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  1. This post is designed to give a basic overview of modern Toyota Diesel engines and their commonly troublesome components: How does a Diesel engine work? Firstly Diesel is not as flammable as Petrol. Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs to ignite the fuel, but to bring about combustion they require heat. If you put your finger over the end of a foot pump and pump it, your finger will become hot. This is due to compression of the air trapped inside the pump (the air molecules have less space to move about and collide with each other more frequently causing energy to be given off in th
  2. I had a year and 40k in a 11' plate 2.0 D4D TR Tourer, i agree with handbrake, really bad design compared to the Passat i had before with its auto function. Except for lacking a bit of power they are a quiet and comfy solid motor, good value as well. I went to Rome and back in her , had my Tom Tom as well....
  3. Bump Relisted due to time wasters - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-205-55-16-Avon-Winter-Tyres-Steel-Wheels-Toyota-Prius-Avensis-/191746238754?fits=Model%3AAvensis&hash=item2ca4f76922:g:VhkAAOSw14xWNhBT I am looking for £200, but as its an auction who knows where it will end!
  4. Hi All, I have these on Ebay at the moment, they are a straight fit onto a T25 Avensis 03-08, they have come from my 2011 Prius which has been sold on. The wheels are in good condition and the tyres have covered around 4,000 miles ONLY over 2 winter seasons. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-205-55-16-Avon-Winter-Tyres-Steel-Wheels-Toyota-Prius-Avensis-/191746238754?fits=Model%3AAvensis&hash=item2ca4f76922:g:VhkAAOSw14xWNhBT They wont fit the T27, but will fit the T22. I am looking for £200, but as its an auction who knows where it will end!
  5. Bump, i cant believe these haven't sold yet: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-205-55-16-Avon-Winter-Tyres-Steel-Wheels-Toyota-Prius-Avensis-/191746238754?fits=Model%3AAvensis&hash=item2ca4f76922:g:VhkAAOSw14xWNhBT
  6. Hi All, The Prius has gone to be a Taxi and the buyer didn't want (at a fair price) an almost new set of wheels and tyres! so if anyone is after a set i have added an ad in the For Sale area and they are on Ebay at the moment. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/191728761360? http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/170367-4x-winter-wheels-tyres-5-stud-priusavensis/ Happy to answer any questions in this thread CC
  7. Hi, I have the following on Ebay at the moment http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/191728761360? 4 x "Avon Ice Touring ST" Winter Tyres & Steel Wheels Tyres have between 7mm and 8mm of tread (measured from base of the tread) Prius has been sold and these wont fit on a Lexus RX :P ;) :D
  8. I will let the insurance company know, fingers crossed they don't charge us for it! The smooth power delivery of the auto will probably help the initial get away, the auto certainly wont stop the tyres working, Now back to my original question ;) , can i put 16" wheels on, as UK cars have 15" or 17"s
  9. Hi All, Is anyone on 16"s? I know the normal wheel size is 15" or 17" but can you fit 16"'s? I am intending to fit winter tyres to a set of 16" steel wheels. I know all about rolling radius's/ offsets/ stud patterns etc and i don't want to start a discussion about if winter tyres are required ;). So my question is can the Prius Gen 3 T-Spirit take 195/55 R16 87H's without invalidating the insurance or any other law! Thanks in advance CC
  10. They were talking rubbish, but as i've bought and sold 100's of cars i can see that. Not everyone has the knowledge though, when you pay premium prices for approved cars they should be high quality. All the previous Mr T cars i have bought have been fine. I'm not taring all dealers with the same brush :) I would imagine the F cars are registered in Derby and used by factory staff.
  11. I'm glad all the Prius's are like this, i thought ours was being odd! The range displayed 0 miles and it only took 32 litres!
  12. Save up and buy a SR180, chasing power on the old 2.0 litre will probably result in wrecking it.
  13. This has started to happen A LOT particularly at used car supermarkets. They Know 9/10 car searches start on the net and are priced to draw you in. The "web" price is honoured, usually by downloading a web voucher. Ive not seen it at any Toyota dealers around this way Kingo The problem is John you can't trust southerner's ;) When i sold cars we just wound the clock back and dropped a bit of saw dust in the gearbox, we never messed with the price :P
  14. Hi All, Having just picked up Mrs CC's new car i thought i would share my experience of buying it. Due to a positive change of circumstance we decided to get a bigger and cheaper to run car, this car has to be petrol and a Toyota so it left us at a Prius or a Auris. But as the Mrs doesn't like the Auris, it will be a Prius then. The car also cant be black or white. So off i go looking at post June 2010 Prius's, the best of which appear to be at Mr T. After a few phone calls i'm having sensible conversations with salesman who offer cap clean and a bit more for the old Yaris. This is a good st
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