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  1. Hi guys I'm at my wit's end with this car & am looking for some help........ I imported a 2002 Toyota Duet, it's really a Daihatsu Sirion badged as a Toyota. Any regardless I lost the only key for it - normally not a biggie but whoever had this made at the factory selected the Toyota immobilizer option....this also meant a transponder key. I got in behind the ignition so I could try start it & that was when I discovered it had the factory immobilizer as it would turn over but not start. Our man in Japan sent over a Toyota remote programed to that exact car, lock & unlock - when I pushed unlock the lights would flash, doors unlock, & deactivate the immobilizer as I could now start it, just not move it without the key to unlock the steering etc. Anyway the battery went flat & when I put the new on in I discovered it'd blown the main fuse - I replaced the fush & had power, problem is now although the remote unlocks & locks it no longer appears to be deactivating the immobilizer as once again it just turns over but won't start. Any idea why the remote is only performing half the job? Cheers Andy
  2. FWIW there are quite a few differences between the ST205 Celica 3sgte & the ST215 Caldina 3sgte. IMO they aren't as of yet as easy & capable to modify as the earlier generations. Still nice wagon's, better than the whales that Mitsi put out ;) The ST246 (I think) GT-4 Caldina is pretty different as well: Cheers KiwiMR2
  3. Nah....looks like a baby evo wagon but really a GSR with boot ;) Plenty kicking around NZ with evo motors in them though so certianly an option if i ever get the urge! Awesome...congrats! Yeah we got engaged in Feb....took her on a surprise holiday to Rarotonga so have a wedding to plan also, oh & the house was the 1st thing we brought after selling the MR2 as well ;) Civic VTi.....hmmm, how do you find it? Bora 1.6.......surley there are some cheap 4 door turbo hatchs around that you can still have fun in!? ST205.......made the move from sw20 to the dark side aye ;) How did you find it in comparrision to the MR2?? Cheers KiwiMR2
  4. Batty.....Batmobile; RX7 ;) I think you guys call it a "rex"...to me that means WRX though :D Yeah I've had a few mini's over the last few years but settled finally on what I'm happy with B) 1979 Mini Cooper.....modified with a mid 90's cooper fuel injected motor, and virtually EVERYTHING else from the mid 90's mini I could take across!! Also added 4 good speakers, Pioneer MP3 headunit, amp & sub, and an alarm. Cheers KiwiMR2
  5. So you guys don't call WRX's "rex"!? GTiR I assume!? Supra, Evo....all the cool cars, and you settled on a Batty?........or your not settled just yet? :D My mate just sold his batty....stock standard with 120,000 km's on the clock, had a full rebuild at around 90,000 km's when itvlew a rotor....sold it for $10K NZ. I took it for a blat prior to him selling it and was quite impressed....reminded me a lot of my MR2 but with a bit of a stronger pull & less twitchy handling wise. I'm all sold up & have a modified Mini as my daily driver & a Libero GT family wagon (take a look at some of my recent posts for pics etc.) as were starting a family....brought a house as well so yeah, thought it was time to jump back on these forums for a look around & see what you lot are all up to now :P Cheers KiwiMR2
  6. Lancer Estate.......never heard that name before :D It has a 1.8 litre 4wd turbo (4G93T) motor (rated at around 158 kw's in standard trim). Engine mods are basic....full exhaust, larger Evo front mount intercooler (factory option), pod filter. Has the 17" rims, lowered, push button starter, gauges....boost, vaccum, air fuel ratio, temp, ps, and an Apexi RSM, some upgraded ignition set up, an electric sunroof. Only future plans are to tint the windows :) Cheers KiwiMR2
  7. Well finally all running well & stripped of the barrage of stickers it's previous Japanese owner had put on it....nice, clean, and simple 8) Dunno if these are all that common over in the Uk as I don't hear anyone mention them!? Cheers KiwiMR2
  8. Hehe....yeah been a while aye, not bad down my end of the world thanks :) MR2 has gone now but thought I'd check in & see if there are any new names kicking around in the MR2 section....looks like there is Got the 2 featured in a NZ car magazine & basicly the day the mag was released I had an offer on it & just like that it was gone I e-mailed the guy who brought it in Decemeber for an update (he was planning on getting it dyno tuned with the PFC installed) and it turns out it has been off the road for a while, he found it had low compression on cylinders 2 & 3....turned out to be cracked ringlands so needed either a rebuild or replacement he opted for a new engine & had a crack at installing it himself etc. I replaced it with a Mini.....it's a 79 but in reality it's 90% mid 90's with a fuel injected cooper motor & pretty much everything else from a newer 95/96 roundnose. We JUST in the last 2 months sold the Glanza with the intention of replacing it with a station wagon (starting a family) and recenlty got a Libero......couldn't without a turbo so made sure the wagon had one ;) I'll set up a thread with the new wheels as I'm sure they are either non existant or very rare in the UK so probably of interest B) (Libero GT I'll have to have a read around & see what all the old fellas are driving now days....I see Jimlad has a batty now!! Cheers KiwiMR2
  9. Been a while since I've seen old Jimlad on the forums :D MR2 gone and I assume a batty to replace it!? I'm guessing this is a UK thing......rex as in WRX!!?? but then you say RX7, do you guys call RX7's "rex" for short? Cheers KiwiMR2
  10. Correct......I had a Dec 93 :) Cheers KiwiMR2
  11. Well it seems its very common problem on 4e-fe of that era to have a rough idle, THERE IS NO ADJUSTMENT, usually cleaning out T/B helps. Cheers KiwiMR2
  12. Hey guys I have a 1997 Carat here that needs the revs increased a tad, I have a 1998 Glanza V of which i know where the screw is but it's not in the same loaction as the Carat....anyone able to post a pic of where it is? Cheers KiwiMR2
  13. KiwiMR2

    Big List!

    I had a PFC on my Gen III briefly prior to selling it, IMO Motec would be the best option if your set on those sort of power figures. Cheers KiwiMR2
  14. I'd agree with most, IF the MR2 had a spot on perfect launch then I'd like to think it would JUST win a quarter drag, bog the launch and once the zx gets to the top of 2nd into 3rd I'd expect to see it pulling past. I wouldn't take one on on the motorway though. In the twisty's I'd take the MR2 hands down though, the zx is just to heavy & whale like to match the nible MR2. Cheers KiwiMR2
  15. KiwiMR2

    Big List!

    Not on the CT20b, I'd say with exhaust, intake, cooling, an ebc & aftermarket ecu you wouldn't need to go over 18 psi, a healthy Gen III with the above mods should net 300 RWHP on 16-18 psi. Imnot a big fan of antilag either....just a turbo eater. You should be plesently surprised with the "streetability" of the 20b once all you basic mods are done. IMO once you upgrade to a bigger turbo is the time you need to get the bigger injectors, AFAIC the OEM fuel pump is fine for 850cc, I know of at least 4 other MR2's running 850's on the OEM pump with no issues. Cheers KiwiMR2
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