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  1. Just had Toyota World Cardiff on the phone today with a reminder that my wife's Yaris will be two years old next month and will need a service. According to what I'm told it is a major service at a cost of £250.78!!! Brought tears to my eyes!! Would appreciate anybody's experience/advice as to whether this sounds reasonable or whether it is worth shopping around, please. £250 sounds steep - especially as the first year service was £133. Cheers Bertie
  2. Many thanks Fitter - will have another look! Cheers Bertie
  3. I have a 2.0 D-4D Avensis Tourer 07 Registered on which I need to replace the rear nearside stop-tail light bulb. Problem is that I need to remove the rear quarter internal boot trim to provide access to the light unit cluster and I can't see how to do this. I have successfully removed the trim running across the floor - this sits over the lock receiver. Then it is necessary to remove the corner trim to get at the bulbs. There are two fittings securing this - one a plastic hook which comes away by removing a philips head bolt (so that's out!) but the other is a plastic/metal D-Ring fitting for securing a cargo net and it is this one on which I cannot see any obvious fixing - tho' it will not simply pull away with a hell of a lot of prising .... to the point that I am afraid that anymore force will break the thing!! Can anyone offer any advice, please? Cheers Bertie
  4. Thanks guys for the replies so far - very helpful. I have looked at the Prius in the showroom but always hadn the feeling that it was akin to the Focus/Astra in size. I will have a closer look! Interesing to hear the experience of a 1.8 petrol Avensis driver also. Many thanks! Bertie
  5. I have had from new an Avensis 2.0 D-4D T3x Tourer - 07 plate. It is the first car I've kept for over 3 years for a long time because it has been reliable, comfortable, and economic. After 31k I still love it! Having been told recently that I need a left knee replacement I've decided that perhaps it is time to change to an automatic and I have been looking at the new Avensis. Throwing Auto Transmission into the mix complicates matters as it simply limits your options. Basically, I can have either a 1.8 Petrol vvt CVT Auto or a 2.2 Deisel D-cat. Auto. Frankly, whilst I have grown to love a 2.0 deisel - as I only do 9k miles a year it seems mad to go for the 2.2 Deisel as it is much more expensive than the equiv. spec 1.8 petrol model and it doesn't do any better on mpg. Also the CO2 emissions are worse on the 2.2 Deisel. Another worry is that deisels now com with DP Filters and I'm learning that it appears that if you do a fair amount of short run city driving these can become blocked with horrendous associated costs to rectify. Unfortunately, whilst we do go off for long motorway trips from time to time, much of our motoring is around town on short trips in between. I would welcome any observations from members who are running the New Avensis, especially about how the 1.8 petrol model performs in terms of available power and mpg. If anyone is in the position of being able to draw comparisons between the new model and the previous one such as I still drive then also great to have the benefit of such experience. Any experiences re. running newer deisel models with DPF welcome also. As I am a committed Toyota fan I naturally would prefer to change to a Toyota. Pity therefore that the plastics in the new model look a bit tacky to me (compared with my model - just a matter of taste I suppose) and also - to get anywhere near the spec of my T3x I'll need to stretch to a T4 probably! Any help appreciated, thanks. Bertie A
  6. My Wife has a 59 Plate Yaris TR with 1.33 VVT-1 engine. I went to check tyre pressures only to find that the handbook lists tree engine types- 1KR-FE, 1NR-FE, & 1ND-TV. Each of these engine variants appears to come with 185/60R15 tyres, as fitted to ours, whilst there are a variety of different tyre pressures depending on the combination. I thought perhaps there might be a clue in the detail contained in the Reg. Document but no such luck and, unlike on my Avensis, there is not a label anywhere on the car. Any help greatfully appreciated. Cheers Bertie
  7. Well it looks as if the mystery has been solved! Car went in to Toyota Dealer today and tomorrow it is being fitted with a new Catalytic Converter and Exhaust. Quite amazing for a car that has just turned 24K miles!! This probably explains also why it has been getting a bit thirstier as well!
