (Vacuum florescent display) and use a high voltage, things get hot and you end up with dry joints - the voltage reg and control transistor can also go bad
  23. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-YARIS-I-TACHO-SPEEDOMETER-COMPTEUR-83800-0D410/323978536626?epid=21009415984&hash=item4b6ea026b2:g:D30AAOSwStBaCZCe put an offer on it