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  1. Hi Folks, I'm hoping someone will be able to recommend a good set of new tyres for my Gen 7 VVTI Celica. I have been using Goodyears Eagle F1's but they are prone to uneven wear (even after being tracked and balanced on several occasions). its the inside edges of the tyres that are going, the bearings all seem fine and I have decided to get a slightly harder Tyre (12000 miles isn't good enough for me). Does anyone have any recs? I am after something with a bit of grip ...... so nothing cheap and nasty, but slightly more hard wearing than the F1's, and hopefully ease the strain on my pocket! Cheers Vicky
  2. Hi All, Had a look but couldn't find the answer to my question. I'm about to Change the Oil Filter and sump plug at the weekend on my W reg celica (VVTI) just wondering if the sump is removed with an allen key or if its bolted. Any tips about performing a good oil change? I'm embarking on this as a novice, though my dad is supervising me, lol! thanks Vicky
  3. I am insured with Bell, They are pretty cheap for adding cosmetic stuff.... A new Set of after market Alloys cost's about £15, but they DONT replace them if the car gets nicked/written off But its still better than £280 extra :)
  4. Cheers guys, They smell is definatley more rotten than sweet. Also how easy is it to change a pollen filter? Anyone done it before and have pictures so i know im not f'ing it up? Thanks for putting up with all my silly little questions! Vicky
  5. Hi all, I have a nasty smell (like something has crawled up and died....which maybe it did) filling up my car when i turn the fan on. The air con has been pungent for a while, even though i turn it on regulary. Spoke to Mr T and apparently they have a flushing device to clear that out and get rid of the bacteria. But yesterday i just switch my fan on low (without air Con) and a really rancid smell starting pumping its way in. Now the engine smells fine, and the temp. isn't being effected. Plus the fan is still doing its job of cooling or heating the air....it just smells. So i think it may need a new filter. Has anyone else had this problem? Does that sound about right, if so how much are they, and are they easy to fit? Was thinking of doing it myself. Cheers Vicky
  6. rang my insurance company last night, and the total extra added to my policy will be a whopping £34 for the year....thats including : new spoiler, Side skirts, new brakes, roof spoiler, new alloys. So im pretty chuffed. What do you think the best brakes would be? Also how much should a TRD spoiler set me back? Any links to sites would be great. Thanks Vicky
  7. My insurance is about £400 with protected no claims. I really dont want to lower the car, as my other half already has trouble getting in, as he is really tall. I have the standard Black skirt, I dont think i want anything fancy but red plainish type would be good. I have always wanted the larger spoiler, as when i was buying mine from Tekwesbury (spelling?) Toyota, they had a brand new 190 in with full Team toyota decal...which was very nice....but a bit out of my price range! I will ring my insurers (bell) and find out the damage or adding new brakes, spoiler, etc... Ta Vicky
  8. Hi all, Never posted before, even though i have been lurking for a while! I bought a 140 vvti celica last may, so i have had my beastie for about a year now...and may i add i have loved every minute of driving her! I wanted a Gen 7 for a few years, But being young (ish!) insurance was always a joke. Any way my Insurance is finally getting to a sensible price, with 4 years NCB protected and my 25th birthday almost in sight, i figure its about time to have a little fun with my car. I think i want to start off with just some cosmetic stuff, leave the performance for a couple of years. My Celica is Chilli red, and so far all i have done is change my callipers red to match! I want to get the large spoiler (is it the TRD?)....was wondering if this effects your insurance much? Also want to get some nice skirts, and possibly a roof spoiler (just a little one). Also contemplating getting new alloys in the future, because even though mine were re-conditioned when i bought her, they are starting to get the dreaded bobbling back in small patches! Finally one last question, My brakes arent the best in the world(sometimes they feel a little lerthargic), and i think i may change them at some point, which would be the best to go for...any makes in perticular? Thanks in advance for all the help! ~vicky~
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