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  1. My son was using my car tonight when it wouldnt go into 5th, he says it over revved to 9k and now it is very difficult to select gear and the idle is very lumpy! Any ideas....it feels rather broken! Thanks Alan
  2. Thanks for replying. I understand that it wont have an immobiliser transponder built in. Toyota want about £130 to supply and programme a new key which is more than I want to pay. I will contact some locksmiths and let you know how it goes. Thanks Alan
  3. My Daughter has just bought a 2002 1.4 VVti E12 Corolla. She only has one key unfortunately. Is this a dealer only job or is it possible to buy a new key and programme it myself? Many thanks Alan
  4. Hello listed again, would have sold for £30 if anyone had bid! Looks the same again. Grab a bargain, it's great fun too. Alan
  5. Nobody fancy this? It is the best money you will spend on your Yaris! ;)
  6. Hello I have passed on my Yaris to my daughter. I now have a PSI tuning box for sale if anyone fancies a bit more oomph! If you have a look at the other items I am selling you will see the alloys I had on the Yaris and a nice set of T3 wheel trims for sale. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220810236995&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  7. I plumped for the standard Fensport one. Good price. They advised that it is an ADL Blueprint clutch so should be ok. Thanks
  8. My clutch went tonight so need a new one. I have read that the standard ones are not great. What clutches are generally thought to be best for the TS? Thanks Alan
  9. Thanks. It is just a buzzy sort of rattle, doesn,t sound terminal or anything. I will lift the bonnet and have a listen as a loose heat shield or similar does seem quite likely. ta alan
  10. Hello While my car seems to be running well there is a little rattle/buzz between 4-5k which is irritating me. It only happens at those revs and sounds like its coming from the top end somewhere. Does anyone else have this/know what it is? Ta alan
  11. Because it would have been one less mod for us all (nearly all) to do and Mr T knows how much we all love to spend money on our cars to make them just soooooo I think its great that Mr T made this car as its a great car dying to get out of factory standard but shys away from the CTR problems such as stupid insurance and the ones who wanna pinch your wheels, thank you Mr T for making a great carp car that only needs a few mods to make into a great car That is true. the quoted 0-60 time and the lack of go-faster bits must have kept the insurance group low. what a great car!
  12. Bought a red 5door PFL last week and today it was lowered using eibach springs. I lowered it primarily because of the ludicrous ride height. the result is excellent,no more 4x4 arches. The handling is much, much better and the ride quality is at least as good as it was before. Why on earth didn't Toyota send them out from the factory like this?
  13. I am not sure what exactly I admitted to. Passing people who were going slower than me...not a criminal offence yet! 'Charging' simply implies that i passed the dawdlers for a change instead of dawdling along with them. Not much to worry about there. As I said before don't read into things that which isn't there. It is a stupid and dangerous thing to do.
  14. When I bought my TS the other day it came with one grey key and one black. Is it a simple matter to get another black one from Toyota?
  15. Provided that the damage is cheap to repair then that is a good price. I paid 3500 on Wednesday for a 2003 5dr PFL with 44k.
  16. At least you didn't buy it and well done for flagging it up to others. I bought mine in Derby on Wednesday privately. It is a red 5 door PFL too. As always with used cars there are risks but so far so good. There were a couple of missing stamps in the service book. I called Toyota in Bury and it has been serviced there. I have sent the book off to them to be stamped up. Result! Good luck in your search.
  17. Less of the attitude mate, if you wanna ban me then go ahead, I have migrated from another site and still fully paid up,we dont treat new members like the way you have, especially the way you use your limited knowledge of words, quote "private road" crap) and this is from a super moderator, so be a bit more diplomatic So what you are saying is YOU have never broke the speed limit, and never done anything wrong, so hard to believe I didn't say that I was racing!! I passed cars on the road not as in BTCC ....as in overtaking, safely too I might add. I may have exceeded the speed limit at times but on that basis you will have to ban 99% of all car users on all forums. Don't read into things that which isn't there. Yesterday I drove around a bit at sedate speeds to see what the economy was like and got 39.8 mpg. Maybe I should be castigated for driving like a pensioner!
  18. The hooligan has re-emerged in me unfortunately. I spent last night charging up and down a local country road passing anyone who had the audacity to be on the same piece of tarmac. I hope the novelty wears off soon, I'm 47 ffs! I actually like the handling. I've always liked cars which are a bit flawed in the handling department, maybe because it is more of a challenge to keep the speed up through the corners. Although it rolls a bit it does seem to grip well if you are brave enough. Lovely. ps I have been lusting after a PFL t sport for about two years...it is worth the wait.
  19. Hello I have wanted a T Sport for some time however I needed an economical car as I used it for work. I had a 2006 Yaris D4d with a powerbox,tte springs and alloys from a Daihatsu sirion Rally! Circumstances have changed and yesterday I bought a pre facelift red 5 door....it is magic. There is something about the plain jane appearance with that daft engine which just floats my boat. The build quality and materials are definitely better than the Yaris. Think I'll keep it for a while the engine sound in lift is addictive! It is going to get lowered a little as you could just about get your head into the wheelarches for a wee look if you felt so inclined!
  20. They now quote 114 bhp and 237nm torque. When I got my box it was 109bhp and similar torque figure, which is about 175lbs/ft compared to c.150 as standard. The torque gain is more obvious than the power but that is in keeping with characteristics of turbo diesels I suppose. Alan
  21. Give it a try. Back in the eighties I ran a few 205 GTi's one of which was 105 bhp and the others were 115bhp. The difference was just about perceptible. The gains achieved in the Yaris with this box are far more obvious and suggest that the claims made by PSI aren't far off the mark. Alan
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