  8. Hi there I have a 07 plate 2.0 D4D Tourer and mine is exactly the same! Having had two successive Citroen Picassos before my Avensis, on both of which the brakes were there right at the top of the pedal travel - hard as hell - I took the Avensis back to two different Toyota Dealers within days of having it from new. Both dealers road tested and said this is normal for the Avensis. Whilst I've got used to it, and it does seem to stop when you need it to, I still don't like it! Interstingly, my Wife purchased a new Yaris in September 2009 and the brakes on that are just like my previous Picassos - right there as hard as hell right at the top of the travel. Needless to say whenever I drive it I end up standing the car on it's nose - such is the difference! Some cars seem to be like the Avensis - e.g. my Wife's previous car was a Ka and that had enormous travel in the brake pedal and then it was not a firm pressure but it stopped ok. My Daughter's Ka was even worse but both Ka's were checked out when we expressed our concerns and both passed MOT's ok! Don't know why cars should be so different model to model! Hope this helps to re-assure you. Cheers Bertie
  9. Thanks for that - I see now what the sub 3 year old quote is for - for people doing over the 60K in the first 3 years. Good to know that the extended warranty cover is the same as the original. Time now for me to decide whether to gamble of slash out £500 odd!! Thanks again Bertie [ Hi Bertie, I have purchased this extended warrenty - according to the documents, it gives the same level of warrenty as the original 3 years (if you search this forum, you will find quite a few answers). The things that are not covered are consumables - bulbs tyres break pads etc. I was in a little different position, as I have quite a high milage (over 65K at the moment...), and finished the 60K before the 3 years ended. By purchasing the warrenty, Toyota gave me free cover up to the 3 years, so I will have full 5 years warrenty (this is how it works). I am not sure I would do the same if my milage was low, but you have to do your own calculations to decide if you do that. You also need to consider that if you take the warrenty up, you have to service the car at a dealership (this is one of the conditions on the warrenty). Hope this helps Regards TwoT
  10. My Avensis Tourer 2.0 D4D will be 3 years old on 11/05/10 and as it has done only 22K I am considering running it for another year and also considering purchasing an extended warranty from Toyota. Problem is that whilst the Toyota Website provides information and costings it does not appear to provide info on what's parts are included and, more importantly, what's excluded. The other interesting thing is that it gives two prices - one for cars over 2 years old and one for cars over 3 years old. Naturally the prce for cars over 3 years old is considerably more than that for those over 2 years. Strange thing is that I can't see the relevance of the price for cars over 2 years old as they would still be covered by the manfacturer's 3 year warranty from new!!?? If anyone can share any knowledge on this subject I would be much obliged. Cheers Bertie
  11. Noise, when it decides to manifest itself, is certainly not subdued by depressing the clutch - I thought about that one when it first happened. I tend to go for the exhaust idea - not so much for the loose heat shield but more towards something inside the exhaust which rattles when hot. The exhaust note does sound a little "boomy" and we've noticed that on the motorway the car is not as quiet as it used to be - downright noisy sometimes! Thanks to all for the help and suggestions. Bertie
  12. This a a very strange situation as it does not always happen and is therefore difficult to demonstrate to the dealership! When we returned to the car several days after the first 120 mile motorway trip in which this noise first occurred - we checked the oil - (ok) then started the engine and the noise was gone. Drove the car 30 miles along the M3 then stopped at services - no noise! Drove on a further 60 odd mles to Weymouth still no noise. Used car the following day to "tootle" along the coast at 40-60 mph to Lyme Regis - stopped the car and the noise was back. Looked under the car whilst engine ticking over and the exhaust appeared to be vibrating - by slightly increasing the revs the exhaust steadies and the noise then is gone until the revs die back down to tickover. Problem is - the car has now been driven back home to Cardiff - some 130 miles, of which 70 odd miles done at 70+ mph - no noise then and still no noise now when driving around town!! I have just 6 weeks warranty left and an intermittent problem which, unless I'm extremely lucky, I'm not going to be able to demonstrate to the dealer. Brilliant!!
  13. 2.0 deisel Avensis 07 plate 24K miles - after 120 mile trip at around 75 mph - when stopped noticed very noisy rattle - when engine revs are insreased slightly it goes away - returns immediately engine returns to idle speed. No oil light on. Any suggestions as to what might be gratefully received as have to decide whether OK to drive back home tomorrow. Cheers Bertie
  14. Thanks to each of you for your help. Yes - it was a loose negative battery connection - so loose that the RAC man reckons it could not have been re-tightened after it was likely disconnected back in September 09 when a new drive shaft was fitted under warranty!! He explained that when a battery terminal is loose it often allows contact for a small electrical load, such as the ignition primary circuit, but when the much heavier demand of the starter motor motor kicks in you get arking and the circuit is then broken. Interestingly, a similar thing happened some months back but then - after I got out of the car and locked/unlocked again with the remote - all worked and off I went. Not another hint of trouble until Friday! We live and learn!! And in answer to you Mary - no it wasn't needed to go to the Rugby but it was needed to go to the supermarket to purchase large quantities of Guiness for consumption whilst watching in front of the big screen - much of which was eventually needed to compensate for the result. Indeed, after Fri/Sat results we all need a stiff drink or two!!! Cheers Bertie
  15. Don't know if anyone can shed light on my problem. Turned ignition key and all dash lights came on as usual - waited a few seconds for glow plugs to warm - then turned key further to start - at which point all dash lights went out and all electrical power lost. Ignition won't work remote key won't work (both of them). Totally dead in the water!! Waiting for RAC (Toyota Club Member) to attend - nearly 2 hrs waiting now! Not overly optimistic that RAC will be able to fix as sounds serious to me? Anybody had a similar experience? Cheers Bertie