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  1. Hi I'm female but haven't posted much. Hope to do more in the future.
  2. Hi The car is a K Reg which we acquired last June from a scrap yard. Someone had attempted to burn her out. We have totally stripped out and replaced all the interior, which the scrap yard supplied free of charge from another Celica they had and she has had a total respray. The car then went into our local Toyota dealership and had a new Camb Belt. The engine bay was not affected by the fire but as we had no history with the car we felt this was the safe thing to do. We are about the 5th owner. The car is absolutely stunning and I use it everyday. If you want anymore details please contact my husband on : 07940 073883 Cheers
  3. Apologies for not getting a picture sooner. I hope this works. It's the last picture in the gallery. My Baby
  4. Pip


    A red 92 GT4 Carlos Sainz. It's in need of a wash at the moment as it is up and down the motorway everyday but when it is cleaned and polished it looks a million dollars. Am currently trying to find some pictures to post.
  5. Pip


    No you're not alone. Which model do you have?
  6. Not at the minute but will scan some in hopefully for tomorrow.
  7. No 2784 of 5000 1992 Red, Taxed & Tested Outstanding example of this rare model having only covered 76k miles. These cars don't come up very often, be quick For further information contact : 07940 073883 £3750 ono
  8. I'd be interested along with my husband if there is room!
  9. :D Thanks alot. They do have one and it's cheaper than going to my local Toyota Dealer.
  10. Has anybody got or can you point me in the direction of a Front Bumper (colour no problem) for a 1992 GT4 Carlos Sainz.
  11. We have just acquired a stolen recovered ST185 Carlos Sainz. Unfortunately there is no paperwork with the car. Does anybody know who we would need to contact in order to get hold of a copy of the certificate that would have been issued with the car originally. We know what number of 5000 is it as the plate it still intact inside the car.
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