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  1. Is it really as long as 12 hours ago? :yawn:
  2. I realise that but a guaranteed loan car is part of the 'peace of mind' package, at least it is for me. Most insurers will only guarantee a loan car if it is taken to one of their chosen repair centre's - that could possibly be a Toyota one but not for certain.
  3. Have renewed mine with them now, not the cheapest but if you are unfortunate enough to need their services there is a certain peace of mind in knowing that any work would be carried out by a Toyota approved repair centre using genuine parts and any work guaranteed for 3 years. Also a courtesy car is supplied.
  4. Perhaps A. Flux esq. is 'moonlighting' :o
  5. Thanks for that, so with that testimonial I take it you are insured through them ? If you take up the 3 days free insurance on new car collection, logically that must also be through them. The underwriter's name does not exactly roll off the tongue though.
  6. The link http://www.toyota.co.uk/cgi-bin/toyota/bv/generic_editorial.jsp?navRoot=toyota_1024_root&fullwidth=true&noLeftMenu=true&forceText=%3Cnone%3E&edname=Owners-Warranty-Insurance&id=Owners-Warranty-Insurance&zone=Zone+Ownership&sr=Mall
  7. Has anyone used/does use Toyota Motor Insurance via the Toyota UK (owners section) website - would be interested to hear of your experiences and opinions. It is apparently underwritten by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance and I must confess to never having heard of them.
  8. My Dear BasssaJay, Oh! Dear Oh!Dear What can I say only to apologise for giving out Duff Gen. You gave me a nagging feeling over this so Iv'e just examined my Icon spare wheel area only to discover I DO NOT have one. I must admit to only giving it cursory glance prior to purchase [not the most interesting of features], the impression of all the bits and pieces surrounded by a black item I took to be a wheel - well it wasn't. It is a polythene former to hold all the bits snugly - NOT A WHEEL. Sorry to all form my error and Hicardo for once again trampling all over your post - but truth mus
  9. Can confirm the 'space saver' spare wheel was standard issue with the car, TerryB So are you saying that the Icon HSD is supplied with a standard fit space saver? - certainly not the case with the UK spec.1.6 Valvematic, compressor and gunk only. Apologies Hicardo for going off thread but I would appreciate clarification regarding this from TerryB.
  10. BassaJay Please try to keep up ! My statement was =" My Auris Icon has a spare wheel - a tyre pump [electric] - and a canister of get you home gunge." So in your theoretical scenario I would fit the spare wheel, not try to repair a shredded tyre. DOH !!! Glad to hear that, thought you were being subtle by implying that the standard compressor & gunk counted as your fictitious "spare wheel". Did you already have a suitable spare or did you buy one specifically for your new Icon ?
  11. My Auris Icon has a canister of get you home gunge. Providing you are not unfortunate enough to get the wrong type of puncture. Imagine being in the back of beyond at night, pouring with rain and a shredded tyre. Even the far from perfect space saver at least provides mobility. Toyota, just sell the car with 5 wheels or at least list the option of a spare. Apart from that the car is great, no quibbles with ride, build or cabin quality.
  12. A spare wheel is actually available both as a space saver or full sized, the latter would compromise boot space though. Rather than offering a complete kit you have to buy the wheel, tyre, wheel securing bolt & tool bag,There are also polystyrene type boxes which surround the wheel, one of which rehouses the repositioned jack. IMO they should either be on the options/accessory list as a complete kit or better still offered as a choice when ordering a new car.
  13. Still look on the bright side, Top Gear's JC admitted the Lexus LF-A was the best car he had ever driven although he was not too keen on the seat belt buckle or lack of cupholders - ah, well you can't win them all Now, I don't want to start Golf bashing but I saw a new black Polo today and that surely must rate as one of the most bland looking cars on the road today.
  14. In that case the bespoke route:- http://www.theseatsu..._row=10#gallery Would not be my colour choice though!
  15. Is that really so ? Full leather normally means seats, headrests, armrests & door cards. The seat rears are sometimes artificial leather only. Surely Toyota cannot be that skimpy ? Leather door cards would be a must otherwise it would look incomplete IMO .
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